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October 13, 2014

Welcome, Youtube Family. The Lord is given me a message that He asked me to share with you. The title of the message is, "The Tide Is Turning." It refers to a more responsive climate of the Bride to the whole idea of the Rapture and to getting her own house in order.

It begins: "I don't know how long this turnaround is going to last, but take advantage of it, and work while you have the light. Thank you for catching yourself and repenting on the spot."

I caught myself, as an aside, I caught myself interiorly having a disrespectful attitude. And the minute I realized, I asked the Lord to forgive me and give me the grace not to have any such attitude in my heart. And the reason I'm sharing that with you is because this message begins to bleed over to Healthy Marriages and Happy Marriage. And it has to do with attitudes of the heart.

"Thank you for catching yourself and repenting on the spot. I can't tell you how very vital and important that is. You close the door in the face of demons when you do that. Someday, perhaps soon, I want to talk about what Gossip does to a marriage. I want people to know how the enemy uses this to destroy harmony in the home, and increased divorces. It's rampant, even in My Body. This is one of the fatal flaws of My Bride-to-be. As long as she engages in gossip, her relationships are at risk, and I cannot bless her on her way with a greater anointing or greater work for Me. To know this is to have the weapons to close the door in at least 75% of marital turmoil."

Wow - that's huge!! 75% of marital turmoil and the Lord's going to go into detail here!

"Understand, it's not the issues that cause the turmoil," He continued. "As much as it is the attitudes and twisted communication lines of the demons that cause the problems. Yes, money is an issue, and couples do have trouble working on how to spend it. But I assure you, they would have far less trouble if they hadn't opened the door to spirits of Dissention and Jealousy that work works of iniquity in the hearts and minds of spouses. Who also, by the way, twist the meaning of words from the mouth of the one to the ears of the other. So much of this could have been avoided, if only they would refuse to judge others. 'As you judge, so shall you be judged.' And you have seen how virulent that could get."

And, taking a moment here to explain what He just said, yes, we have. We're going on 25 years of married life, and I can tell you the first ten years were really hard. I didn't know if we were going to survive. But we knew the Lord had brought us together, so that gave us the courage to survive. Later on in the relationship, probably 15 years into the relationship, we really, really, really found the secret of keeping the peace. And at least, as He said, 75% of the cases - and that is, when a husband and wife get together and start talking about other people behind their back. The Lord lifts His covering from us and allows demons to come in and sift us. And I cannot stress enough how much of a truth this is.

As you go through your week, you might kind of keep an eye on what's going on. If you speak a negative word about anyone, keep a watch out for the backlash. Because, I assure you, there's going to be backlash when you judge someone else or you talk about them.

He continued, "So much of this could be avoided if only they refused to judge others. 'As you judge, so shall you be judged.' And you have seen how virulent that could get. Jealously, bickering backbiting, scorn, contempt, attitudes of non-cooperation - all of this comes from the evil ones. This is why humility is SO important."

Lord, I'd love to share with people all you've done and shown us.

"This is a very hurting world and many on the Internet are there because they're alienated from their spouses and they're looking for relationship. Not necessarily with the opposite sex, but some kind of meaningful, non-bickering relationships. Just someone who understands and who they can share with."

And that, I have to say, is a dangerous place to be. Because if we start getting intimate with anyone else about our problems, we begin to form a bond that can so easily turn into adultery and the end of a marriage.

"As far as delays in the Rapture, there is hope for some turnarounds. There are signs of new life. I'm not taking back what I said, there's still much resistance to holiness and circumcision - but I do see some response. There's movement in the right direction. And yes, the film is going to have an impact."

When He said that to me, I was just thinking about "Left Behind" with Nicolas Cage that was just released last week.

"So you see," He continued. "No Rapture yet. At least I don't see it. Yet, the decision is not in my hands, but in the Father's. One thing you know well, and that is He is merciful."

I replied to the Lord, "Lord, everyone thought you should have come for us in 2000, and then 2012 and you didn't. We're still waiting. If you had come in THAT year, remembering the state of my soul - I was still compromising with my time and taking a little for myself. Still negative and judgmental. I might have been the virgin who ran out of oil if You had come then."

"Well said, My Bride. Yes, there is a chance that you could have been left behind. May I say, many of My Brides are blind to their faults. They are not going deep enough in discerning what displeases Me. Yes, My Spirit is at work in their conscience, but some refuse to get a firm grip on habits that do NOT glorify Me, but work iniquity in the Body. Gossip and judgment are HUGE. Some find it hard to stop. May I say that is impossible to stop without My Grace that comes from intimacy with Me? Without deep intimacy, without you knowing Me, you will not have the courage to stop deeply ingrained, destructive habits in My Body that everyone accepts as the norm. Criticizing, gossiping and backbiting are NOT the norm - they are noxious sins that rise up to Heaven in testimony against a soul. They create breaks in the covering I give My servants, and breaks let the enemy in for a sifting. "The bridle and bit need to turn hearts towards me, and My feelings for My Bride. It is as you've said before: the father of a retarded child does not want to be told what's wrong with the child, but what is good and hopeful."

As an aside, when the Lord said "their noxious sins"...we've got a little metaphor, we call it the "dirty diaper" syndrome. When there's a piece of news that's dirty, it's like, "Hey, let's take that out of the trash can, open it up and poke around a little bit." It's really gross. And Heaven really responds to it by turning away heads and not wanting to breath the air - the very air that we're spewing out. Gossip about others or criticizing others. I want to share with you - these insights that I'm sharing with you about, they've come about hard won. It's taken me a long time to realize these destructive habits at work in our marriage and in our personal lives.

Okay - the Lord continues. "In just this way, I want those who say they have a heart - they have MY hear for others, to begin looking for ways to build up not tear down those who are defenseless. And everyone is defenseless when you are talking behind their backs. To defend and build up is the sign of My love working in a soul. This is a sign that the soul has yielded to My habitation in their hearts. They are working with Me, not against Me."

Well, two things I want to say about that. Here the Lord is saying, "May I say it is impossible to stop without My grace, and that comes from intimacy with me." I'd like to say that you can NOT over estimate the importance of a really deep, intimate relationship with the Lord. A place where your hearts become one, where you are in love with the Lord. Without this bond, and this kind intimacy there are a lot of things that are sins that are hidden from us. I've noticed on the Youtubes not too many people are interested in intimacy. "Fear of Intimacy with God" is one of our teachings, and we're not getting as much interest in that as we are in dreams and visions and dreams of the Rapture. And that tells me something. People are more interested in the more sensational subjects. But the subjects that are hard to tackle, like intimacy with the Lord and being His Bride and communicating with Him - they tend to shy away from that. And I want to encourage all of you - please don't shy away from that. That is so important to your sanctity and ultimately on whether you're qualified to be taken in the Rapture.

I want to take another moment and say that these are some of the attributes of the Bride. I said that I was going to begin a series on what the Bride looks like, what her attributes are. And this issue about Gossip and Backbiting, or building up others and praying for them - this is one of the issues that defines who the Bride is. The Bride will not engage in deprecating words. You know, the things that go on on the Internet - on Youtubes for instance - there is so much backbiting and criticism of other ministers and other people. And that's a shame, because they're undoing their own grace when they do that. When we criticize other people, we are the ones who are suffering. Yes, that other person suffers, but we are the ones who are really suffering, because it causes alienation from the Lord. It's our choice. It's our choice to please Him in our thoughts and our words and to work on these things - or to let it go and don't pay any attention to it, and just do what the world accepts as normal. And it's NOT normal in Heaven - "let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven." Gossip - it does not exist in Heaven. Judging and Criticizing does not exist in Heaven. What does exist in Heaven, are the saints making excuses for each other - although in Heaven, we tend to be perfect. But what does exist in Heaven is charity. And charity covers a multitude of sins.

I'd like to move on from that. "As you know the wounded wound," the Lord said. "There is no other solution for the Body than to stop wounding, or the cycle will never be broken. When the soul is intimately bound to Me, and knows Me, not only do I heal them with My love - but they feel the grief I feel when a deprecating word is spoken about another. The Body is eating itself alive. This truly must stop if the soul wants to be in Heaven with Me. Rancor, jealousy and bitterness cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

"One sign of those who are to be Raptured is the refusal to speak negatively about anyone, and their genuine charity towards the faults of others, even and especially when they are the victims of that fault. I don't care how many prayer meetings, church services, good works, tithes, or healings and miracles they work - if they are critical and judgmental, they will not be taken."

Oh, Lord - we all have these tendencies in that direction. How then can anyone be saved?

"My daughter, My Bride - what is not possible with man is possible with God if attention is poured into the intimate relationship with Me. You see, when a soul enters this holy of holies, they become One with Me, and through communion, one flesh as well. And this place is so sweet that they learn not to do anything to rob them of this sweetness. They can feel Me recoil in pain when they are critical of another. This hurts them, too."

I would like to bear witness to that. And I'd also like to say that ultimately it's up to the Lord as to who is going to be taken and who isn't. But a terribly bitter and gossiping person is really, really on the very edge and I would be afraid to be that person when the Rapture comes. That would scare me to be in that position. But there have been times, even since I've known better, when I've slipped and said something negative, or allowed something negative to be said about another - and I can feel the grief in my heart. I can feel that this offended the Holy Spirit. And it causes me to want to really stop! And not just stop doing it with my mouth, or listening with my ears - but to stop that interior attitude that finds fault with other people.

"Soon they realize they mustn't allow themselves that sin anymore if they want the sweet relationship with Me. THEN the work begins to break the bad habit pattern. Those will be taken because they are committed to putting a stop to this sin, no matter what they have to do. All I ask is cooperation, not perfection. Perfection is My job - perfecting what I have begun. Just cooperation and a willful decision to put a stop to it.

"And this is where pride and presumption are glaringly obvious. Anyone who judges another is suffering from a

case of viral Pride. The only antidote is My love for that soul. When they are immersed in My love, it washes away the bitterness that caused the Pride to have a foothold. Love truly does conquer all. That is why I say holiness is not possible without this relationship with Me. The Scriptures say, 'Depart from Me, I never knew you.' To 'know' has profound implications, even as it is written about My mother, 'I do not know a man', meaning the most intimate relationship has not been consummated. That intimacy comes when a soul is totally broken and yielded to Me - they have given Me unconditional access to the helm of their ship. They have totally abandoned themselves to Me, or at least made the willful decision to pursue that objective. That is when I come to know them, and they to know Me. Then I shall say to them: Come, enter into your Master's Joy."

Lord, please protect me from this viral Pride that has resulted in my foolish attitudes and decisions of the past.

He answered me, "Don't grow discouraged. There is much hop. Much hope indeed. And let this be a message to all: I AM the perfector of your ways. Lean on Me, Trust Me and I will accomplish it."

Amen. That's the end of the message. God bless you, Youtube family. Pray for us, we pray for you every day.