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December 12, 2016

The Lord's joy be with you all, Heartdwellers.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Lana Vawser's prophecy on 2017 yesterday. And this is what Lana says here.

The work of Unity among people of God is going to be breathtaking.

I had a vision where I saw the Lord visiting leaders of different streams in the night with dreams and encounters to release specific strategies and keys to HELP OTHER STREAMS move into their breakthrough and destiny. I saw leaders all across the world from different streams calling each other sharing dreams and encounters they had with Jesus for the breakthrough of the other. Not only were new networks and friendships formed, but such a deep unity, love and celebration of one another. A true "joining together" of brothers and sisters in Christ to extend the Kingdom.

DIFFERENT STREAMS flowing together in 2017. I saw the most 'opposite' of streams that many look at and say "They would never flow together", or "we just don't flow together", the Lord is going to cause to flow together in great unity. There is going to be a SIGN and a WONDER at the work of the Holy Spirit to bring UNITY to the body of Christ through these seemingly "opposite streams" coming together in the name of Jesus to see a beautiful move of the Holy Spirit across the earth. I saw revival and an outpouring flowing from the 'joining of these streams' in ways we have never seen. It will cause the people of God to BEHOLD - to stand in awe.

"BEHOLD how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" - Psalm 133:1

So, what I want to say here, in the teaching There Are No Bigots in Heaven, I talk a LOT about the manifestations, the authentic manifestations of God and the different denominations. Especially, you know, the liturgical denominations. And what she's saying here is that God is going to bring about a sign and a wonder that is going to cause people to put down their fences. Put down their porcupine quills and embrace the other denominations as true believers.

This is going to happen in 2017, and I am so looking forward to it! Because there's so many things I would like to share with you, but people would not understand if I did. I have to wait until the move of the Spirit happens to prepare the way. I've been criticized by the liturgical denominations for not being "complete" in teaching all the things that they believe are right. And I just can't do what they want me to do. I have to stick with what the Lord wants me to do. But I can see what Lana's talking about here. There's going to be a move of the Spirit that is going to bring down the walls like they never have before. When that happens, I will have a lot to share with you.

So, I really am excited about what 2017 holds for us.

This heavenly harmony can be compared to the dew dripping down from the skies upon Mount Hermon, refreshing the mountain slopes of Israel. For from this realm of sweet harmony, God will release His eternal blessing, the promise of life forever" - Psalm 133:3 (The Passion Translation)

Where the world would look at the Church and say "this denomination doesn't like this one" or "there is such division in the Church, they can't work together", to be broken down significantly and the world begin to see the Church moving as "one body under and in Jesus Christ".

The revelation of the love of Jesus that is going to come from this work of the Spirit to bring significant unity is going to be stunning! The kindness and goodness of God that is going to flow into the earth from the brothers and sisters working together in unity, is going to bring a worldwide shift.

I can see that. You know, one of the reasons that I see that is that we've been so busy fighting about our doctrines - and that's why we don't allow that on Heartdwellers. We just don't allow arguments over doctrine. This is a place to dwell in God's heart. It's not a place to get the books out and start slamming Scripture bombs at one another. That has been a tool that Satan has used to bring division to stop the influx of souls. Because the souls get scandalized by this kind of behavior! And they listen to what Evangelicals say and then listen to what the Catholics say, or the Orthodox say - and they all are hating one another and fighting against one another. And that has been used extensively by the devil to prevent souls from coming into the Kingdom of God.

You know, I think a lot about what happened with Paul, when he came before the magistrate. He saw that the Sadducees and the Pharisees were in disagreement about life after death. So, he brought that subject up and he said, 'This is an argument between the faiths, because I believe in eternal life. I believe in life after death and they don't, so they're attacking me." Well, at that he turned the Sadducees and Pharisees against one another and totally side-tracked the whole proceeding.

And this is what the devil does. He takes the natural animosity that we have for one another and rather than looking at the good fruit of the souls coming to the Lord and being sanctified and made holy, he gets us to look at the difference between the denominations and to fight and squabble and scandalize people who would have come to the Lord otherwise. This is exactly what the enemy's been doing. And I thank the Lord that He's going to put a stop to it in 2017, because it's been devastating.

A lot of new believers who have come on our channel and been saved on our channel, by listening to the slander some legitimate religious people have put out about us, and listening to the slander that the satanists have put out, because they don't have any discernment and they can't see right through it, 'cause they're young in the Lord... It's been devastating to these souls.

It's not about me or my channel, it's about the souls that have been lost because people are squabbling over things that are not important. That's going to change in 2017, that just makes my heart sing, because we need that change. We need to be moving in love. We need to understand and love one another, and especially we need to get rid of the seeds of bitterness, denominational bitterness. Those seeds of bitterness. Because whenever an injustice has been done to you by a denomination, you can be sure Satan is behind it. If Satan's behind it, it's not what the Lord has established in the Church that's behind it - it's people. Corrupted people being behind it. And corrupted people doing corrupted things to one another. And that's where all this denominational bitterness comes from.

Even many of you who don't even go to church anymore, because you've not received anything but the left foot of fellowship there. You understand how devastating it is when people are fighting and finding fault and criticizing - to the point where you don't even want to be there anymore. Your soul doesn't get fed, it gets torn apart. We understand that, too, because we've experienced it. How rare it is to find a place of real healing, where this kind of thing doesn't go on.

She also mentions here one other thing that the Lord is going to commission many HEART PROPHETS in 2017 to go into the marketplace with a specific mandate to bring HEALING. I saw these specific heart prophets moving into the marketplace with the compassion, love and heart of the Father.

I think this is what's happening to Donald Trump.

They were going into boardrooms, meeting with CEO's, leaders of business, governmental officials and people who are holding great influence in the marketplace to bring prophetic words of comfort, strategy, hope and healing.

As I watched these heart prophets ministering to these ones in the marketplace I could hear the heart of the Father so loudly speaking in longing "I have seen the hurts, the heartache, the disappointments, the struggles, the broken hearts and pain of many of those who are carrying worldly influence and favour in cities and nations, and I have come now to bring you hope, to bring you healing and comfort."

Again, this is Lana Vawser's prophecy on 2017.

I watched in the spirit as these prophets ministered in such accurate words of knowledge and insight from the heart of the Father, such LOVE being released through their words as they read the inner heart cries, struggles and disappointments of these ones of great influence and MANY of these marketplace leaders meeting Jesus and finding HEALING of years upon years of disappointment, pain and heartache.

I then heard the words "As I bring greater healing to those in the places of great influence in the marketplace, testimonies and healing will spread throughout the mountains of culture and society like wildfire. Many will know and burn with my love in the marketplace in 2017!

Amen! So that's the end of her word and how beautiful it is! And it confirms so much of what the Lord has been speaking here on Still Small Voice. He's really confirmed that in a beautiful way.

So, God bless you, Heartdwellers. We have so much to look forward to. Let's make sure we don't let any seeds of bitterness linger in our hearts. Let's make sure our hearts are clean to receive the new outpouring that the Lord is bringing to us.

Thank you so much for listening in. And thank you so much for supporting us in our ministry. What a difference you make! God bless you all. May His wisdom reign in your hearts and His wisdom, His peace and His Unity. Amen.