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February 25, 2017

May the Lord set our hearts on fire in prayer, that we overcome the wiles of Satan against this nation and against us in this hour, dear Heartdwellers.

Last night Ezekiel and I were called into a vigil and each of us had our own communion services and were especially prompted to offer them to the Father for more time, more grace and more mercy - especially with the Divine Mercy prayer. Ezekiel has been praying them back to back for the world, our president and the nation, for several days.

The Lord presented President Trump to me in the spirit as I was praying - and so I offered mine for him as well as for the whole world. Then I saw Obama, taken up in his thoughts, his head back and finger on his chin, with a haughty self-assured expression on his face. After I received communion, I saw a knight in steel armor in fighting position with his sword extended, and standing before him was Barack Obama. The knight lunged forward and struck him on the neck. Obama's head came off.

I was praying intensely that the nation would wake up. That those who have been fooled by the globalist pawns would come to their senses and see beyond the curtain of fronts, lies and manipulations that have destroyed our country. That they would wake up and wake up angry over having the wool pulled over their eyes by those they trusted.

But in this vision, Obama's head came flying off with no effort on the knight's part - just a simple lunge and stroke and it was over. My immediate impression from this vision was the Lord putting an end to what he's doing to raise opposition up in this country. Somehow, something's going to happen, I believe, that's going to curtail all this and put a stop to it. And it will involve him being exposed. This was just my impression.

As I waited on the Lord, I saw President Trump in the back of his limousine, in some kind of procession and he was speaking with one of his advisors. They were discussing something important.

And after I'd received this message, I decided to Google 'Obama beheaded'. And much to my surprise, it turned up ISIS and a threat that former President Obama would be beheaded. And I don't really understand that, because we all know he's a closet Muslim. I don't understand why they would behead him. Maybe for his ties to the New World Order? I don't know. But I thought it was very interesting.

Lord, have you anything to add? I asked.

He began, "Obama's time for pulling the wool over this nation is coming to a close. He will be exposed for who and what he is and this country will walk over his bones into her destiny."

Wow, that's a prophecy! And I want to make a comment here. That does not exclude Obama from becoming the one world leader, the antiChrist spoken of in Revelation and Daniel. In the past, he Lord has confirmed to me that he is the man chosen for that role. My only other thoughts on this are that, if the Lord tarries because we are obedient and faithful to him, another might take his place in that role. But nothing of this has been told to me by Jesus. So, until I hear differently, he is still chosen to be the anti-Christ.

Jesus continued. "And as you were thinking, this thought is from Me."

It's been going through my mind for a few days...

"If you want to ruin a nation, make it prosperous - that's when the real dangers set in. As long as this nation cleaves to Me, I will defend it. But should Christians become worldly and careless, that's when this nation will fall. The greatest opportunity for a fall is after a great victory.

"If this nation cleaves to Me, I will indeed protect it."

That reminds me of Israel. Even though, in Israel there's so much sin and the wrong things are being taught to the young people there, the Lord is STILL protecting it. There's a tremendous Jewish population in this country. In fact, it's been said by some that Christopher Columbus was Jewish. That he was looking for a place for the Jews to settle, where they would be safe.

The Lord continued, "But I am calling you all to intensified prayer. Can't you feel it? Can't you sense that I need your vigils and intercessions? What I have presented you with is the good that CAN happen, if you all fast as you can and pray. Fast and pray in earnest, My People. Use the Divine Mercy Prayer pleading with the Father for more time, more grace, more mercy for the world.

"The three years I have told you of is still CONDITIONAL. (by the way, we're almost one year into that.) It is still dependent upon your prayers and fasts. I am showing you what CAN happen, but it will NOT happen if you do not pray and fast for this season, until the greatest danger is over. Yes, there will be challenges for your president to face, but not as critical as what he is facing in this very hour. That is why I am calling My prayer warriors to fast and pray.

"Expect Me to move mightily and you WILL see the glory of God and His triumph over evil in this coming season.

"Shalom, My Beloved ones, Shalom. Yes, I am calling for your prayers to bring peace to the world in as much as it is possible in this very turbulent hour."

And it's reached my ears that there are several people, with their several groups, that are entering into a dedicated fast and prayer for the next 7 days or so. And I'm sure there's many more groups that we don't know about that are doing the same. So, the Lord is calling for serious prayer in this hour, dear ones. Let's not disappoint Him. Let's really put our hearts into it.

And thank you so much for taking care of us and seeing to it that we have what we need to continue this channel. Thank you so very much. May the Lord bless you and give you His peace. You are greatly loved.