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October 1, 2014

Clare: So what happened, in your dream

Ezekiel: Well, we kiddingly call Rapture Practice. I walked out in the back on this little artificial golf strip thing that my wife got me after I was recovering from a hospital stay. It points exactly east and west. And I go out and I'm standing on this thing, looking up through these massive Cottonwood trees they have out here in New Mexico. Up through the trees and I can see the stars and the moon and the skies- whether it's day or night, I'm just looking East all the time.

And I kid around - I've got this cable out there and I run and jump and practice some flying.

In this dream, I was out there on this little golf course thing, I was looking East - and I noticed the clouds started to turn they were icing up. It was weird. They were clouds, but they looked like they were turning into this plastic cellophane crunchy folds in them, like they were icing or glazing. And all of a sudden, they were taking a shape: a long line at one end, at the far end, and then two long lines coming toward me like a long table. Then two long side tables coming toward me.

Clare: Like a u-shape banquet table?

Ezekiel: Yeah, that's exactly - like a horseshoe from the open side. There's the guest of honor and the Bride and Groom's table, and then these two side tables for the guests. And you came out and you were beside me, and I said, "Look, look! There's something..." And there were a couple other people there. We could all see that there was something in the clouds.

And we were like, "Wait a minute - You could see...Yeah, there's someone moving there." We could see people moving around the chairs and the table, which were becoming clearer and more distinct. Tables and plates and settings and candles and dinnerware...and it was kinda coming a little closer. And we were seeing all this stuff - and this beautiful movement going on.

All of a sudden, we could kind of feel ourselves drawn to that - maybe it was just our passion and desire. But as we were feeling that pull and draw - here came Jesus along the side, I guess to the right side. And He was just...He had on a white tunic with a reddish sash, like an over-robe. And he'd look at the table here, and walk down a little bit, talk to one of the servants, and once again - I didn't see wings, I didn't see angel's wings - these were table servers. Old time type, with tunic type things, robe type things. Simple servants. And they were checking. The table was magnificent, beautiful - satin, lacy white tablecloth, silver and gold candle and table settings. All that was rich. But the servers again just like the angels, plain white tunics and belt.

They were getting things ready and they were beginning to bring food out - and you just knew! I mean, it just dawned on me in the dream..."Wow! The Wedding Feast of the Lamb!!"

And again, boom! I woke up!

Clare: Oh no, I want to see more!!

Ezekiel: Yeah, I was ready to go and take my seat, you know. And I thought wow, that's weird that I had that dream - I don't ever think of the wedding feast or that time...

Clare: You wrote a little song after that, didn't you? High Table. Beautiful. It's just has one word, that's all the song was.

Ezekiel: I couldn't get any lyrics going it...

Clare: Oh, but it was so beautiful!

Ezekiel: Just one thing "It was a high table" (singing) Then you hear these harmonies coming in...

Clare: Did you record that?

Ezekiel: No, not yet. Some things are just so precious, and just a few words you don't want to tamper or mess with it.

Clare: Well, I'm putting it on your list...please record it and I'll put it on Youtube along with this interview

Ezekiel: When the Holy Spirit gives me that, it'll be great. But in the meantime, that's exactly what it was. It was High and Lifted Up. It was a High Table. It was magnificent! And I was thinking, "Why would I have a dream like that?" 'Cause I'm not really into weddings and feasts and gold and silver... I just want to get on with business, get on into Heaven and head for the Honeymoon Shack, so to speak.

I just want to love the Lord, be in His arms, and just BE there. Get on with beautiful life with Him in Heaven. But for whatever His reasons, He brought that. And the feeling that I woke up with and that stayed with me is, "This thing's for REAL. This is the REAL DEAL. There's a real table with real settings, it's really being prepared, He's checking on the preparations - He's ready to bring us UP!!"

Clare: I just put out a message, I guess, yesterday. It was what the Lord told me during my prayer time, He came to me during my prayer time and He told me "Everything is ready and I'm at the door. But I'm waiting for the Father's word." And I kinda chided Him, 'cause I know what the Scriptures say, that He didn't know the hour and the day...that "no man knows the hour and the day" but I kinda chided Him and said, "I just can't believe that You - almighty God - don't know... anything? How can this be??"

He was very sweet with me, He said that the reason He doesn't know the hour and the day is because He is so close to His Bride, He's so attached and loves her so much and has so many expectations, that He doesn't...He can't back off from the whole picture to call the shot. And the Father is calling the shot and will tell Him when it's time. And He's relinquished His privilege of knowing the hour and the day and the time. But He's in readiness because He knows it could be at any moment.

Ezekiel: Yeah, He'd have to relinquish that because you'd think, well - He could call the shots or do anything - He's God. But If He chose to put that on hold and to...

Clare: Leave it in the hands of the Father, Who's in some ways more distant from the situation. I can understand it, totally understand.

Ezekiel: Well, I'm not sure what it all means or what the theological Scriptural implications are...all I know is, it gave me a different perspective when you brought that forward. And that is, I'm not begging and begging and begging the Lord to come back and rapture us out of here as much, because...He said it. No one knows the day and the Hour, not even the Son...only the Father.

And I'd been thinking all this time, 'Well surely by now YOU know, because you're God? But if He doesn't know, if that's still the way He said it was in the Scriptures, then it caused me to calm down a little bit, be more peaceful about it - not be tugging at His robe so much, beseeching Him..."Lord! Please, I just...!!"

But it also caused me to go to the Father all the more and tell Him, "Daddy." And that's who He is to me now. "Daddy, Please, You know I love Jesus. I need Him, I want Him so much, I've got to have Him. I can't survive without being fully united with Him. I have got to have Him completely. I've got to be with Him completely, please." I begged Him a couple weeks ago out on that little golf course run, looking up in the sky. Stayed up all night with just passionate tears...All I could say is the desire was SO STRONG to just be with Him, finally, once and for all. But it's caused me to say, "Wow! So I guess, yeah - there are souls that still need to be saved, and You gave ME more time at one time."

And the Father's heart, I'm sure, is to save as many souls as will be saved. But there will, like the Lord said, right? There'll come a time when the Father says...

Clare: Okay, well that's what I was going to share with you, is that, the Lord...last night when the Lord was talking to me about this, you could feel the anxiety in His heart over the whole situation. And basically what He was saying is that He's being ignored, His warnings are being ignored, people are still being married, given in marriage, running around shopping, buy and selling - they're still going about their business and they're not... Even though the Internet, for instance, has been flooded with all this information about dreams and visions about the Lord's returning - even though all that's going on, they're still not paying as much attention as all these gifts would warrant.

As a result of that, the Father knows what the balance is. He knows how long...just, He knows when to "push the button" so to speak. When to give the word, because He can see the balance of the ones that are trying to change and turning from sin and reforming their lives and listening to the Message - and the ones that aren't. What the Lord told me last night is simply that, it's getting to the point where not enough people were listening, and that therefore, this could happen at any time. At any moment, because there will come a moment when the Father will say, "Enough!"

Ezekiel: Yeah, that's what really caught me, my attention. That's really had an impression on me that "I won't contend with man forever."

Clare: Right. "There's a window of grace. It's been open a very long time, but I've got to bring it to a close now, we have to move on."

Ezekiel: I got the Scriptures yesterday in my prayer time about the one who had entered into the Wedding Feast not properly dressed, and how the Master came. "My friend, how is it you came in not properly dressed?"

I know the Lord has been pointing out to me, bringing up deep in my heart and my soul and my memories things that maybe I've either forgotten about or I just didn't pay that much attention to. And He's really, really been giving me a real grace to feel contrite, to feel repentant about things that I might never, ever repented of before.

But, things seem more serious now. There's no, "Well, that's just a little thing. That's just a little white lie." Something about His presence, His majesty, His purity. His pristine integrity. In the light of that, boy you see EVERY spot and wrinkle on your wedding dress and you want it out! You don't want to show up in front of Him with that. And I think He's giving us an opportunity to clean house a little bit of these things.

Clare: Oh, Absolutely!

Ezekiel: Right the wrongs, say I'm sorry, ask for forgiveness... whatever we have to go back and right. Right some wrongs here.

Clare: Well, the next teaching that I'm working on is how to recognize the Bride. And the topic the Lord seems to really be stressing is humility. Of course, you know 'cause you've had to go through it with me, I'm recognizing my pride more than I ever have before, and I'm more disgusted with myself than I ever have been before. And yet the Lord is encouraging me that He's working with it.

I think the Bride is not going to be perfect until He perfects her. But if she's made the commitment to be perfect and is on the way - I think He receives that as the finished product, so to speak, 'cause He knows He's going to finish her off.

Ezekiel: Right. We can't do it on our own, but I think that He wants us to have a heart to be right before Him.

Clare: Well, thank you for sharing all this. Maybe sometime we'll be able to share our testimony. We've both had beautiful conversion experiences over 30 years ago, and at some point we'll share those too.

Ezekiel: Yeah, kinda slammed us into each other a few years after that. That's a whole other story.

Clare: I just want to thank you Youtube family for tuning in and if you like this, leave us a little thumbs up if you like, or leave a comment.