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August 8, 2016

My dear family of Heartdwellers, I'm still wrapping my head around the Lord's last message. I know you are, too. Three years?!!

Someone remarked that I was not very thoughtful in my presentation of the Lord's message, in how much grief it might cause. Well, looking back, I have to agree with you. So, please forgive me. My problem is that I don't want to throw anyone off kilter by my bad reaction and I really needed to work through all my feelings before I addressed you.

I, too, was very disappointed...although I suspected Mercy might be the victor and He might give us more time. But yes, I really don't want to deal with this almost worn-out body. And I've been very lazy, sloppy and irresponsible in taking care of it, because I figured we'd be gone from here so soon, it doesn't make a difference. You know, putting the dentist off and that kind of thing?

As a result, I am more out of shape now than I have ever been and I'm having to work really hard to keep this temple going, so I can serve you. The LAST thing in the world I wanted to do was take time out of my day to exercise. But I don't have a choice now. I have to. Jesus gave me a personal message yesterday that I need to exercise, along with some major diet changes.

Carol, too, is feeling deep disappointment, because of her health. She was really looking forward to being free from her severe pain.

Many of you are living in painful bodies and circumstances and wondering how you are going to cope with another day - let alone three years. You are not alone. I took all day yesterday off from the messages just to deal with that very issue. The only answer I could find peace in, was that God would supply the grace we all need, to again our joy in His will for us.

There is much I want to do for the Lord and this gives me more time to accomplish it...even if it is in this old body. Somehow, He will have the victory over my emotions and fear of suffering.

Also, I've been arguing with God for a long time and have found out from doesn't do any good. Trying to change what I cannot control, fighting against it - just wears me out. So, really I have no other choice than to accept it with the plea, "God Help Us!!!"

And I can see, He is getting us ready for another climb up the mountain. He is teaching me spiritual warfare on a level I never even knew existed. I knew there was so much more, but what it was? I couldn't even guess. But as I learn more, I will share with you and we are going from glory to glory.

As to the condition of our wedding gowns, didn't we all suspect it? Didn't we all suspect we still had a few stains? I know I did. And He is revealing to me how glaringly obvious they are to the Courts of Heaven. When He began to bring up spiritual warfare and how open doors allow the demons to rush in, I realized: the only protection against them is Virtue. And I have a long way to go! Just how far I didn't know and to be honest? I think He's still hiding the whole truth from me, lest I throw my hands up in the air and give up. Not that that's an

But His Grace and Mercy are ALWAYS equal to the task, and in truth, if we trust Him, we will all get through this in flying colors. Lets pray for each other. This is a rough one. Your feedback on these pages really helps us all to see we are not alone. Although if you get an ugly p.m. from a troll, please ignore it.

At that point, Jesus began to speak, "My Brides, this is indeed a suffering, but we must not make light of it. What you are doing most literally is pulling fish out of the water every time you cast your rod. There are scores and scores of fish on the bank already, but you are continuing to catch them, one after the other."

And here, what I'd like to add - probably many of us are saying, "Well, HOW am I catching fish?" By living an obedient life. There is so much grace in your lives when you are obedient to the Lord - SO much grace. Even the littlest thing, like doing dishes, has virtue to it, and is used by the Lord. Every little act done in love and obedience has Virtue. And He will use it. And the more unpleasant it is to do? The greater the graces. And of course, add your prayers to that, and this all makes sense.

And when He said that, I saw a very deep pond with people all around the edge fishing, and pulling up a fish with every cast. But beyond the pond were oceans of water, and the fish from that ocean were being herded under the land into the pond. I can't help but think of ISIS driving them into the place where they could be saved.

Jesus continued, "ISIS never could have imagined the affect they would have on their own people. But I take what was meant for harm and turn it to My advantage. Instead of Hell filling up, Heaven is filling up - and those meant to stand for Sharia law in the rest of the world, are turning instead to Me and abandoning that culture of death. Those involved could never have calculated the number of conversions that would result from their brutality. But it is true that 'the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.' And I have ignored not even one human cry coming from this cesspool of evil.

"Nor is My arm short, for I am bringing a radical conversion out of this deadly sorrow. And you, My Brides, are bringing forth copious fruit by your cooperation with Me. 'Who has known the mind of the Lord that he could counsel Him?' Rom. 11:34

"Do not kick against the goad, do not take it out on the messengers, do not turn your backs on Me. This is My hour of Triumph and I long to share it with you who have been so faithful to pray and to live for Me and not just yourselves and your families.

"In Heaven, you will have much fruit because you once again shouldered your cross and followed Me all the way to Calvary. If you live to please your flesh, what have you in Heaven to look forward to? But if you die to yourself and follow Me, surely your resurrection will be glorious.

"In the meantime, I will take you from glory to glory as you learn the ways of darkness and respond by growing in virtue.

"Yes, I have told you many times about your sins. Some of you have even been guilt-ridden when you should have abandoned yourselves to My Mercy and forgiveness.

"But in this next season, we will truly see the fruits of discernment. And not so much discernment of the enemy's tactics, but discernment in what makes for true holiness, acceptable to Me and to Heaven. And to the Heavenly Citizens cheering you on.

"Out of the veil that separates us shall emerge the very substance of Heaven, as you are conditioned in grace and respond by growing in holiness. This is not for the faint hearted or those who want to hear the daily news and the latest prophetic utterance. This is for the Lovers who have laid down their lives for Me.

"I am calling you, My sweet Brides, because I want to promote you. I want to enlarge your territories and garland you 'round with spiritual gifts. But first, I must remove the wreckage of this life, the worn and battered vehicles of religion and man's concept of Who I Am."

At that moment I saw an auto junkyard filled with rusty, old, dilapidated remains of what was once shiny new cars.

"Many of you on this channel have longed for more and to go deeper - and that is precisely where I am taking you. And in the process, you will take your mind off yourselves and focus on the bigger picture: the millions who yet have a chance to gain entry into Heaven. Many of these Muslims are devout souls, very devout and sensitive about offending their god. When I make them My own, they will become vessels unto honor, because they will honor Me with greater reverence than those in the Western Cultures.

"They will be eternally grateful for being delivered from evil and added to the Kingdom of Righteousness. Eternally grateful for being saved from a certain Hell. And many great evangelists will emerge from among them.

"So, I am calling you now to run the Race without faltering. You are needed for the building up of My kingdom on Earth. Whoever serves, serve as unto the Lord. Whoever preaches, prepare your minds for action. Whoever comforts, do not grow lax in lavishing love on others. Whoever supports, be faithful in supporting. Whoever among you who cares to serve Me, but still has not discerned their purpose in life - do everything out of a motive of love and absolutely nothing out of selfish ambition, and you will discover your mission.

"Soon enough, you will be adept at curtailing the works of darkness in your own lives and helping others to comprehend that their battle is not against flesh and blood. Soon, you will approach the altar of sacrifice with holy and pure hearts, finding great consolation in Me, everyday - whether it be a day of rejoicing or a day of mourning.

"If you obey and put your hand to the plough without turning back, you will be swimming at greater depths and the superficial storms will no longer toss you to and fro. You will love and forgive in even the most difficult circumstances. You will live in Me and I will live in you. John 14

"Come now to My bosom and rest your head here, for I wish to reward you for your faithfulness. We are moving forward into a new Day with a bright and glorious future! Prepare your hearts for action, leave the regrets and failures of the past. Even those, I have used to prepare you for this hour. Draw close to Me and drink from the Living Waters of My Heart.

"I am well pleased with you for loving Me enough to resolve to forsake yourself and live only for Me."