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August 30, 2016

The Lord has gone before us, Heartdwellers. And He's instructing us on how to fight off the attacks that are coming against the Body at this time. Really, very vicious attacks on relationships, to cause confusion and miscommunication. It's been unleashed on the whole world.

And a lot of people are finding themselves right now in the depths of misunderstanding and strife, not knowing really how it came about. But He really doesn't want us to be ignorant. He really wants us to understand what we're up against.

So, this is a message about that. The demons have been sent on assignment to twist words and distort meanings and intentions. Even people who are best of friends and normally communicate really well are coming up against misunderstandings that have no basis.

In your dealings with others, please understand that you are in a war that has been planned to derail relationships and stop your forward motion. We are having to be ever so careful in what we think or say, because the Lord is holding us to a much higher standard of virtue now.

In your heart attitude and thinking...way before any words are formed with your lips, be meticulous about humility and charity. And don't be surprised if the person you are talking with completely misinterprets or misunderstands what you have just said.

Don't try to be right, just love the other person, treat them with respect and do your best to clarify what you meant, rather than the inflammatory perception they have of what you said, which may indeed be something you weren't even thinking!

Well, that's what happened to Ezekiel and I yesterday. We got crosswise in misunderstanding. And instead of me being meek, apologizing and laying down with it, I protested and it got worse. Oh, boy...! That took quite a nasty chunk out of our day. We prayed and made up and I went to bed, exhausted. Ezekiel was led to stay up and work on music. But during his evening prayers, something rose up in him. For all these years we've been cowed by the enemy and the spoils he has taken from us. But the enemy got it last night. These last few attacks were just the last straw.

The Lord Jesus rose up in Ezekiel and He sternly rebuked the Devil for the havoc he has been causing in families and even with Heartdwellers and those who are seeking a deeper relationship with God. He reminded him of his future in the lake of fire and that there would be no water to quench his thirst. The Lord took over during this encounter and just railed on him. It was truly a supernatural moment. And the Devil was paralyzed in place and forced to listen to Him.

Wow! That was pretty amazing! By the way, he's doing really well with his music and the substantial healing he received. He's doing really, really well. So, thank you again for your prayers.

Well, when I opened my e-mails there was a word from Lana Vawser that absolutely nailed what's going on. This is what she had to say.

"I saw encounters with Jesus upon God's people that is seeing the release of a DIVINE CLINCHER into their lives and circumstances." 


DEFINITION OF CLINCHER: fact, argument, or event that settles a matter conclusively. Wow, that's just what happened last night.


"I saw these encounters being so momentous and transforming, and so profound where God's people experience His power on an unprecedented level and there is sudden breakthrough and victory."

Exactly what happened! 


"In the middle of these encounters, I saw a very large hammer being brought down by the hand of God upon chains, and assignments of the enemy upon believers, upon injustices and upon impossibilities. And as the hammer met with these intense, pressure-filled situations, I heard the loudest cracking sound in the spirit and I heard the words 'DIVINE CLINCHER'. 


"The sense of finality surrounded me. The 'end of the story'. The end of the assault, onslaught and injustice. The sense surrounded me again of the Warrior King, the Dread Champion arising (Jeremiah 20:11) and bringing a FINAL BREAKING THROUGH that sent the enemy running in dread. Where he has come time after time to bring dread and such onslaught against believers who are moving forward and taking ground, the Lord was fighting for them and bringing an end to these vicious attacks."

Wow! Amen! Say "amen" so I can hear you, to all of us who've been under these vicious attacks! 


"From this place of encounter, I saw the people of God rising up as dread champions and moving out: courageous, bold, fearless and with such authority and creating havoc for the kingdom of darkness through the incredible move of the Spirit and Glory of God rising on them and through them."

Wow, guys, this is exactly what happened to Ezekiel last night - to the LETTER! 


"The enemy has tried to take many of you out lately. He has tried to kill many of you, " she continues. "He has come again viciously to attempt to steal from you. BUT encounters with Jesus are before you that are SO PROFOUND and GLORIOUS that will see the Dread Champion arise on your behalf with a hammer in His hand to strike that which has come against you and release a DIVINE FINALITY."

Wow...I wouldn't want to be on the other side right now! 


"Many of you have felt you have been in this season of absolute onslaught."


"We have been in a season of confrontation, but He has been working in you and deepening your roots in Him. And now there is a great turning taking place, from the season of onslaught to the greater accelerated spirit-driven and empowered SOAR!"


You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

And that's the end of her message.

So I came into prayer and I said, "Lord, those are some wonderful words from Lana Vawser, and so timely!"

Jesus began, "She is truly My prophet and seer and has a wonderfully unique mission of encouragement, just as you do. You see, My people, when you are authentic, you shine with a special anointing, shining brightly in the darkness. When you try to imitate others, you are like old, stale bread. When you cooperate with My grace, your uniqueness shines in the darkest places bringing light, understanding and resolution.

"That is what I am doing right now with My Body. Do not imitate the ministry of others, rather be uniquely who I created you to be. There is a place in the Body for all of you. A place uniquely your own. And when you fulfill that place, you bring completion to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, while fulfilling dreams you didn't even know you had. Those who seek Me with all their hearts, find Me; and those who have given Me their whole hearts bring Me to others in a powerful and un-duplicate-able way.

"I am also calling you, My children, right now to take ground from the devils. You have My Name as your authority. And as you work on personal holiness - and it increases - you gain more and more authority in My Kingdom.

"Stand up to these cowards. Speak out, I am with you and I will arise from within you. Ezekiel had his fill. What is your fill? When will you get to the point where you say 'Enough!! No more!!' and draw the line, ready to defend it?

"Yes, there is virtue in suffering but there is no room for cowards in My Kingdom. You must arise and come forth in righteousness, not allowing the enemy to walk all over you. When My righteous indignation arises in you, rise to the occasion and draw the line. Stand up and be the warrior for righteousness I have called you to be.

"There is a new standard being raised now for all Christians. A new clarion call going out. This is a time of pressing in and gaining ground for the Kingdom; putting the enemy to flight, causing casualties in the spiritual realms of darkness. You must contend with the enemy for new ground, for healing, for justice. No longer can you sit back and embrace the victim mentality. Rather, now you are the aggressor against the wiles of the devils and you're not giving up nor are you giving away any territory. Rather, you are pressing in and taking territory from the wicked ones.

"Do not be cowed. Rather, arise and see My Glory all around you as that hammer comes down and smashes the strongholds of the past in your life and the lives of your loved ones. As you arise, My Glory descends upon and all around you. Be not afraid - rather make the enemy afraid of you. As you contend, I shall display My Power on your behalf.

"Go on the offensive and be courageous. My power is perfected in your weakness and no weapon formed against you will prosper. Rather, put the enemy on the run and declare your new territory."

And that was the end of His message.

I'd like to say that I'm feeling this call from the Lord to stand up and take ground. And I'm normally a very gentle and passive person, but I can see the Lord is asking us now to really stand up against this. Against the evil that the enemy has put on Christians and Christian communities and Christian marriages. It's really time to put him to flight. And I have to tell you, I'm gonna have to work hard to get that mentality, because it's just not my mentality.

Unless I'm a mother and you get me angry. If it's an innocent animal or a child, and you get me angry - watch out! lol... So, I guess that's the thing He's going to have to stir up in me.

Now, I also want to take a minute here and thank those of you who have cared for us. Your prayers and support have allowed us to pour our whole being into this ministry. All of you around the world who continue to support us every month have made it possible for helpers to come in and take some of my work load, correspondence and other things, so I can devote more to you and to music and to art. By the way, that portrait is ALMOST done...

And the Lord has been calling us to radio because there are so many more we could reach who are shut-ins, or people that are out in the boonies. And we could reach them through the radio. So, that's a new calling that the Lord is asking us to go out after.

I know the Lord will reward you for your faithfulness, and I am especially touched when Heartdwellers in impoverished countries take the time and the sacrifice to send just a tiny donation. My heart absolutely melts when I see that and I wish I could reach across the Atlantic and just hug you! Thank you so much.

These sacrifices you are making for this ministry - some of you faithfully every week even - has caused us to cut way back to a very minimal personal lifestyle, so that we can also put a little aside for the elderly and poor in the community and do justice to your donation by keeping our lifestyle really simple and making do when needs come up.

For instance, Ezekiel's computer is a used dinosaur and when we asked the Lord if we could save up for another and better Mac, He asked us to make do with what we have. And to be honest with you, I didn't want to spend money on that anyway, if we did have it. Because there are too many people in Taos, in this area, single moms and single dads. Widowers. That are really, really hurting right now. We try to keep their lights and electricity on whenever we can.

We have a volunteer who mends our clothing and another who who helps when the necessity for a small project comes up. So, we keep it so, so simple. We are doing everything in our power to live the life Jesus lived with very little and give our all to the ministry and give our excess to the poor when we have it, and those who come to us with dire needs.

So, please know that your kindness is being extended to the poor in the community and even some around the world that get into desperate situations - when we can, we help.

Thank you again for caring. And may the Lord bless and keep you in constant awareness of His loving presence with you.