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June 7, 2016

The blessings and courage of Our Lord Jesus be with you all, Heartdwellers. Forgive my lapse of two days, we've had some trials to work out, but with your prayers and the Lord's help, things are again running smoothly and I couldn't wait to get back with you all.

I had a very long time of worship today, and it was very, very sweet and rich. Mostly, what's been keeping me down for two days is intercession and really getting worn out in travail over our country. And I felt somewhat of a release today.

So, that may not be so for ALL of you. i know some of you are called to be in prayer more continuously. But I couldn't be in prayer and with you at the same time, so the Lord has given me leave to give you a message.

So, I rested a great deal in worship today. And it brought back some memories of working with music, which I'm going to bring up here in a second.

It all began when I said, "Lord, here I am. Do I need to go back to prayer and worship?" I'd just come out of a little nap.

He said, "What do you think?"

I'm anxious to hear from you, Jesus.

"And I am here for you, My Dove. Tossed about on the stormy sea."

Yes, that's true, listening to Eden's Bridge, the songs you picked during worship rekindled my calling in music. I miss writing, playing and singing. I miss it...and somehow, because I'm working on Your painting, which is still in the drawing stage, I feel that one cancels out the other.

He replied, "By the way, the selection of songs was no accident. If this is what you long for, why aren't you doing it then?"

Time? Lord, what do you have to say about this?

"Your first priority are My words. After that, you may play to your hearts content."


"With the exception of serious calls to prayer, Yes.

"I love your music. (He held me to His heart) I am helping people through your music. Clare, your music is not just music. There is an anointing on your voice that cannot be duplicated. "Every person has an anointing that goes with their voice, because a voice comes from the depths of the heart and lungs, and a soul communicates to other souls this way. This is why spoken word is SO powerful. And it's natural to you. There is something so wonderful and unique about a soul's voice, especially when I have chosen them to speak and sing. It's much more than style of music or expertise; much, much more.

"There is an invisible medicine, an oil that is exuding from a voice chosen to minister. This oil meets the soul on a spirit level, a profoundly high level. There are vibrations involved that move energies in the brain. That impact and transmit a vibration for good or for bad. Satan has mastered the art of manipulation through music, as far as his limitations as a created being go.

"That is why the world is in such a mess. Or at least one reason. He is broadcasting dark matter, so to speak, all over the world through sound heard and sound unheard. There is so much more to music than what sounds good to the ear. There is an effect for good or evil, and My people are transmitting good through their voices, even though some styles of music would be disputed among the ultra conservative groups. I use every sound wave created by My musicians to minister to souls. The sound can be pleasant or unpleasant, but still I am touching places with the unheard part of the sound.

"Trust Me. This is absolutely true. The human ear does not pick up on these ultrasound frequencies, because they border on inter-dimensional planes. All of this is not that important to you, Dearest. What is important is that you have a gift, many gifts I have given you, and it would give Me great pleasure to hear you sing and play again. It truly would. It will require a trimming down of what you spend your time on...but it can be done."

Jesus, can You help me with this? I want to be present to my husband and the channel, these things take time.

"Ask Me to extend your time."

You can do that?

"Why do you call Me God, and then question?" (He said, tongue in cheek)

I guess because it is so extraordinary.

"Well, let Me explain to you how it works. I suggest something and you obey immediately. That's the real miracle."

At this point, I was laughing.

He said, "No, I am serious. The day you stop wasting time on foolish things...and I put a little check in your spirit when you set out. But you are very head-strong, Clare, and you quip back to Me, "This'll only take a minute, Lord - I'll be right back!" And off you go... Three hours later you are disgusted with the time you wasted. Getting you out of that habit will be a supernatural act. In short, a miracle. Will you cooperate with Me?"

OK. Yes, I do take this seriously, because I do have songs on my heart that I want to finish...however best I can in the time left to us.

"And when I come for you, you shall be in front of your microphone."

What about the radio work You wanted me to do?

"You can feed teachings into radio, you don't have to do separate work for the radio. This was My plan, to implement short segments of teaching on the radio. You have helpers - use them.

"What is before you IS doable, if you are willing.

"May I say to all My children: curiosity is your downfall. There is much I have put on your hearts to do, but you don't have the discipline to stick with them until they are done - or in some cases, like Clare's, even get started. You will look back on your time on Earth and see that you wasted years worth of time doing foolish things.

"The devils know it is not easy to draw you into a sin like adultery or murder, but making you waste time is a cinch, and thereby foils My efforts to use you in your anointing. Part of the issue is deep in your hearts, My Brides. Part of the issue is your lack of belief in yourself and I, working together to bring it about. Far too many things are begun and maintained by your own strength, rather than turning them over to Me so we can work together.

"I know you are all going to question why I am bringing such things up now, with the shortness of time before us. The answer to that is quite simple: make the best of the time remaining to you - be it two hours or two weeks or two months. Cut off distractions and focus on what you know is a gift from Me. Every one of you have a gift I have given you. For some, it is still in the form of a dream. For others, it's buried under a pile of disappointments and failed starts. Dust it off and put your energy into it along with prayer, worship and your daily duties."

Lord, I know it is not safe for me to go on Pinterest at all, and when I do...oh is hard to get off.

"Things like that: curiosities, Youtube, social media. While you are connected to community, you are easy prey for demons of distraction (which can eventually lead you into sin) but absolutely can take the precious moments left in your lives and waste them. Do you know every minute will be accounted for? If you have come to Me and repented of the lost years, it will not be remembered or held against you. But if you hold onto them and refuse to confess and change your ways, they will.

"Most of your problem truly lies in the fact that you do not believe in yourself. But I believe in you and I know what can be done when you believe in Me. Together we can do this. The hardest part is starting. The next hardest part is overcoming obstacles. Then overcoming boredom or lack of inspiration. All of these problems can be handled in worship and prayer when Holy Spirit refreshes you in His anointing and power.

"It's all about how much do you love Me and how much will you give Me? How much are you willing to invest...even in the little time left to us? Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. To act on what I have given you is to prove your faith in Me. To let it sit dormant in a dark and dank basement under a pile of waste is almost unforgivable.

"Don't get Me wrong. I am not saying it is unforgivable. I see what you do not see: hidden forces at work against you. But again, all of that can be overcome when you place your hand firmly in Mine, never letting go, and keep on going until it is finished.

"So, what do you say? Here we are on the edge of your eternity, My Bride. Whatever is still left to do - are you willing to take it up and keep going until the trumpet sounds? Are you willing to let Me miraculously stretch your time to accomplish what you failed at before? What you do not see is that when you invest yourself in something, I credit it to you in Heaven, though you were still at it when I called you. The fact that you had a vision and were willing to put all of your effort into it, even if only a little time is left to you - that very fact alone calls upon My compassion and mercy to finish it for you and credit it to you as a work of love done for Me.

"Is it not written that I will perfect that which concerns you? And I will complete and finish what I have begun in you? Oh, you have no idea of the dynamics that exist in the spiritual realm. They are nothing like what you deal with here. Not in value or in the supposedly 'unfinished' state. As long as you keep going, resolute and committed, I in turn will finish what you have begun. What a lovely surprise many of you will have in Heaven.

"Go forth now. Sword in one hand, bricks in the other. Be busy about your gift. Prayer. Worship. Gift. Prayer. Worship. Gift."

Lord, to me it's almost like building a stairway to Heaven in the sense that 'Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven'! And as I work, I am creating a bridge between Heaven and Earth to communicate Your glory. This is something I can feel when I'm working on Your painting.

"It is indeed. You have caught ahold of My vision. You can bend a bow until it breaks. You have all been highly stressed in prayer - this will give you respite. I am giving you leave to re-create those things remaining for you to do.

"I'm not altering time or events here. I'm simply inspiring you, My precious ones, to make it count. Work with Me and make it count."