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June 12, 2016

May the courage and stamina of our Lord Jesus be with us all tonight.

Well, I wanted to share with you an urgent warning dream from one of our listeners. You may have seen it, because I think it was in the comments.

It begins:

Last night our little town experienced some very angry thunder and lightening coupled with heavy rain (which is NOT at all normal for this time of year- I live in central California.)

I had awoken at 1am to the noise and went outside to see. The lightening shot around the sky on all sides of me and it was amazing to watch. I went back inside and began to pray for mercy. Then I went back to sleep.

I had this dream: I was caring for a large glass jar filled with water (similar to that of a large bulk pickle jar) with a tight sealed lid.

I was holding and watching the jar closely and just tending to it. Suddenly, the water inside of the jar began to boil rapidly and I tried as hard as I could to hold onto the jar but my hands became very hot and I could see the steam and feel pressure building inside of the jar. I began to gently turn it upside down and try to move the boiling water around in the jar, so as to try and cool it - but to no avail. Finally, the jar was just too hot to continue holding and I just knew it was about to explode. So, I set it down and stepped away. Gosh, I can feel the presence of Holy Spirit so strong right now! she said. As soon as I stepped away the jar exploded splitting apart and burst into many pieces. Then I woke up...

Somewhere around that time my husband was awoken by the very LOUD, FIRM , and URGENT audible voice of God saying, "SON."

She continues on here to explain how she interpreted it.

I feel very strongly that God is warning us the world is about to be engulfed in wrath (boiling water) and that our prayers have/are working. But soon the Father will say, 'No more waiting' and come to take us away, before the earth is swallowed up (which represents stepping away from the jar before it explodes.)

And that's the end of her narrative.

Just after I opened this e-mail and read it to Ezekiel, he was standing over my shoulder. He looked out the window and there was a fire in the field behind our house. Never in 15 years have we seen a fire in the open field behind our house. Ever! So, I called 911 to try and get the fire department and warn them, and the operator asked where the fire was. When I told her, she said, "They've been given permission to burn."

I thought that was very interesting. It's like, the word has been given to proceed ahead with the events that need to take place, to fulfill Revelation. "They've been given permission to burn." Very interesting. I don't think those two events were coincidences at all.

So, I wanted to share that with you - we are close.

Today was just a day of recuperation. Ezekiel's doing very well, everything is going the way it should. And after much time in worship, and much sitting quietly with the Lord, just loving Him. And in prayer. I finally was able to ask Him:

"Lord, will you please speak to me?"

He answered immediately, "I've been waiting all day. Not a moment goes by that I'm not thinking of you, wanting you to recover from this. I am using it, My Sweet Dove. This, too, has merit."

I answered Him, "I thought maybe I was protesting or in self-pity?"

"Well, there is an element of that, but're wiped out emotionally from the close call with your husband. It brought up baggage from the past, Clare, whether you were aware of it or not. It really did."

Lord, I don't feel I've changed enough to warrant Your mercy, considering the things You were calling to My attention the last time he got really sick.

"But as far as the faults go, yes - you have improved. But you're still fighting against what has not changed completely. Isn't that what I told you?

"Many of you, My Brides, still have the same vices and sins I have been dealing with you about for decades. I have not delivered you totally from them because that is how I humble you. And Clare, haven't I been giving you and Ezekiel 'Humility' a lot?"

Yes, you have, Lord, in the Bible Promises. I think we've gotten it maybe 5 times last week. That's a lot!

"Well, there's your answer. The higher we climb, My Love, the lower you must abase yourself, lest pride overtake you. Don't you think I know what I'm doing?"

Always, Lord. You always know exactly what You are doing. Always, without fail.

"Then why do you complain?"

I'm trying not to, Lord...I really am.

"I know, Precious. I know you very well, dear one, and indeed there is a great deal of contrition in your heart right now."

Thank You, Jesus, for that gift.

"Well, I wanted to take this occasion to tell My Brides: you know you are on the threshold - right now...any minute. And I don't want anxiety to overtake you, thinking you will not be raptured. You know who you are, you have been told. I have confirmed it through My servants. I've given you teachings on it. All that is left for you is to have faith in My Mercy.

"What is coming is horrendous in scope and there will be unavoidable isolations. That is when you are to CLEAVE TO ME with all your heart and soul. Until then, pray with one another. But when it all happens, pray for each other and stay tightly holding Me as I hold you. The wind will be ferocious, but in My arms it will be a gentle breeze. That is why you mustn't, for a moment, lose your focus and look outside of Me. I will keep you in My Peace if only you will rely on Me alone.

"Many of you are accustomed to running to each other. This is where I am asking you to run to Me, because you may be in such a location where you cannot communicate with one another. Do not panic. I am there. I am ALWAYS there, without fail. Cleave to Me. Grab a pillow if you must, just know I am holding you. I am omnipotent...omnipresent...and nothing can take you away from Me during these trials. Remember, this will soon be over for you. Very soon.

"Right now My greatest torment is over the unsaved who have not hearkened to My continuous calls to them through their friends, through the media and the still small voice in their hearts. They have not hearkened and I can do little for them in that hour, except perhaps give them a few extra seconds. For others, there will be no time. Their fate is sealed even in this hour, because they have rejected Me so many times their hearts are past hardened.

"Nevertheless, continue to pray. I want to make something clear here. Some of you have been unable to pass on into travail for what is about to happen. But I assure you, that the uneasy and deathly sad feeling you have is a manifestation of travail 'in the spirit.' You see, a soul and mind are only aware of what they perceive from their spirits. If there is no communication from the spirit, the deep feelings in the soul and mind still reflect what is going on and very often will cause you to go to sleep, because you cannot concentrate and the very core of your being is otherwise engaged, not truly in the present moment.

"So, you are not to condemn yourselves if you don't pray as others do. You have your portion and some day I will show it to you. Some of you have such gifts and dispositions of pride that it is better for you not to know the intensity of your prayers. I wish you would trust Me on this, Clare...I'm speaking with you, Beloved."

I'm sorry, Lord. I'm "otherwise engaged," I said almost teasingly.

"GOOD ANSWER!! The truth be told, you are indeed and none of being here right now is easy for you. You are one of the ones this is directed towards. No condemnation, My Love. I truly know you much better than you know yourself. Do you believe that?"


"Then trust Me, you are 'otherwise engaged' in this life and death struggle for souls who have refused Me. Much is being planned in the Spirit right now. To see it in the physical would easily overwhelm you to the point of unconsciousness. To see it in the spirit is hard enough, even the mention of Orlando and its implications. It's only the beginning...even that is taking a toll right now and I must say, bringing forth fruit as well, though you are totally unaware of it by My design.

"All of you have been told about these things for months. Now that you see them happening, you can at least have confidence that I am in control and not even a sparrow drops to the ground without My awareness. Nothing on this Earth is easily understood. You only see the tip of the iceberg. But someday in Heaven you will know completely and no longer have any questions as to why this happened here and why that happened there.

"Those of you who are rallied around My heart, continue to pray for the lost and witness where you can. The problem is that until events unfold, hearts will be on the world and not their eternity. That is one reason revival has not come to this country as it will afterwards, when it is completely broken. There are still pockets here and there that have responded, places where graces were received. I rejoice in these and many of your prayers have been applied there and received into good soil.

"Stay alert. Stay prepared. Stay in My Presence and do not get drawn off or distracted, so that you are not constantly aware that at any minute it all could begin. I know it is tiring to keep this in the forefront of your mind, but you cannot afford to let it slide or to forget it. The warning dreams, visions and words are being sent out more intensely and closely together than ever before. We are on the last leg of the journey.

"I am with you. I will never leave or forsake you. No-one can snatch you out of My hand, and no one can overcome your soul, which belongs to Me.

"Please take heart, be strong, have courage. Your reward is not far off. Keep your eyes on your eternity with Me.

"I love you tenderly and am always taken by your beauty, My Brides."