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December 5, 2016

The Lord be with you, dear Heartdwellers.

I just received a credible prophetic word that assassination attempts are going to be made against Trump and Putin and also kidnapping attempts of his young son, that he had with the Olympian girlfriend. This is a word that was received in prayer by a reliable prophetess and I want to share it with you, because we are really going to buckle down and pray against anything like this from happening.

As you know, Putin and Trump have both been anti-NWO and have really, really stood in the face of the establishment that is trying to unite all of the nations into one - one world religion, one world politically.

In any case, there are two people who are standing in the face of that and they'll want to see it happen. So I'm going to ask you to please, please - pray seriously for President-elect Trump and President Putin.

And this is what was given to me:

There are plans in progress to assassinate Putin and to assassinate Trump. In addition, there are plans to kidnap members of each's family. Close friends were left alone to mourn. Abba says they plan to kidnap a son of Putin's. I see the young child. And a daughter of Trump's. I'll admit, I haven't been watching the news or family updates, but this daughter - older than Putin's son - seems very young. A teen or not quite. Very lovely.

So, what's she's talking about there is, Putin's girlfriend is an Olympic athlete. he had a son with her.

We prayed to crush their plans to dust. I immediately saw this message being given to the prayer warriors and asked if this was what I should do. I was told "yes".

So, Carol and Clare, I pass this on to you to pass forward as you see fit. It is my sense that if we pray, this will never come to fruition. I'm hearing that the kidnapping would at first crush the men, but that the Lord would use the events to unleash "tigers" upon the enemy. These plans to crush the Lord's choices would backfire. But He says He has plans for this anyway, and such tragedy isn't necessary to accomplish this goal.

As to the assassination attempts, this should be no surprise. What DID surprise me was that the enemy targeted both men. Both men are necessary. Such evil must be fought with prayer. Please do not grow weary, there is still so much to do.

And so, that's the message that I received. And I just ask you all to please buckle down and pray really hard that this won't take place, because there's a really beautiful thing emerging here. It's definitely slated for destruction by the NWO.

Love you all, Heartdwellers. Thank you for your prayers. And there will probably be a message later. I just want to get this out to you right away, so you could get into prayer. Anyone who wants to pray and fast for this intention, I know the Lord would be ever so grateful.

God bless you all.