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August 18, 2012

Dwelling Prayer 1 of 5

It's my very great pleasure and joy to share with you some very beautiful and revealing experiences that the Lord came to me with, revealing His nature; revealing His playful nature, His romantic nature. When people fall in love, when men and women fall in love, they want to be together. They want to spend time together - maybe going for walks in the forest, or going to the city. To an art gallery or go to a concert or just sit together and watch a beautiful sunset. Or just sit together and enjoy the sun in the park. This is the nature of love: that we want to share ourselves, our substance with one another.

And the Lord is no different. He's fully God, but He was also fully man. He created love and He created emotions. He created our capacity to love one another and our capacity to love Him - which has to be activated.

No one can come to Me unless the Father draws Him. John 6:44

That's what Scripture says. That's an activation. And Holy Spirit is involved in that process as well. When the Lord finally does reveal Himself to us, we can spend time with Him, finding out more about Him. We can run from Him because we feel guilty or we are too busy. There are so many different things that can happen, but His heart is to spend quality time with His beloved Bride.

Now, the scriptural basis for this can be found in Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs in some Bibles), all you really have to do is read the first line and you can see where this is going.

More delightful... (This is the Bride speaking to the Groom, the Beloved) Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. More delightful is your love than wine. Your name spoken is a spreading perfume. Draw me, we will follow you eagerly. Bring me, oh king, into your chambers. Song of Solomon 1:2

Now, this was written by Solomon for his beloved. But classically it's been understood by all the ages of Christian scholars and Jewish scholars that this is also a love letter to the Bride, to the Church, to His wife. And there is another place in the Scriptures (which I don't have readily marked here) where the Lord says that:

He who has created you will become your husband. Isaiah 54:5

So, going back to - or going forward actually - to John, I want to give you a little more Scriptural basis here for this.

Whoever has my commands, commandments and observes them is the one who loves me. Whoever loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and reveal myself to him. John 14:21

So, when we became Christians, we had a desire to please God. And when we have this desire, the Lord gives us the grace to help fulfill the desire. But it's also a sign to us through His Word that He is dwelling with us. Let me see, there was one other Scripture here:

Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him. John 14:23

We have a website called and it's all about this interior life of Dwelling Prayer and this intimacy with the Lord. So, what is my great joy and pleasure to begin to share with you is something the Lord did with me back in January - on the 2nd of January 2007. A very mature and seasoned, retired pastor had invited us for what's called, "soaking prayer". Which has... by some people become infamous, because it's been abused. Just like with some people, speaking in tongues has been abused. Legalism has been abused. Pharisee-ism has been abused. So, we don't judge a movement or something that could possibly be the work of the Holy Spirit by the abusers. You know, men abuse, women abuse. We don't judge men and women by that. We look at what it is, for what it is. And if someone has taken it and abused it or misused it, then, that's a perversion.

So, what we are talking about here is what the Lord is talking about in the Scriptures when He says,

We will make our dwelling with him. Or her.

What does that mean? What is a dwelling? It's a house. It's a place where you live. God lives inside of us. Inside of us! He's not out there, He's in here. It's another dimension. I'll let you in on a little secret: wherever God is, Heaven is. And if you enter your heart, you enter into the Lord's heart, because your heart is His throne room - He sits in your heart like a King on His throne. If you go into your throne room in a quiet state of prayer and adoration, eventually God will reveal His manifest presence to you. You will see Him in an exterior way. He allows this to happen because we are so used to seeing things out here.

But we are beginning inside in our hearts, worshipping God and that establishes a communication of love and purity from creature to Creator. And when this happens on a continuous basis - that we make that kind of time for Him, to adore Him - eventually He begins to reveal Himself to us. And He has to do that in a way that we can really accept and relate to. So, it's on the outside, so to speak. You're looking at Him, He's looking at you, He's talking to you, you're talking to Him. There is a dialog going on, there's deep feeling going on. There's a conviction going on that you are truly communicating with Jesus.

It's a beautiful thing.


August 18, 2012

Dwelling Prayer 2 of 5

What a truly beautiful thing it is to be in the presence of the Lord. To be able to see Him, to feel His presence, to hear His words, to be able to converse with Him. And this honor was given to me as it is to many, many Christians - there is nothing special about me, I can promise you that. Aside from the fact that the Lord lives in me, I am not anything to stand tall about. But in January 2nd of 2007 a very distinguished retired pastor who lives in Taos, New Mexico where we are invited me to a "soaking meeting." Well now, what is soaking? I have to go back to the Scriptures and look at what the Lord says.

He says:

We will come to him and make our dwelling with him. John 14:23

We have a website called and we teach Dwelling Prayer on that site. Not that you could really teach it - it's something you can prepare your heart for, but God has to do it. Dwelling with Him is the whole concept of being in the Lord's presence. Not necessarily: "Praise You, praise You, Lord, bless You, we worship You." I mean those are beautiful moments and there is a time and place for that. "Lord I love You, I love You, I love You. You're so wonderful!" There is a time and a place for that. These are things the Lord loves to hear, especially if they are coming from the heart and not just a nervousness to be busy in prayer and saying something.

But we need to be able to enter into His presence quietly and in a state of adoration, ready to adore Him but to let go of our conversations, to let go of our little Ferris wheels that keep going with different thoughts, you know. And the Lord gives us this grace and this ability.

Well, getting back to this soaking prayer. Which we've termed Dwelling Prayer now, because what we try to teach is that the Lord dwells in us and we are entering into the place where He dwells. Which is also the door to Heaven - He is the door to the sheepfold, He is the door to eternal life.

No one come to the Father except he comes through Him. John 14:6

This is Scripture. And in the same way, He is also the entrance into Heaven, into this beautiful place. And many Christians now all over the world are experiencing what Heaven is like. God is revealing great mysteries to them. And it's as though the clouds have parted and that dimension has opened to Christianity and we've walked right into it and seen beautiful things.

The experiences that He gave me to share with you are a little bit different. These have to do with His nature as the Bridegroom. As the lover. Now this isn't carnal, so don't get any idea about that. It has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with profound love and profound and deep affection. But these sexual feelings that we experience on Earth, they aren't present in Heaven. It's not possible. Why? I don't know exactly, but I know one thing the Lord has told me. (Because I expressed a fear about that, you know..."Lord, I feel... I'm so in love with You, this is so wonderful, you know - I'm afraid I might have a thought!") And His answer to me was, "It's not going to happen. It doesn't happen Here."

Wow! That's beautiful. That's wonderful to hear, because I'd hate to be in that situation where I had a thought that was impropriety.

So, the first thing that happened while we were having this soaking prayer meeting: He spoke to me in an allegory, in the sense that I began to see a scene, actually like a movie! Sometimes you'll hear people, New Agers and they will talk about, "Well, I experienced that lifetime, I saw all that happen." And what I usually say to them is, "Have you ever been to the movies? Guess what? Satan has his movies, too. And he can play those movies right in front of you."

So, how do you know you aren't deceived when you have a vision like that? "Well first of all, you're in a state of worship; you're going to the Lord and you're in a place of adoration." (Some would answer.)

Well, sorry to tell you, but you can be deceived! Discernment is not anything easy. But if He's drawing you into a spousal intimacy as in Song of Solomon, is He going to deliberately mislead you, allow a seducing spirit? Is He going to do that? I don't think so, that's not His nature. He's drawing His Bride into intimacy.

Now, there can come a time later on, when you're more mature in this kind of relationship with the Lord. If you get it in your head that you're something "special" and that pride starts to make your head get real big... yep, He might just allow deception to humble you and bring you back down to Earth!

You see, what we are doing here is, we're entering into His Rest. We are ceasing at our own efforts at prayer, our own efforts at communication and entering into HIS Rest. And I want to go back for just a second and just kind of describe to you what a Dwelling Prayer meeting is like.

Basically, we have a meal together, which is different. Most people say you are more spiritually alert when you've been fasting. And for some people that may be true and correct, but for some reason we were introduced to it at a small, light, meal beforehand - so no blood sugar issues. And afterwards, sitting in a nice, comfortable living room someplace where you're at home, you know, with your coffee cup and maybe a couple cookies. Maybe stretching out on the floor comfortably with a pillow under your head or maybe slouched down in the couch. Comfortable. At ease. Entering into Rest. And whoever is leading the prayer will just simply turn the music on real low and we'll just quietly worship the Lord in our hearts and dispose ourselves to receive from Him. And again, what Father "would give you a snake when you ask for a fish," I think is how it goes.

So, the Lord is very tender, very gentle and this is a spirituality. He's told me this is a new movement in Christian community to draw His Bride into His arms, to purify her wedding dress and prepare her to be taken to Heaven with Him.

As such, these experiences that I've had in Heaven - and I'm not alone, my husband also - we both experienced this. What happened was, we went to this meeting, the soaking prayer meeting, which goes on for maybe 45 minutes to an hour of just resting, resting in a spiritual state, in a state of quiet adoration of Jesus.

But in Dwelling Prayer, we encourage you to enter into your heart, because you know that Jesus lives there. What is the work of a Christian? It's to believe. It's to have faith. If you have faith you can enter into His Rest. What did He say in Hebrews?

He said:

Oh, that you would hear his voice, harden not your hearts where you saw my works for 40 years and because of this I was provoked with that generation because they were rebellious and I said they've always been of erring heart they do not know my ways and I swore in my wrath they shall not enter into my rest. Take care brothers that none of you have an evil and unfaithful heart as to forsake the Lord. Hardened by the deceit of sin. Hebrews 3:7-8

So, one of the sins that we can all commit, is unbelief. The Lord has done so many things for me in my life, to be unbelieving is a travesty. It's a sin! You can't enter into His Rest if you don't believe! And what is the job of a Christian? To believe! That's what the Scriptures say. Believe in God's only Son, Jesus Christ. To believe His Word. To believe that He is with you, that He dwells inside of you and that He desires for you to dwell with Him!

So! Going back to what actually took place...I guess you could say I kind of have a fancy for the medieval times or whatever. All I know is that I was on a horse, I was galloping through a long forest and I came across a wooden bridge; a moat with a castle and a wooden bridge that came across it. I dismounted from my horse and I was drawn to this door inside the castle. There were no people there, no one! I thought, 'This is odd, this is really strange. Is this you Lord?'

But I felt drawn, so I followed it. And I entered into a room that was a chapel! It was actually the church of the castle or the chapel of the castle. And there was no one there. Except all of a sudden I saw my guardian angel standing on my left. And I was wearing a wedding gown! A beautiful wedding gown, with pearls; and I saw myself from the back like I was up in the balcony or the choir loft. The back of my dress was interwoven, silver, dove feathers, white dove feathers interwoven all the way down to the waist line and then you know, full on the bottom...beautiful train.

And then I saw angels and they were weaving pearls in my hair! They were preparing me to meet the Groom. I looked at my angel and he looked at me and Oh! My heart just melted! I thought, 'You're gonna take me to the Lord! And we're not going to be working together anymore, and I've never really thanked you for all that you've done for me! I don't even know you! And you've been the most intimate companion I've had.' And it was like he kinda said to me, "Don't worry about that right now."

Then the next scene that happened was very beautiful. All of a sudden the Lord was at the front of the chapel.


August 18, 2012

Dwelling Prayer 3 of 5

So here I am, in this magnificent medieval chapel with a beautiful rosette window at the very top. And Jesus is on the right hand side. And I'm standing in the aisle with my guardian angel on my left. And I see myself from the choir loft and I see this exquisite bridal dress, the back of which is interwoven dove feathers coming to a point in the back and the whole skirt and train spreading out behind me. A beautiful veil and there are angels weaving pearls into my hair under this veil. And as we started to move forward, well I caught sight of the Lord. He was magnificent in white, a beautiful white gown that was very luminescent. And our eyes met and I nearly died from love. When He looked at me, my whole being was penetrated with such intense affection and love and appreciation, unbelievable emotion that I've never experienced before, ever! My feelings for Him when I saw Him, when I saw the look of appreciation He had for me and loved me. He loved me! This magnificent man and He loved me profoundly. His heart was melting at the sight of me. It just completely undid me! I was just totally unraveled! I couldn't even, I couldn't think beyond the next moment.

My angel began to lead me towards my Lord. I realized that the angel was going to give me away to the Lord because the guardian angel and been with me all my life. He had prepared me for this very moment. This was his greatest honor! The pinnacle of his experience to bring me to my Beloved. I looked at him and I was so, so profoundly grateful and so very sorry that I didn't know him better, that I never made the effort to really appreciate him and thank him for... I mean he was with me my entire life, through everything I ever did, guiding me and protecting me and leading me and never ever did I, did I ever give him the kind of thanks that he deserved for what he did for me in my life! I was terribly... I was heartbroken over this! I looked at him and he looked at me, he looked down at me, he was very tall and he said, "Don't worry about it now." And I thought, 'Ok I'll try!' I turned my focus to the Lord who was yet ahead of me and my angel presented me to the Lord.

The Lord had tears running down His cheeks. I had tears running down my cheeks. He was so in love with me! I was so in love with Him! I've never experienced anything like that! It was truly divine. It was totally divine! After we exchanged vows with one another, we turned and faced the pews and the Lord took my hand and all of a sudden we rose up and up and up and up through that rosette window, which now I remember. There was a beam of light coming down from that window and we rose up into that beam of light and I found myself in Heaven!

And we are in Heaven and before me is this glorious fountain. First, there's a palace, there's this huge palace, it must have been maybe 60 or 70 feet high and the entrance was probably about 50-60 feet wide. But there was this beautiful, round fountain outside as you would pass through it to enter into the castle or the palace, actually. Something on the order of the palaces they have in India, the Taj Mahal, something like that. Polished marble floors, this beautiful white marble fountain reminded me very much of Buckingham fountain in Chicago where I grew up. And beautiful colored water flowing out from it all around, flowing out, beautiful! It takes your breath away! This was the introduction to our palace in heaven; the Lord had prepared a place for me!

All I can say is that while I was experiencing this, I was marveling, I was totally marveling. But then after I came down from this experience, after the soaking prayer was over and I started to review it I was shell shocked for days. I could not, in my wildest imagination understand what I did to deserve this kind of a dwelling in Heaven! I mean, I was beside myself! I knew it was the Lord. I had a conviction. This is God! This truly happened to me. This really is the Lord. I had the conviction and I knew what it was but I was beside myself in wonderment that for the little that I've done in my life for Him. Not only did He give His life and die on the Cross for me, and wash away my sins, but then He goes to Heaven and makes a palace for me? For what?

And this is where I'm saying that this experience in Heaven is a little different than the experiences that I've heard - you know from other people in Heaven. Only because the Lord was trying to reveal to me His love. Not what I did, not my accomplishments, HIS LOVE. You would not believe this place! Everything in that palace really, really made me joyful and happy!

First of all, there were seven waterfalls! I love the number seven to begin with, but there were seven waterfalls! The waterfalls were 30 feet high. There were three going along one side, three going along on the other side and at the end was one very long, 40 or 50 foot waterfall. In between the waterfalls were these beautiful spruce trees and ferns and lilies and oh, my gosh, all the things that I love! There were sparkles of light coming out of the waterfall. Indigo happens to be one of my favorite colors, Indigo and Purple and Pink and beautiful Indigo sparkles coming out of this waterfall down to the choices of the colors. It was so beautiful, so perfect. This is only the first waterfall, right? There's six more to go! To be honest with you, I haven't gotten to... I've gotten past five, I have no idea what six and seven are like... but every waterfall was unique and different. Unbelievable!


August 18, 2012

Dwelling Prayer 4 of 5

Well, we were asked to share our experiences after the dwelling meeting was called to a halt. I didn't dare share the details because I felt that it was just way out of anybody's reality zone. I hadn't even grappled with it yet, let alone trying to share it with others. It was just so incredible to me.

One of the things that happened that I didn't share was that the Lord gave me a wedding present. Oh, the castle was not enough, the palace was not enough, of course not! Out from between the rocks of the first and second waterfall I saw something black and white moving. And I thought, 'What is that?!' Amidst the fern and the beautiful, beautiful blue spruce, out emerged this absolutely stunning, white tiger!

And he came up to me - at this point we were sitting on kind of a loveseat arrangement, like a wrought iron loveseat with white velvet, facing the waterfall. Just resting, just enjoying it. The Lord was absolutely... He was so thrilled at my reactions! He was so gratified; He was overwhelmed that I was just awestruck! This tiger comes over and starts rubbing up against me, going back and forth and purring and starts to lick my feet. And then, because I was kind of reclining against the Lord, in a loveseat kind of situation, reclined against Him with my feet up and the tiger was licking my feet. Then he came and laid his huge, gigantic head right here, on my tummy. He just looked up at me.

I love cats. I love big cats. It's always been a dream of mine to have big cats. So, this was my wedding present, a white tiger! It was amazing. I was told his name is Simba and don't have many other details about him, but whenever I am called back to Heaven, he is there along with another assortment of animals as well.

So, several different times this happened. Now, on this one particular night when I returned to the palace on the 3rd of January, my husband started having experiences very much like mine in his room at the other end of our house during his prayer time. And what emerged from that was what we call the Chronicles of the Bride. The Lord told me probably half way through these experiences that He wanted us to write a book to draw His Bride to Him. To reveal His love nature and His ability to create for us, for His Brides, and His appreciation, His profound appreciation of us. The littlest details I can tell you about: the beautiful, blue Morpho butterfly that came by, about the beautiful golden eagle that landed gently on my left arm. I mean there were so many things in that first experience.

As I mentioned earlier, my husband at the same time, was having similar experiences, but unique to him - very different in some ways. As a result of these experiences, the Lord asked us again to write Chronicles of the Bride which are the chronicles of our experiences in Heaven for a certain time period. There are a whole lot more experiences but what we've put together is a book called Chronicles of the Bride and it is available at as a free download, free PDF.

And there's also the music that corresponds to that, so we're going to be coming out with more music but it sets the tone of the things that happened in Heaven and more chronicles of the events that happened.

But I have to say, the most important thing for us to understand is that this is all about His love not anything we deserve. The times when you stop to give someone a ride, the times when you worked at a food bank and you fed somebody, the times that you forgave an offense. The times that you took time to explain the faith to someone or just to sit and listen to them and comfort them - you accumulate things like this in your lifetime over and over and over again and we forget about them. You know, we do it as unto the Lord because He says to do them and then we forget. But He doesn't forget! He's forgot nothing that we've done. Everything has been written down.

When He said, I go to prepare a place for you, (John 14:3) he wasn't kidding! The place He's preparing is for YOU, special! It's special for you! I think I might have mentioned earlier if you don't like water, don't worry there won't be any water there. If you don't like cats, there won't be any cats. You'll have an elephant if you want one. Horses, whatever you want. Heaven is full of animals, full of plants, full of creatures, beautiful creatures, friendly creatures!

The rest of the Chronicles, I may go through some more experiences, you know explaining some of them to you and sharing with you - but the reason He is gone to prepare this place for us is because of Him, His nature, His love and His gratefulness. Little tokens for God, but humongous things to us, just gigantic. I turned and looked at the Lord at the end of this experience, after the white tiger, and after the golden eagle. I asked Him, because I was overwhelmed, I had no... I couldn't understand, I didn't understand it.

"Does this, does this belong to the Angels, this place?" He's telling me, "No this is your palace! This is your place. I created it just for you."

And I looked up at him (this just this will unravel you, I mean, it unraveled me, it really unraveled me). I was overwhelmed with these wedding gifts and I said in a broken voice, "But I haven't done anything to deserve this Lord!" With a gentle air of finality He said, "You Obeyed."

Magnificent to behold were cascades of water tumbling down, some in gentle sprays, some with great volume. Lavender, aquamarine, periwinkle blue, delicate rose and satiny white ribbons of color gracefully float through the water. Doves flew back and forth, their wings echoing throughout this place of wonder.

The Lord turned and looked deeply into my eyes. And I'll close with this. Because I really want you to remember this.

Not being able to control my thoughts I said, "But I have not yet overcome, I mean there are so many faults that I still have. I haven't overcome." And He answered me, "I have overcome for you. All of this is yours."

What an awesome God! What an awesome love! He is hungry for your company. He longs for intimacy with you. He has prepared a place for you. But the one thing that He has for you that's more precious than anything else is His love. And that's Presence, when you dwell in His heart you allow Him to engage you. His presence, His manifest presence is the most wonderful experience anyone on earth can have. God Bless you!


August 18, 2012

Dwelling Prayer 5 of 5 Epilogue

Beloved, have no doubt that God can do this kind of thing. I mean, Walt Disney can create movies and cartoons that engage our imagination. He's only a man! And if Disney World and Epcott Center and all those places can be put together by a man - what can God do? I mean after all, He holds the whole universe together by His love.

So these things may seem a bit outlandish and wild to some, but ponder it for a moment. We've seen more outlandish things on television and in movies. What He's done for us is unique to Him. It is a love letter; it's an expression of love that doesn't leave out one detail.

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him. (1 Cor. 2:9) That's Scripture you can count on that!