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October 3, 2014

I'm so sorry. I just wish I could have told you. I just wish you could have known somehow. I wish you had listened. I wish you could have cared. I wish you could have known! I'm so, so, so sorry. But we had to go.

I wish we could have seen you more, have been with you more, given you more. And now you have to face the most horrible, terrible times that have ever come upon this Earth very soon. You didn't believe us...really.

But now it's happened, and everything else IS coming. Just like the Scriptures say. The Bible IS TRUE. Never doubt it again. There is one way still to escape the worst. Turn to Jesus NOW. While you can. It seems to make no sense, but the things of God really do, because His mind is so much higher than yours. You can't do this anymore on your own.

Only HE knows everything. Only He can save you. He made you. He made you because He loved you. He's the only one that ever can or ever will love you completely and perfectly. He knows everything that is really good for you, and everything that's going to hurt you. And He knows what will surely kill you.

All He wants is for you to be happy, to be protected, to be FREE. Truly free, to become so completely happy and fulfilled. It's all been prepared for you. He's been waiting, waiting to help you. To keep you from being trapped in the most terrifying place of horror and never-ending torture: Hell.

Yes, Hell is REAL.

God did not set it up for you. YOU were not made to go there EVER.

You were made for a place where you'll never be hurting or lonely, tired or hungry, with absolutely no such thing as pain. Only to be more happy and forever young and free, than even you could ever imagine.


It's your choice. It's all in your hands now. To live - or to die. To suffer forever worse and worse - or to be guaranteed to be so awesomely happy, loved and protected forever.

This is all we can ask you now: please tell Jesus you're sorry and ask Him to come and take over your life now. Give it to Him. He will RUN to save you.

Clare and Ezekiel du Bois

October 3, 2014