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May 20, 2016

The Lord bless you, my sweet friends. I have some very important things to share with you.

We now have an addition to the Binding Prayer. It's not something that I need to put up, it's just a technique that I want to give to you, so that we do this in the best possible way. You can incorporate this as you pray the Binding Prayer each day. I believe Holy Spirit has quickened this to me, and that it needs to be done. So, that's why I'm bringing it up to you.

When we're praying for deliverance - the binding prayer, we need to pray in Christ's authority, in which we are totally convinced when we declare His name, that we are His family and we have the rights to this name. If it becomes rote, if we get tired of saying it, or we're not paying attention when we say it, it's not going to carry the same force of authority that it will when we declare it with our full hearts, minds and voices focused on it. Not violently, but in such a way that you are thoroughly convinced His Name is above all other names and every demon must bow to that name. So, we need to establish exactly who He is to us when we say His name.

When you say, "In the Name of Jesus." it can very easily become rote, to the point where you really don't declare His name with full attention and intention. To offset this tendency to numb out when we pray this part of the prayer, I want you to begin to declare something about Him that will call your attention to the true meaning of the Name.

For instance, this is what I've been doing:

"In the Name above all Names, Jesus Christ..." and then the prayer.

"In the Name of the Son of the Living God, creator of Heaven and Earth..."

"In the Mighty Name of Jesus..."

"In The Name Of Jesus, to whom every knee will bow, every tongue confess..."

"In the Name of the Mighty One, Jesus our Lord..."

"In the Name Above all Names, in Heaven and on the Earth, Jesus Christ our Lord..."

"In the Name of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God, I command you..." and then you go into the prayer.

"In the Name of Jesus my Spouse, King of Heaven and Earth, I command you evil spirits..." and then you say the rest of the prayer.

And I've noticed an increase in effectiveness doing this, this way. And certainly it gives more honor to Him.

So, when you do this, you are declaring who He is to you and to all of Creation, to those demons. And appropriating His Mighty Name, which you have the right to use against evil. You are taking authority with intention, rather than repeating the Name above all Names in a manner that is somewhat dulled to the power in that name.

We all can take familiar things in a superficial way after a time. And I'm not saying that the Name Jesus has no effect when you say it. Of course not. But when we're a little numb in praying the prayer, what I am saying is that we are praying with strong intention. So, in full awareness of the power of that Name, we declare to the demons we are focused, not just shooting scatter-shot.

The Lord told us that we must pray the binding prayer with intention. In other words, if you are thinking about something else, you're distracted and not pinning the demons down with the full force of your intention.

I catch myself doing that frequently and when I do, I go back and pray that passage of the binding prayer again, until I know I was seriously intent on them obeying and not saying it half-heartedly. So, when you pray the binding prayer, do it with full intention, conviction and even ask the Warring Angels to enforce it.

In this way, what you say with your mouth, you believe in your heart and it's a done deal.

And I wanted to bring up a prayer for nightmares, because we've had a few people who've been suffering from those.

Every night, I pray over Ezekiel and he prays over me:

"In the Name of Jesus, I call upon the Holy Angels to protect our sleep, to surround and protect us from all intruders,  projections, and every evil. Amen."

And this prayer works very well. When we don't pray it, it's not good! So, I do remember to pray it.

Also, make sure you don't have any calling cards for the demons in your house.  A calling card is anything that originated from a contaminated, demonic source especially opening the door to evil by its content. You'll find that in the newspaper, in magazines, music, videos, articles, native art - anything like that can open the door.  I don't allow newspapers or magazines in my house. Make sure your house is clean and ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you any open doors.

And if you've got teenagers, oh boy. You've got a lot of open doors, unless they're very holy, that is. And that's pretty rare. And even when they are holy, sometimes they just won't agree with you that something's bad because they'll feel deprived if they have to give it up.

I also want to mention to you that we are working on keeping the drives and CD's up on Amazon. They are trying to set a limit on our price, they want to increase it. So we are working on a 'sale,' so to speak, to keep it where it belongs. We do not want any profit on this. Unfortunately, on the books we have to play by their rules, we don't have a choice there.

I also want to tell you that I am getting some wonderful first-hand instruction from the Lord by using The Rapture WAS Real?! book for a rhema every day. And here's an example I'd like to share with you.

As you all know, the Lord has commissioned me to do a painting of Him that really conveys the intimate feelings, intimate and pure feelings that He has for His Bride. And I got this rhema yesterday in the evening, before I went to bed. It was all about the painting. I had just come back from the art store and gotten some more materials that I needed, because I was going to work in a different medium than I had thought.

I was real excited to get started on it, and what do I open to in The Rapture WAS Real?! book? I'll read it to you.

This was from March 28, 2015. Tonight, when I was with Him and He was holding me so tenderly and showing me the many faces that I've adored Him in, probably three different faces that I really feel capture His personality and His moods, and just His gentleness.

When He began to appear to me more as in the Shroud of Turin, the pictures by Ray Downing. I was a little uncomfortable with it, because I hadn't seen Him that way before. Tonight, as He held me, it's like His face morphed into all these different images that I'm so fond of portraying Him. As well as the Ray Downing one, from the Shroud of Turin.

Thank you Lord, for holding me so tenderly and showing me the many faces I have adored You in...and melding them into one.

Before I tell you what He said, I just want you to know, I don't worship a picture. I worship the Lord Jesus. And He has a face and He has a look. There are pictures that resemble Him. And when I look at that picture, I'm not worshipping the picture, the paper or the photograph or the art! I'm worshipping HIM and His presence. And this is something that's been grossly misunderstood and misrepresented from the Scriptures.

Going back to where it was first stated, in Exodus, Chapter 20 it is written in verse four: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in Heaven above or is in the Earth beneath or that is in the water under the Earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them. For I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God."

Now, according to Webster's dictionary, a graven image is a carved idol. A representation of a god used as an object of worship.

In other words, the worship of idols representing gods was forbidden. But not the images themselves. So, a graven image was the likeness of a god used in worship. The Scriptures say nothing about statues and pictures in general being forbidden. Only when they represent a false god and are worshipped. And the proof of that is substantiated in I Kings, chapter 7. And just to be clear about the timing of this, Exodus was written 1,400 years before Christ and I Kings was written 840 years later. And this is when the Temple of Solomon was being constructed, where Solomon was instructed to build a Sea - constructed out of metal. A very large bowl, 25 feet from rim to rim and 12 feet high. This Sea was set on 12 carved bulls and it could contain 12,000 vat-fulls of water. Stands were also made out of bronze, with lions, bulls and cherubim within them. That's I Kings chapter 7.

So, it IS lawful to have an image of God, a painting or a statue. You are not worshipping the object you are looking at. You are worshipping the God Who is represented in the image. So, that should clarify and help you to understand what the Scriptures REALLY say about photographs and statues. He's talking about people who made little demon images and would sit there are worship them.

So, going back to what we're talking about here:

Thank you Lord, for holding me so tenderly and showing me the many faces I have adored You in...and melding them into one beautiful face.

Jesus answered me, "My Bride, I didn't want you to feel alienated from Me, I truly am represented in all those images of Me. Yes, indeed the pictures you have used capture unique facets of My person and I have no objection to you using them. I only want for you to be acquainted with My actual face so that you will in no way be shocked when you finally see Me."

So, that is the rhema that I got from The Rapture WAS Real?! book. Right at the point where I'm working on the true face of Jesus and how He wants Himself represented or portrayed. And I can't tell you how many times the Lord has spoken to me through that book, over some issue that I was struggling with. When I open it, it's like He's started speaking to me all over again, just in that moment. And He's been instructing and reminding me through it. It works amazingly well. So much so, that we're considering a second edition with all the new messages that aren't in the old one. And there's no rush on that book, the more of the rush is on the thumb drives and the CD's.

Okay. Well, the Lord has brought something up to me about healing.

In my earlier videos I share with you the formula for a miracle of healing. And this is the formula:

A Christian praying in faith + a sick person equal a miracle of healing from God.

No big words, no long tirades, or even any words at all. Simply the intention of the heart, laying hands on the person and allowing God to touch them from inside of you where Jesus lives. He reaches right through you, guys - right through your arm to touch whoever you touch.

There are different ways to pray but this is the very essence of what is necessary. Jesus does all the rest. But sometimes we want to take authority over our family members and cast off the demons, and then asking Holy Spirit to come and restore their bodies.

We have absolute authority over our husbands and wives and children. Husbands have authority. Wives have authority. As it is written: 4The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife. I Corinthians 7:4

And Jesus listens to the cries of the little children, as well. When we pray for healing we must Pray. With. Intention.

Here I was addressing a friend who's retired from the military and has a very sick wife.

I said to him, "You have the POWER of CHRIST living, breathing and being in you.  When you lay hands on your wife, which is your territory, where you have supreme authority under Christ, when you lay hands on her you are enforcing your rights as a husband over his wife.  You are taking back what Satan has encroached on and stating your rights and MAKING him let go of her and cease and desist. Just as much as if you had authorized an air attack on the enemy's position. You have that authority. And you can always call upon the Holy Warring angels to back up every single word of your prayer.

We are seeing amazing results from that, guys!

When I pray for Ezekiel, before it gets really bad...I address the organs involved and command them under the authority of Christ, through whom all things are created, to function as God intended.  I speak directly to Inflammation to stand down, nerve endings be silent, scars to disintegrate, blockages to move, intestines to dilate, heart to normalize, liver to function properly. I speak directly to the organs. This is just another technique of prayer I'm giving to you and I'm adding it to the one I talked about before, which is just a simple laying on of hands.

The only time I pray intensely for Mercy is when the other prayers didn't bring the desired result. Then I am appealing directly to God to intervene and reveal His mercy to us through the soul that I'm praying for.  He loves to do that, He loves to answer that prayer!

So, in other words, when the other prayers don't seem to be yielding results, I resort to this prayer. I do lay hands on Ezekiel. I beg the Lord for Mercy. "Mercy, Lord. Mercy." And He takes away some of the suffering, some of the pain and gives Ezekiel the strength that he needs to keep going.

Then I ask, "Holy Spirit. Please come and bring healing and restoration to these body parts and cause them to function again properly."

I pray you will all take these instructions to heart and I want to hear about the miracles when they happen.

Okay. Now I have something really fun to share with you.

I have a wonderful announcement to make concerning our website. Thanks to our dedicated tech team, we now have a page with rhemas that come up randomly when you click on the Rhema button on our web site at There are over 500 different words programmed in and eventually there will be 1,000. We believe that Holy Spirit will choose the right word for you when you click on the Rhema button, and that it will give you some counsel from Him for the day. The graphic frame, by the way, for the words when they appear in a Celtic theme from the early Christians in Ireland who believed the wild goose represented Holy Spirit. So, that's why the goose is delivering the message.

In order to access this new page, just go to our site - - and look for the Rhema button at the top. Click on that and the page with a fresh random word will come up. Enjoy. We've been using this for months on another site and it's had amazing results. Do this prayerfully, expecting a word from Holy Spirit.

And please don't overdo it and get into curiosity, fear and confusion. Take no more than three words at a time or you could get into the wrong motive and get spiritual indigestion, not understanding what is being said. Do everything from a motive of faith that God is with you. Never allow a motive of fear to control you. You can use this site much as you use the Bible Promise book for a Rhema, but instead of opening the book you are clicking on a button and trusting Holy Spirit to give you His word for you.

When you do get a word, let Holy Spirit quicken its meaning to you. You can also set your browser to this page when it opens and you will have a fresh Rhema every time you open your browser. I'll tell you, the Lord has warned me about some things that were coming up when I've done that. I save my Rhemas in a folder, just for future reference.

So, please. Go on over to our site and enjoy this new feature. We love it!

I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and pray that the richness of His wisdom will dwell in you. And His grace will give you strength to do His will forever. Amen.