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September 2, 2016

Preparation: Blessed Holy Spirit, I come before You as a child still learning; please teach me to see and hear You clearly. Please search my heart, and help me to repent and direct these prayers so they are effective. Please reveal to me the doors I have opened. Jesus, please remove them with their demons to the abyss and help me to sin no more. (Open doors: did I pass judgment or criticize in my heart or mind, falsely accuse, gossip or cast a slur? Did I steal, cheat or lie, spend money meant for other things, take something that belonged to another? Did I covet, over-eat or lust, or listen to something sinful? Did I disrespect my spouse or parents? Was I arrogant and proud, did I disobey You? Forgive Me, Lord, and deliver me from evil.)

Father, I forgive and bless from my heart those people who have chosen to be our enemies, and pray that Your love would heal and convert them. "Forgive them for they know not what they do." Guide me so I am not the cause of another man's sin, but a blessing, leading them to You.

As a child of Almighty God, Elohim, I call upon the Holy Ministering and Warring Angels to pray these prayers with me, and the Mighty Warring Angels to enforce them. I declare the word "US" to include our Angels, my husband & I, our children, our pets and staff, Heartdwellers and all our works for the Lord. In the Sovereign Name of Jesus Christ the King, I block all retaliation against us, our spiritual & physical children & volunteers. I cover us all with the blood of Jesus and request strong angelic protection and Holy Spirit guidance for each of us.

Deliverance: In the authority of the Sovereign Name of Jesus, I command every demon working against us to be bound. Release us, and go to the Abyss, never to return. Every Energy Vampire demon, I bind you in Jesus' Name. Return what you have stolen from us and go to the Abyss, never to return or send replacements. Evil forces against us: energy corrals, blocks, walls - come down, in the Name of Jesus, King of Kings. I disable those who have created these, their leaders, backup, and forces of retaliation in Jesus' Name and call upon the Warring Angels to dispatch them to the Pit, never to be released.

In the authority of the Name above all Names, Jesus the Christ, I cancel all permissions for oppression against US. I break and forever disable every evil: inter-dimensional, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental connection to US, including all written words, likenesses, or representations. x3 I break and disable every assignment, projection, link, cloak, curse, hex, evil wish, spell, seal, restraint, devilish wile, and stronghold against us, in the authority of Jesus' Name.x3 It is written: 'No weapon formed against US will prosper.' I pray that what You do allow, we will conquer with Your grace. Jesus, I trust in You.

Protection: Lord, please send Your Holy Angels to stand guard and make a complete sweep, removing every demon and evil practitioner from our space and this property. Block every projection, disable every cursed object, device of evil, and intercept every force aimed at US, fortifying and making impenetrable the globe of angelic protection surrounding US, wherever we go. With the Blood of Jesus, I seal off every portal: air, earth, fire, water and inter-dimensional on this property. Please send Your Holy Angels to stand guard and stop our enemies or cursed objects and forces of evil from entering. Holy Spirit, please quicken truth and block the enemy's attempts to confuse, sow lies and discord. Thank you, Holy Angels, for enforcing these prayers. Lord deliver US from evil, silence all tormenting voices, the tyranny of memories and sever the cords and projections of the wicked.

Healing From Our Sins and Attacks: Holy Spirit would you please pass over us: spirit, soul and body with Your Glory and increase our love for God and for others. Heal and restore our mind, faith, memory, health, vigor, endurance, focus, courage, peace and joy to the places the enemy, the world and our own flesh have defiled. Lord, what you have not restored, we offer to You for the work of converting the lost, and the healing and conversion of every worker of inequity.

The Glory: Lord, I humbly ask you to fortify, sustain and bless mightily our angels in their battles against evil. Release the Glory and protection that You sent with Your People, Israel - fire in the midst of them wherever they went and restore seven-fold all the enemy has stolen from US.

Favor: I speak Divine and Supernatural favor with God and man, Double favor, Additional favor, Abundant favor and Extended favor over our angels, over US and our "works" for the Lord.

Jesus, I trust in You x3