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December 27, 2016

May the Healing presence of our Lord Jesus penetrate you with love, dear Heartdwellers.

Today when I came into prayer, I was listening to Julie True, I saw myself dancing with Jesus in formal clothes on a very intimate dance floor. His eyes were brimming with love as He held me so very tenderly and I felt the stress of the former weeks pouring out of me and His healing love coursing all through my soul and body.

I needed this so very badly, because I have been torn between the demands of our mission and my need for prayer. And honestly - I don't think I have handled it well. I've been a little too concerned with the earthly things again.

So needless to say, I felt guilt. And when I feel guilt I want to run and hide - the last thing I want to do is get close to Him. He addressed this immediately.

Oh, dear Heartdwellers, no matter how hard you've tried I can only imagine that the enemy has managed to stick you with guilt for not doing a better job tending to spiritual matters in the midst of holiday demands. So, I pray this will be healing to you as well as it was to me.

He began, "Clare, I have held you tenderly. You are My Precious Bride. How can I convey to you how much you are loved by Me? Have I not done all that is possible to do so? Why do you persist in your self-hatred and unbelief? I do not hate you, I cherish you. I want you back in My arms right now and forever, tucked safely away in Me, coming out to dance and skate joyously, and celebrate other occasions.

"I am tired of seeing My Bride in doom and gloom. Please, come back to Me, so I can adorn your hair with Hibiscus flowers, and tend to your war wounds with My salves and surgeries. And just enjoy your sweet smile and longing for Me."

Then He began speaking about the portrait.

"See Me here? Right here in all My Love, the Love I show you in this portrait? It is longing to be received by you. You cannot allow your guilt to push you away from Me anymore. No, you must embrace Me and hold Me to your heart, never to let Me go.

"We are passing into a new season, a wedding chamber season. A time of closeness, like none before it. But before we can, you must accept My forgiveness for your failures and sins. The enemy continues to remind you of your past, and you mustn't listen to him. The things he dredges up are from the effluent flowing into Hell. They cannot be found in My heart or in Heaven anymore. These things are forgiven and gone. Do you see? Oh, I want you to see so badly. These dark times must be offset with the joy of our relationship.

"Now put away these thoughts and accusations once and for all and repent when you spurn My call, repent immediately and come back. Do not delay and add sin onto sin. Rather get ahold of yourself and come back into My waiting and loving, forgiving arms where there is ample forgiveness for your sins."

And right here the Lord is talking about the times, like a March hare, I get it into my head that I need to do something, and I go to do it and I can feel the Lord tugging and saying, "Why don't you put that off and come back here into prayer?"

And I can hear myself answering, in terrible presumption, "It'll just take a minute." And of course, it doesn't just take a minute and it does spoil something and it makes Him wait and that's terrible. So then I feel pretty guilty about it. But He's telling me, you know, get ahold of yourself right away and come back into My waiting and loving arms, where there is ample forgiveness for your sins.

He continued, "The world is so dark and our love for one another is so Bright. All of Heaven rejoices over our love, even in the midst of the battlefield. You must not let the heat of the battle obscure our love for one another.

"You must not forsake the joyous times because of the weight of the warring times. Rather I want you to wake up refreshed every morning and come to Me in joy and enjoy your morning times together as the trysting times I so desire to rejuvenate you with. I, too, need this rejuvenation from you. I, too, need to see your smile, your great happiness at our meeting. I, too, need to rejoice in who you are to Me and that you care enough to begin your day in My arms.

"Yes, the world is a filthy place, but there are still hidden-away places, inter-dimensional places where we can enjoy the fragrance of roses in bloom, lilacs, lilies and the sweet songs of the birds. Yes, this is the garden of our heart, which is not in a shambles as you fear. Rather it is in full bloom with every exotic flower and fruit, longing for you to share these precious gifts with Me as we bask in the glory of those moments.

"Come now, imbibe the delicate aromas, taste the sweet fruits, pet your creatures who long for the day you are finally with them. Come. Come and be intoxicated with the delights of our Love.

"My children, you have been in many battles and now I want you to come to Me for refreshment. You must lead a balanced life. There is time for war and time for love. Because we are in an extended time of war and stress, there must be little times of refreshing in your lives.

"Look for Me in the garden of your heart. There we shall walk and talk and I will rest your weary brow over My heart. This is the idea behind the portrait. It is to draw you away with Me in sweet peace and loving fellowship into a place where healing can take over and restore your wounds, equipping you for more battles.

"You have learned well the ways of war. And now is the time to again visit the place of our love and be rekindled and nourished in the meaning of our heavenly love for one another.

"Come to Me in this sweet place and anticipate the former joys as well as new surprises I have for you. I long to hold you close to My heart, caress your hair and whisper the consolations of Divine Love once again in your ears."