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June 4, 2016

Lord Jesus, grant us the grace to persevere in Mercy and Prayer.

Well, Heartdwellers, I have been so very tempted to check the news and the rhema the Lord just gave me hit it right on the head: "Abandon the excessive desire to know, because it leads to much distraction and deceit." Wow.

So, that got nipped in the bud, because what I was going to do first thing today was check the news. And He doesn't want me doing that.

So, when I sat down to listen to the Lord after worship, He spoke to me immediately.

He said, "Your prayers are working. Almost every soul who watches your videos is now praying, with the exception of those who do not want to know Me."

Wow. That's beautiful. And before I get into the message, I just want to share with you a little bit of my weakness and how kind the Lord has been in dealing with me.

I got hit with a serious temptation to Ghirardelli dark chocolate chip cookies and barbecue for the last three days. I've just been fending it off and trying to ignore it. The stress and tension from what the Lord has told us and asked us all to pray about finally got to me and I ended up with barbecue and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

On Friday, nonetheless - on the day I prefer to abstain just in honor of the Lord's passion. And in prayer, with all these things going on, I really shouldn't have blown it. But I did.

So, for all of you who are tempted by certain foods that you'd like to fast from as an offering to the's wonderful when you can keep it up, but know that you're not alone if you blow it.

When I came into prayer, I was kind of ducking my head because of my self-indulgence and I realized the devils stomp on your appetite buttons. If you don't confront it and bring it down through prayer, you give in. Then you feel ashamed and your relationship with the Lord suffers. I know from past experience, when I fast His presence is clearer. So, I must have spend at least two hours in worship and I could barely sense His presence.

Finally I broke down and told Him, "Lord, I know I have sinned and preferred the flesh over You - and now I cannot feel Your presence. I am so deserving of this. Nevertheless, for the sake of those who follow the channel... Lord, what do you have to say to them?"

He began immediately, "Keep praying. We are not out of the woods yet. There has been some progress made, but it is still majorly serious. You remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah."

Yes, Lord.

"Well, what you have in Tel Aviv is worse yet and cries out to God for punishment. This voice, at this time, is louder than any other in the ears of My Father. In this moment, serious destruction is slated for this city. Be aware, My Father will not be mocked and mockers have entered the city gates in droves, lifting up their horn in arrogance and abandon.

"This is the generation of whom it is written that judgment of the nations is long overdue, and yet because of the holiness of those who cry out to the Father, judgment has in the past been delayed. But to continue to ignore this would make My Father unjust - instead of merciful.

"Do you see, My daughter? Some of this MUST come to pass. Some things are of absolute necessity to come to pass and can be mitigated through prayer, and even delayed... but not called off."

Lord, what about our Nation?

"The cries of the faithful have mounted on high and moved upon My Father's heart, and yet there is sadness and travail in store for your country. Pray, Clare. Pray very hard that the Father's wrath will be averted. Pray that those who know better will rise up and pray that a succession of failures will derail the evil planned against the good people of this nation.

"They are the one nation under God and not a part of the debauchery of the governing body. This country was taken by force and intrigue, not popular vote based on facts. But that is the way it was written for the Anti Christ, a man of intrigue and deceitful means, coming to power not by virtue, but by trickery.

"Clare, I want you all to keep praying. There is still much that has not been called off. Your prayers are having an effect, but there is so much more involved."

And what about the world, Lord?

"You can see the shadow of Islam now darkening the nations. The religion of Satan. While he walks invisibly, the shadow cast by the density of his malice is darkening every area of the world. Soon it will no longer be a shadowy influence in America but an up-front reality as town after town falls to Sharia Law. You will not be here for that. I will surely remove you from the grips of this evil.

"So much has to take place, Clare, but understand that your prayers for mercy have and will soften the harshness of the judgment - so do not stop praying. There is still much to be averted. Hope in His Mercy, but know for certain that certain things must come to pass."

Certain things, Lord, like what?

"Like war, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and the aftermath of these woes.

"Clare... I am talking to you, My Bride."

I was at that moment struggling with my guilt and hoping this was truly Him.

"Shall I not hearken unto your cry for mercy, regardless of cookies and barbecue? You were raised to expect comforts when things were bad. That is an ingrown and blood sugar related reaction, yet you can overcome that with My grace.

"But I have had pity on you. I heard your cry for mercy."

Then at that moment, He became very, very clear and held me over His heart.

"What I want to tell you, My Love, is that it will not be long now. Basically, things are going to happen, but much mercy will fall into play. Yet there will be confusion and pandemonium and I expect you all to cleave to Me in the midst of this. Whether you can see one another or not, stay close to Me. I will not be distant from you at any moment; your days, your lives are in My hands. And I cherish them tenderly.

"Do not waste time, My Love. Make the best of what you have before you. I know your physical limitations, I know you can only do so much. But I can do so much more if you will rely on Me and not your own devices. For instance, in this moment you came to Me in poverty of spirit and now you are seeing and hearing Me clearly.

"Always come to Me this way, even when you haven't indulged yourself. Always come to Me blind and naked and I will always reach over that barrier and touch you. Do you understand? Your poverty and littleness cry out to Me and I cannot resist you. It is the proud and self-satisfied I resist, but the little and weak I shed mercy upon.

"As the days continue to unfold, do not grow lax in your prayers. That may be the very force that holds back My Father's hand. There is a great reward for those who have forsaken their personal preferences in favor of Mercy for those who are not ready. There is a proving ground in this, to see which of those called by the name of My Bride are truly in unison with My Heart. Yes, these days are again proving grounds to reveal yet another layer of depth in devotion to Me and who actually does truly care for Me and for their brother.

"It is as the Church at Philadelphia. Cleave to that description and you will pass in flying colors... Pun intended." He smiled. (I think He was referring to the Rapture there - 'flying colors'.) I am with you, My Brides. Prove your faithfulness to Me by your self-sacrificing prayers for those who are slated for destruction. A crown of virtue awaits you."