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November 19, 2016

The Lord bless you, Heartdwellers.

Well, I'm praying for tremendous wisdom right now. We have situations, spiritually, all over the world where CERN has opened certain doors. And because of the shortness of time, Satan's angry and he's released a LOT of demons.

And in response to the attacks that we've gotten on the Channel, the Lord has brought us several intercessors who are knowledgeable about these things and who He is training presently, that have fresh knowledge, fresh understanding.

And I wanted to share with you tonight an interview that was done with Dr. Sherry Steinhoff, from NYC. She's worked for Sloan Kettering, other hospitals in NYC. She had her own private practice. She was an Emergency Room doctor, Radiologist. Has done so many different things. And has a real gift for diagnostics - just knows something, or she'd remember something from medical school. And even at that time, she believes that Holy Spirit was working through her.

She's Jewish, a completed Jew. She received the Lord as her Savior, as a matter of fact, on this Channel. And I've been in touch with her ever since. And the Lord graced her with some tremendous gifts. She has such a hunger for God, like I've never seen before. And He does amazing things with her! As an intercessor, she'll come down with a case of leukemia and she KNOWS what it is - she knows exactly what it is, knows all the symptoms. And she'll carry that for a week or two or three weeks, or four weeks - and then all of a sudden, it'll leave. Or she'll have strokes and all of a sudden she'll be healed. And she'll have heart attacks, and then she'll be healed. And the Lord speaks to her very clearly.

She struggles against familiar spirits. There's NO one who communicates the Lord that doesn't get plagued with familiar spirits - she's learned some very good techniques for recognizing the Lord and what isn't the Lord. But Holy Spirit taught her so much, Jesus and the Father have taught her so much.

And I wanted to share with you an interview I had this evening. It's very important to us, guys, because we've got seeds of bitterness, all of us do. And every single time we lose our temper, we get these things. And they lodge in our bodies, they have an impact on our health.

We've known for a long time that temperamental issues affect our health - that's kind of a no-brainer. But understanding the actual dynamics of it, where it comes from, how it's utilized by the enemy and how to rid ourselves of it. These are the things I didn't know. And thanks to what the Lord is teaching Sherry, we've learned some amazing things about the dynamics of these seeds of bitterness, about curses, hexes, spells - seeing life-long oppressions lifting from people's lives and them going on with their lives.

Amazing, just amazing! A much greater understanding of what these things are. And I've seen some miracles. I've seen some incredible miracles physically - myself and other people that were just extraordinary. And they were done strictly through spiritual warfare. And I've seen and experienced personally how the Father Abba and Holy Spirit and Jesus all work together to heal the body, mind and the heart.

So, I wanted to share this with you tonight, because before anything happens, we have to repent before the Lord. If we're praying for healing, we need to repent. If we're praying spiritual warfare for deliverance, we need to repent. We have to go in clean. And "Show me, oh God, my secret sins or the sins that I'm not aware of. Show them to me." And that's what I spend time with every morning, and it's having a wonderful effect on my spiritual life, even though it's rough! It's rough seeing those things sometimes, but they have to come out!

And physically I feel better, because of it. I have more energy and sleep better, so I want to share that with you, what she told me this evening. We talked about it and I said, "I better record this for our Heartdwellers, because this is SO important. And you can say it better than I can."

I'll share with you now my interview with Dr. Sherry Steinhoff.

I wanted to mention to you that we are using an alias similar to her own name in order to protect her privacy.

C: You started out by saying that not everyone can speak in tongues, and you said that these seeds of frustration and anger - that you don't have to do anything but feel just a little bit of that, and then BANG - you've got one.

And you said that because they don't have the Baptism of Holy Spirit, they can't pray them out? How does that work?

S: Well, they can't pray in tongues (to get them out.) Because Holy Spirit has the ability, and knows exactly what to do. So, those of us who are ignorant, maybe feeling faulty about our intention, we're not sure what to do - He just knows how to do everything, He just goes and does it. So, I learned by watching Him, and I certainly wouldn't have known until the Lord gave me the gift of tongues and I could understand what was being said. You know, I could get the picture, but I - it's not like I understood what was being said.

So, now I realize that this same process is repeated, actually now, over everyone we pray. We begin at the heart. Everybody, no matter what their problem, He begins with their heart first. And you know how many times I have to clean myself up just because it's inappropriate to be a vessel that's filled with bitterness. And all it takes is, for example - they were having difficulty processing credit cards, because the order for the homeless was too big. And they didn't know what to do with such a big order. And I was thinking, "Oh, help me, Lord!" and I simply said, "You know? Lord - that's ridiculous, 'cause if You want me to have this, You're gonna give it to me, and I'm just a mess!" So, I felt much better, but I had that moment of panic or concern that it wasn't going to happen, and got seeds, got spirits of Irritation, Frustration, Fear, Agitation. All from a 10 minute phone call with an online store.

So, it takes very little to get these things. And I clean myself 5 or 6 times a day because of prayer (over others). He has suggested that everybody, minimum, morning and evening. And for those who really struggle with this, if they have a moment where they feel irritation or frustration for a second - RIGHT THEN AND THERE, if you repent - this seed is not imbedded in your heart. It has tiny, microscopic spines that grow into thorns, and it imbeds into the lining of the heart. But in the beginning, for a couple of hours, it hasn't done that. You can repent and He somehow gets it from the heart, into the trachea and you can cough it out. Somehow it enters the airway and you can cough it out.

C: And I burp it out.

S: Right. Some people sneeze it, some people do other things. Whatever your way of - and some people do nothing. Those people who do nothing, I actually had an image of Him taking a spirit out of somebody's nose. They were just breathing, and He sucked it out the nose. It's not common, but I saw it.

C: Were they aware of it? Did they feel it?

S: No, I don't think they, how they - nothing really happened. So, I'm thinking, "Well, this seems to be how it's happening!"

C: I have a question. If you were in surgery, would these things, would you be able to find them? Are they in the physical realm or are they only in the spiritual realm?

S: In the spiritual realm.

C: But they do affect your health.

S: Oh, significantly. Since last night He said it's a poison, a toxin. Something is making it worse. Whether it's the environment is more demonic because of the election and the upcoming who-knows-what... It's working faster. I used to have more time before I had to repent and still cough it out. Now? Not three hours and that thing's in there and gotta be taken out. And when He takes them out of me, my heart hurts for a minute, I actually felt them getting taken out. It's terrible, but I certainly know He's there.

So, for whatever reason, it's poisoning not just the physical bodies, but our minds. It's easier, He said, "the soil is fertile for evil. It's despoiled." He keeps using that word, "it's despoiled soil." Any kind of demon of Infection and Sickness, Evil Thoughts, Depression, Frustration, Anger - they just love this environment, it fosters their growth. It's also like a calling card to them. They can stay more easily. They enter more easily, because we are somehow fundamentally changed during that time enough so that a demon can enter with less permission. It's easier for them.

So, if we let it go for a while, it gets worse. And the health problems get significantly worse. Sometimes, it's different things. In some folks it's been very immediate, depending on how many seeds they have. And for some it's a chronic situation that's just chronically much worse than it should be. But He accepts it, because what He's telling us - "please clean out your seeds. If you do, it'll be better!" And, too, He's been needing every offering, He's been taking every offering He can get. And certainly up until the Election and even after for a few of us.

C: So, how do we get rid of these seeds now? You said this is not a casual prayer. Every morning...every evening.

S: It's not a prayer in passing, yeah.

C: Yeah, okay.

S: For those that speak in tongues it's very simple. I say, "Holy Spirit, please help me pray to repent and remove these seeds." And I hear myself saying in tongues, "Please, Father, hear my pleas, hear my cry. Please help me to remove any spirits of Irritation or Anger or whatever You feel is in there, along with the seeds of Bitterness I've acquired. Please remove them all from my heart." And I hear in answer, "I am here, My Daughter. I am here and I will help you, I will cleanse you, I will cleanse your heart."

So, I can say that I hear that's what's happening. But I would say to somebody that starts speaking in tongues - after you requested that, and when you're finished, He's done. But many don't speak in tongues and this was an issue, because they would say, "Please, Lord remove all the spirits, of all that stuff, and the Bitterness and please get it out of my heart." And that didn't work.

It's a prayer on the knees, it's a plea to Him where we're requesting assistance, so we should be in an appropriate position. And He told me to ask to have this person I was speaking about, to envision the process as I saw it, while he was praying. And the Lord will come and open the chest - He's just opening it, so, run your hand over, it opens, closes - no scars. Then run His hand over the heart - it opens. And even takes all the spirits, whether they be Irritation, Apprehension, Frustration, Anger, Bitterness - always there. And it's a bitter tasting spirit. When I cough that out, I - really, my face contorts and I have to spit. It's really bitter. That's running around in your heart...not a good thing.

C: Right

S: Bitterness. Let's see, sometimes we've had Apprehension about health issues, Fear of the future - it could be anything. Doubt. This is where I would say, the usual ones are Irritation, Anger, Frustration, Bitterness. Ask Holy Spirit to direct you what else to have removed so that everything associated with these seeds is removed. You don't want any of this darkness in, I don't want any of this darkness in my heart, Lord. As He takes the spirits out, then, the inside of the heart looks kind of black. One seed can do damage and leave local blackness, but usually folks have more than one. And they're black, they leave the heart black, they're imbedded with these little spines into the lining of the heart.

And sometimes I've seen a few just picked out, and sometimes He just kind of waves His hand and they start lifting out, along with the black that has been covering the inside of the heart. You have to remember that stuff will get pumped, it poisons the blood and the circulatory system, so it goes to your mind and into your body and into your soul and your spirit - they all get this stuff. So He's cleansing all that when He does this.

So, He's taken everything out and He speaks. He says, "I cleanse. I cleanse this heart, I cleanse this heart." And you see the lining start to pinken up and look normal. But after that, He puts in a sponge - always a sponge. Made of Yeshua's Blood, His tears - the tears of Jehovah, Yahweh, Abba, Holy Spirit - and occasionally the heart blood of Jesus, as well, goes in there, from when He was pierced.

So this is where I would say, "Please, create the sponge You feel is most appropriate for my circumstance, so that I can cleanse my heart. Please cleanse my heart, my Father." And the sponge goes in the heart, the heart is then closed - He waves His hand over the heart and chest and they're closed. He strengthens the pumping of the heart so that this cleansing Blood, this pure Blood of the Lamb will go throughout the body, will go to the mind, will go to the soul, will go to the spirit and will cleanse all the places, from the largest blood vessel to the tiniest capillary that was touched by this toxic, poisonous blood. That's what He calls it, it's toxic. It's a poison.

C: Scripture says that "Out of the heart, everything... uncleanness comes from the heart. Out of the heart of man comes uncleanness." It's not what you put in, but what comes out of your heart. So, that makes total sense. He's going right for the source.

S: Yes, that's exactly right.