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August 20, 2016

Our Precious Lord Jesus is with us, Heartdwellers.

Today in worship the Lord was bringing up all our songs, both Ezekiel's and mine. Every one that we've done. And it was beautiful, because very often I don't think much of what I've been given in a song, and then to come back and have that song chosen by the Lord in the playing order, because we have it on "shuffle" and ask Holy Spirit to choose the songs. To have that very song come back and minister to ME...really, really illuminates the purpose of the songs and how important they are.

And one thing the Lord quickened to me today about music is that you can write a letter and reach one person. And that is important. But you can write a song and reach a thousand - or ten thousand with the same message.

So, that's part of our ministry and that's something that we're going to be continuing to work on. Especially as soon as I get the portrait done!

Many times we feel compromised, because we love to correspond with all of you. And yet we are also called to receive these songs from Heaven and turn them into a gift that will reach thousands of souls. What a precious gift this is to all involved!

And as I entered into the songs, the Lord chose one of Terry MacAlmon's "Holy Is Your Name" - which is a beautiful worship song. And I saw that Jesus and I were dancing in a ballroom. It was a formal affair, and I was wearing the same dress, the very same dress, I wore to the Prom when I was 16. He made a point of the fact that it was indeed that dress. He was wearing a black tuxedo, and my heart was in a place of worship as we danced to that song. The room was filled with others as well. I would guess they were all dancing with their Jesus.

I began to get impressions as we were dancing. Things I wanted to say after His message yesterday about the elderly. Which I'm...approaching. Being 70.

He quipped, "You're doing it again! You're reading My Mind." He smiled.

And I quipped back, 'Does not Scripture say to put on the mind of Christ?'

He smiled, "Well said."

I had the best teacher! (Meaning Holy Spirit)

He said, "Indeed you do. Please share that, what's on your heart. It truly is in My heart and mind for My weary ones to hear. They need a regeneration of thinking, a new perspective."

Very simply, I saw clearly that even those of us with many years, 60 and above, are still fresh and fully equipped to go out into the world and be a force for good. He is showing us how we were at the prom, because that is the way we most quickly equate with our beginning years, as being young adults and starting out. We are not all shriveled up in nursing homes. We are alive and full of spiritual vitality and the ability to guide and pray powerfully for those without the anointing of experience that years of life bring with it.

He is showing us the prom because that is who we truly are to Him, both on Earth and in Heaven. We are only just beginning, dear ones. We have what the younger generation needs desperately. We have the ability to see through the loopholes of materialism, greed and sensuality and pray for young mothers and fathers who are still walking in the ways of the world.

Jesus began again, "Why do you suppose, My Loved ones, that you are but 33 in Heaven?? Have I not restored to you the years the locust has devoured? Are you not eternally beautiful to Me, forever at the peak of creation, the very crowning glory of My creation? Have you not lived for Me and given up the world for Me? How then shall I see you - weary and full of years, worn out... or full of life and vigor? Not what the world calls vigor, rather what I call vigor: Holy Virtue, a heart beating for Me, a heart of gold, forever stunning in beauty in Heaven."

In that moment, I went to look up the word "locust" and my browser opened to a rhema:

"Vocation (Calling) today means also to understand the hard but stupendous mission of the church, now more than ever engaged in teaching man his true nature, his end, his fate, and in revealing to the faithful the immense riches of the charity of Christ." That was the quote. And I believe this is from Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

But how perfectly it underscores the glorious riches that await us in Heaven. Not the least of which is a new body, which all of us are going to be happy to have! And the truth and reality of who we are before God right now in this moment. We are this beauty celebrating our coming out into the world, even as we celebrated when we were young at the prom. But now rather than fulfilling a worldly and fleshly agenda, we seek to fulfill the will of God.

Jesus began again, "I want you to know, My Brides, that you in this moment are more capable of fulfilling My will for you than ever before in your lives. You may be in your 80's but you still carry that spark of love and light for Me. And that spark can catch a whole forest on fire. One little spark can destroy acres and acres of darkness. That is your calling: to be one little spark in this world. That one word you speak to a young one in turmoil and confusion may be what is needed to burn away the darkness in his life and set his feet on the right course.

"That one prayer you say for him may be the very key to Heaven and eternal life. Because you have lived so long among the futility of men, you do not have a real concept of the power of prayer. Everything of consequence in the world's eyes that has been presented to you is a big endeavor: expensive, elaborate and powerful by the world's standards.

"But look at My beginnings. Was I not just a voice, a gentle voice, calling out in love to My creation to come to My banqueting table? Can you put a price tag on the Sermon on the Mount? Out in the hills, sitting on the grass. A natural amphitheater, lighting from the sun. A simple teaching that was given which changed the course of mankind and shattered the religious stranglehold the ruling elite of their day had on simple men and women.

"One healing - a woman touching My garment - and an unclean woman at that! Healed, and all around her had their eyes and hearts opened to the true character of their God. I did not beat the woman for touching Me, although the law would have proscribed that. No, I came to fulfill the heart of the law: love. But it was done so simply, through one touch. No amphitheaters, no choirs, lights, camera, action!!! etc. etc.

"No, only a simple word, 'Take courage, Daughter, your faith has healed you.' And her suffering of 12 years was brought to an end, and all who beheld it were healed of their blindness. Their spiritual blindness.

"This is the power in you, the elderly and infirm, this is what you have in your very hands. This word, this prayer you speak has the power to change the course of history for but one soul and perhaps beyond. Because when that soul changes, he changes all around him and the next generation as well.

"You have no concept of the power I have entrusted to you. Did not the young man, Nathan in Israel, who had the near death experience - describe the infinite value of mitzvah? Good deeds done purely for the motive of pleasing Me. And that is the character of what you have to offer in these your last years on Earth. You have lived through the passions of youth, done the foolish things that go with inexperience in life. You see clearly the traps that have been laid before these in the world, when they come on the channel and leave their comments.

"My Brides, you are just as beautiful and powerful now as you were the day of your prom. In fact, now you are adorned with the priceless jewels of wisdom that only years of experience and suffering can bestow on you.

"And I have given you an audience - a place where troubled souls are drawn looking for answers. Adopt them, make them your own sons and daughters. Commit to praying for them and staying in touch, being there to give them a shoulder to cry on. What good does it do for you to fill up on worship if you are not pouring it forth on others? It does no good. And how can I pour more healing anointing upon you, when you have not emptied your vessels on others?

"You have been cowed and discouraged by a society that honors not the wisdom of years. But I have anointed you and given you this mandate: go and bind up the lonely, hurting and confused. Pray for them. Speak a word in season over their situation. Follow up on this word. Keep track of the names of souls that you touch, save the conversations so you can refresh your minds as to what their situation was.

"You have seen how Satan has used technology. Well, now you shall see how I use it - one by one, to convert the lost, comfort the aching and direct the young and inexperienced in their life course. Yes, I have handed you a very powerful tool and opened to you a huge audience of seekers. Make good use of it. Make Me proud of you. I will increase your vigor and wisdom as you pour yourself out on others.

"Reach out to those around you who are full of years. Encourage them to join in this last-days battle. They, too, can be part of this army filled with wisdom. Even just laying in bed, unable to move about - bring the broken hearts to them and ask for their prayers. Oh, how powerful are the prayers of those who suffer illnesses and immobility! How powerful! Only, you must convince them that they, too, have a pivotal role to play when they lay at the center of the hub of the wheel, their prayers reach out to all the spokes.

"These who are lying in bed languishing have been derailed in their purpose to build up My Kingdom. They've been lied to that they are worthless, of no importance, unable to do anything. Oh, how great this lie is! A terrible travesty and the author of it is none other than the Father of Lies, because he fears that these will pray and bring his kingdom down, thwart his purpose of dragging the young ones to Hell.

"But I am appealing to you, My Brides, to convince them otherwise. They have the powerful weapon of Simon's Cross, which they can wield from that wheelchair, from that bed. But you must convince them and engage them in the work. Will you do this for Me? Will you cultivate warriors to stand with you for those who are perishing?

"I call upon you, My Brides, because there is a great army lying dormant, wasting away with nothing to live for. And you can offer them this great commission to pray behind you and even rise up and learn to use the Internet and be a part of what you are doing.

"Thank you, My faithful ones. You, I am calling to restore hope and meaning to these lives by their simple prayers, and to continue to carry that spark that will set the forest of darkness on fire and bring My lost ones into the light for eternity. You are My choice instruments, and with you I will do valiantly."