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March 15, 2017

May His Grace be sufficient for us, dear Heartdwellers.

As reports come in about the suffering of a few souls close to us on the channel, my heart was so grieved and wanting in some way to make a difference. I did have a communion service for them, as well as prayer, but I cried myself to sleep.

Later I asked the Lord, how do you bear the pain of it? Only a handful around me that are truly suffering and my heart is breaking for them. Lord, how do You stand it? All around the world, voices crying out in agony? And You created them from little babies and have been with them on this journey and now they suffer almost unbearably. How do You take this, Lord?

"Were I to let you see it all at once, you would cease to exist in this form. I take it with great pain and suffering for I love each and everyone as Myself, and cannot bear to see sickness and death."

Interesting note about that, the Lord's saying He loves each of us as He loves Himself. And that's what the Scriptures command.

In John, the Lord said, "you shall love your neighbor as yourself." John 13:34 So, here He is asking us to do what He did for us when He gave His life on Calvary. He did not love His own life more than us.

Boy, I'll tell you - the enemy doesn't want this message out! I've had nothing but interruptions, probably 4 now that I've counted. And I've had to re-record. So, this must be a pretty important message!

Jesus continued, "And yet this is the consequence of sin; generations of sin (here He's talking about sickness and disease) and degeneration because of sin. You see, sin carries with it a wave-length that is highly destructive to created matter and souls. And so a world full of sin is continually bringing decay to this Earth, which began as a perfect Eden, where there was no death."

Interesting note here - dark matter is the energy associated with demons, Hell and CERN. It's extremely powerful, we've found that to be true. It's so very powerful for inciting people to just go mad with anger and destructive tendencies. So, He's talking here about wavelength and I guess that's like the dark matter wavelength that CERN has unleashed.

"Adam and Eve had the deed, so to speak," He says. "And when they chose to believe Satan's lies against me, they signed it over to his influence. He knew very well what he was doing when he tempted Eve to sin. He knew from experience and knowledge of Me that rebellion brings sin and sin brings death. He set her up so that she would bring her mate along with her and they would be in his hands."

As the Scripture says, "Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death." James 1:15

"But that is not the point here, Beloved." Jesus continued. "The point is that I love these souls deeply. Very deeply. And to see them suffering as they do brings grief to Me as well.

"And one of the few things My Bride can do to intervene and bring Me comfort is through worship and thanksgiving. When you worship Me, you bring Me great comfort Clare, great comfort.

"Somewhere on this Earth I can hearken to a loving presence returning thanks to Me, and oh how comforting that truly is. It takes My mind off the pain and suffering and brings deep, abiding joy to your God. If only souls knew and could accept the reality of the pleasure they bring Me we would have many more worshippers on this Earth.

"Part of your assignment, besides making music to bring souls to Me, is also to make music to delight Me and bring healing to My heart wounded by the ingratitude and indifference of man. Then, I wish for you to convince them of My need for their company and worship.

"Satan has done so much to downgrade souls they are afraid to approach Me, because they are so steeped in their own ideas of how repulsive they must be to Me."

Yeah....self-hatred is huge.

"How can you dwell in a heart that you are convinced judges you as unworthy, disfigured, unclean and doesn't want you there? You can't. They must be convinced...and YOU, My love, must ALSO be convinced."

That's for sure. I do fall into self-condemnation quite a bit. I'm sure I'm getting help from the enemy, but still... Far too often I'm turned in on myself and judge and find fault with myself.

Jesus continued, "Now in the matter of the three souls suffering so very greatly right now, the souls that you know about. I am with them, Clare. Where I am, there is peace, but there is also struggle - for the demons want to carry them down into despair without any hope of recovery or joy again in their lives. But My angels minister to these and there is a 'holy Novocain' that brings them through. Nevertheless, it is far from pleasant at certain moments, as you experienced with Ezekiel in the hospital."

And I still experience with him, as a victim soul. And today the Lord said to him, "My Grace is sufficient for you." So, that's the answer we get sometimes when the Lord doesn't want to relieve a soul of a suffering, but needs their offering. That His grace is sufficient for us. And truly, it is.

He continued, "The gift you and others have been given is double-faceted. One facet generates love, worship, thanksgiving to My wounded Heart from My Creatures, especially those made in Our image. But even the birds and the whales cry out in worship to Me.

"The other facet generates My solidarity, My compassion, unconditional love, mercy, delight and affection for every creature I've made. In the center of this gem is My Spirit flowing abundantly from the Living Waters of Heaven for these purposes.

"So, yes, in a way worship comes from Me, as does any fruit of the Spirit generated in a soul. I am no respecter of persons. I generate these opportunities to all, but so very few respond properly and give them the time, attention and protection they need to form their souls into a meaningful habit of Godly living.

"But for those who do, they become My priests and ministers bringing the light of truth to this Earth through their relationship with Me.

"And foremost in this holy team," Jesus continued, "are the intercessors, teachers of the New Covenant, the law of love and the musicians who do more than I could explain to you for each soul, for the Earth and it's welfare, and for Me. So, this is a GREAT honor and all these heavenly gifts flow from Heaven through My Vessels unto honor and transform creation.

"So, My Beloved...take the time to sit by My side to sing, write songs, play for Me and with Me. For I delight in My Spirit's expressions of love through you. Do not allow the enemy to convince you otherwise, Clare, for his entire motive is to deprive Me of the consolations of your Love. Please, see this clearly. Protect this gift and refuse guilt for this holy time set aside to Me. Defend this gift. I need this from you.

"My Brides, you are My delight. Spend this time with Me for no other purpose than to relish My presence and bring Me joy. Do not concern yourselves with sour notes or being off key; the key of love is always perfect. Love Me as you have never loved Me before, because this world brings Me endless pain and I need so much endless worship to heal these wounds. And as you worship, I overflow with graces to all My children for healing, and I use the vibration of your songs to bring down the walls of oppression and swath My wounded ones in My Love.

"Do not be convinced otherwise, your gifts so very important to Me. They are treasure and cannot be replaced by anyone.

"If only souls knew and could accept the reality of the pleasure they bring Me, we would have many more worshippers on this Earth."

And that's the end of the message.