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November 22, 2016

S: ...It's not going to end well. All things go in His hands. Don't get frustrated if the answer is "no". Obviously, it wasn't going to be good for me for some reason, and He's given me a couple of things I've wanted. That was terrible. TERRIBLE!! I look back and that and I go, "Oh, yeah - I prayed, I wanted that - and BOY was that foolish!" Now, I just pray, "What's Your will for me? 'Cause Yours is better, I'll listen to You. I don't have any wisdom, I don't have any knowledge - I'm going with Your choice, whatever that is."

C: Right. Right - that's the safest way.

S: It is. Safe is fine for me right now, I need as little mess as possible. He's permitting plenty of little messes anyway, I don't need to add to them for offerings! But I think a lot of this - you're making me realize that I think a lot of this is about teaching us about how to handle the seeds. These little frustrations or irritations are not just offerings - they're the key to our getting all these seeds throughout the day, and He's telling us how to manage those moments and how to manage the seed moments, so that we're no longer letting our bodies get poisoned, including these things that we were either unaware of, or didn't think they were that important.

I know somebody - last night I was talking...I'll do it later, I'll do it later, he says. And it didn't end up happening, I don't remember what the issue was. But there was something health related that was complicated with him, too - and he didn't really notice because it was a chronic thing, it was a little better, a little worse, a little better. It's always worse when the seeds are there. And when we delay, He's kind of saying, "No, I said don't delay, because that's going to cause a problem. Please, My children, I'm telling you for your own good. You can do it, there's always free will. But there are consequences. So, it's ALWAYS our choice.

C: But I'm beginning to realize, when I'm getting rid of stuff, and I didn't at first. So I guess what I'm saying is, to be patient, you know - for people who haven't been initiated in this. And I'm just barely initiated in it. Be patient and pay attention and sensitive. This is one reason why the Lord doesn't want us in the media, because it's constantly desensitizing us to the point our communication bans, because it's so gross. It's so intense. It's so loud, fast moving and it trains your mind to gloss over a lot of things. But when you're quiet and still, and there's no TV going, no music going, no anything going on - you can really, you begin to slow down. Your mind slows down and you can tune in to the finer wavelengths. Which is where the Lord's voice is. The spiritual realm, you know. The spiritual realm. Which is made up of demons and angels, you know? That's where our discernment comes in.

S: I think I had 10 curses yesterday, I'm not exaggerating. They cursed me, like, 10 times a day. So, the Lord and I get to spend time together. He removes my curses, I do a lot of hacking..

C: Well, that was another thing I wanted to mention, and I wanted to ask you about. I was under the impression that the curses couldn't land unless there was an open door. Well, they hover and then...

S: My impression of this is, sometimes they land, some can land but they don't activate. They don't - they need like a primer switch. I'm not sure if they need it or they wait for it - Oh, I think that's it, 'cause Holy Spirit's confirming it. It waits for an opening that goes along with what they do, if you don't realize that you've been cursed, you just think that this is your response this day to something that made you upset. But to go rapidly from upset into utter desolation, despair and what knot.

But they take you through a series of emotions so that you just think, "Well, I'm upset about this, it's really getting to me today." You don't think, "I've been cursed and I have to go check into that." So they think they're safer, that you're not going to get rid of them. If we have, let's say it's a curse of infirmity, they wait untl you hurt yourself - you bump your toe or something like that. Say it's a curse of desolation, despair, heartsickness and heartbreak. They start with a little sadness, you got some news. And then they quickly go with that and bring you along until, suddenly - you haven't really realized, over a day - you're crushed! You're heartbroken! You can't even move, you don't even care, you just are so bad. And it seems like it's over this thing - but they're very crafty, and they know us well, and they know what kinds of things hurt us.

We feel hurt in our hearts and they wait for those moments. So, it could be two days, could be three days - but when it happens, you're less likely to recognize that it's a curse, you're more likely to think, "Uh, well, maybe it's a demon of Sadness or whatever." But you don't get the whole thing, so you don't break the curse and you don't get rid of the demon that's attached to the curse. So, they'll just start again later. It's kind of like a warfare tactic. That's the impression that's beeen confirmed.

C: Well, that's kind of ...yeah, partially what I thought. I want to ask you real quick...

S: Well, the others can't alight. You're right, others can't alight at all. They wait for us to make an error that opens that possibility. And others, a lot of them, they just - they can land, we have done something, but they don't want to be found. So they wait patiently, 'cause there's always a moment when whatever feelings they're associated with most, whatever issue they're associated with most come up, and they can do it with more freedom without you realizing it's a curse - and perhaps not just a demon. If you get rid of a demon, the curse is still there.

C: So, demons come with curses.

S: Every demon has a curse. Every curse has a demon, every door has a demon, every energy block or barrier has a demon connected to it. So, the curse has to be broken and removed - and literally I hear the Lord saying, "And I break this." And He uses the word 'break'. And sometimes I hear a chain breaking, a clink. And then "And I take the demon connected with." And sometimes the demon is specific, I get a specific impression: it's the demon of Desolation, the demon of Infirmity. But sometimes I won't and it's just the demon in charge of that whole thing and keeping it going. Very much like a stronghold, and a strong man demon. These guys all have a demon attached, too. So everything has to go for it to go.

C: Wow... but the Lord takes care of that. yeah. Where did you say you were practicing medicine for, 'cause I've got to talk to my doctor tomorrow.

S: New York

C: Yeah, but where was - it was some kind of institute of something

S: I was in private practice. But before that, I was at Mt. Sinai and then Memorial Sloan Kettering.

C: Sloan Kettering - that's what I was...yeah. I'm going to tell him that. And the other doctor that Ezekiel is seeing. Because you had mentioned that hyperinsulinemia could be the reason why he starts to freak out. You know, he gets angry...

S: They send demons of hyperinsulinemia - too much insulin. So that when you banish the demon of low blood sugar, nothing really happens, 'cause.. The problem is - now he's making too much insulin. In terms of how active or noticeable that would be to a physician at any time, my guess is, that's what happened to me about something else.

Every time I went to get tested - and this is before the Lord came to me - the problem disappeared completely. Like right before the test - no problem. Everything was back to normal, I'd leave, within a day it would start again. It would just hide it from them. So, it was a little frustrating before I understood that everything I learned in medical school was really wrong... There was an entire realm of how this body, mind, soul, spirit, heart worked that we just missed the boat on completely - we didn't even address 2/3s of it.

We just don't understand.

C: Well, so that might be the case when we say that, you know when the patient's sick, the doctors not there, you know. You take your car in to the mechanic, there's no problem. You go back out and there's the problem again. So it's actually a demon causing the problem and they lay They lay low when they're with the mechanic.

S: Right. I don't think it.. Most doctors could not remove it, but why give anybody any ideas about looking into it, because goodness. You know a Bible believing Christian could be somewhere and "we" don't need to be noticed. (speaking of the demons) Yeah, they hide. It's very annoying. Every time you go to the doctor, you feel fine five minutes before he walks in the door. You're absolutely right, 'cause how many years did I deal with it from both sides, as patient and physician. That happened all the time, unless something was really grossly changed in the flesh. And even - bleeding would stop, infection would suddenly look a little better. It was it makes perfect sense. Thank you - you're absolutely right.

C: wow.

S: Very sneaky. Most physicians won't believe this. But you'll get a spiritual one, if not a religious one - but one who believes that at least more controlling the state of our emotional, spiritual, physical health, mental health, as well. Than just what little they know. Those are the ones who are humbler and at least, they think, the more I study, the less I know how anything works.

And then we have the other group that say, "I am God." Quite literally - I am God. I've heard some. A Neurosurgeon was the last one I heard. He said, "I am God." A heart surgeon said, "I held the heart in my hand. I was God at that moment." I'm thinking, "oh, well, God might have been in you, using your hands -, you and He? I'm learning are really far apart..." but it is what it is. If they don't have eyes to see and ears to hear, it just goes through. But you never know...

C: Well, I think medical school - you're pretty much ostracized, from what I understand, I've never been to medical school. From what I understand, if you have any supernatural diagnostic bends in you, you're laughed to scorn and you won't get a license, you know?

S: What's interesting, I was known at the time for - being able to come up with the most obscure, strange diagnosis, I had a mind for the weird. I would look at something and say, "You know, I saw that picture 10 years ago. I think this is..... disease." And people would just drop. "How does she know that?" I have no idea, but I'm sure it was the Lord, because I'm not that smart. He gave me certain gifts in medicine. I used to get laughed at, as an intern.

I would walk around through the intensive care unit, and I would just hold the hands of the comatose patients. And I would talk to them, you know. I'd introduce myself. And they're just like, "oh... she's just...coo coo, this one." And they would say, "You can't - they can't even hear you!" And I said, "Well, you know, I had brain surgery a few years ago and I heard everything. I was too sick to move, but I remember talkin' about boyfriends over me, I mean, they talked all the time." I was awake, I was alert - I just couldn't talk.

So, you never know what anyone can hear. And I just wanted them to know that not every touch was a needle, and that I knew they weren't meat and a bandage. That there was a person there. And I think, He started working on me even then, 'cause I got laughed at a lot, but I still did it. He had something in store for me later. He's amazing.

Clare: - That concludes our interview with Dr. Sherry Steinhoff in NY.

Lord, help us to understand that You've given us these things to use and that we can do this. Help us to really absorb the wisdom that You've given Sherry to share with us and to put it to use and to practice every day.

And just to let you know, Heartdwellers. It takes a while to connect and really begin to sense Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts and drawing attention to those things that are in our heart. It is so worth the effort. If I had been taught this in my early Christianity it would have been amazing. Really amazing. Because I had NO idea why I was sabotaging myself every day, just by my thoughts.

You know, people talk about what you think and the power of words, but to understand the dynamic behind it and how it lets the enemy in - wow. That's just a really, really choice piece of information. And it's meant for us to put to work.

So, I ask You, Lord. Please help us to assimilate this, to start practicing it. Amen.