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March 30, 2017

May the Lord bless us all with the gift of clarity in discernment and wisdom to know your voice for us. Amen.

Well, Heartdwellers, I received an email that caught my attention. And you know I try to avoid looking at anything on the internet, because that's what I've been told not to do. And I was not obedient to the Lord, I allowed my curiosity to get the better of me.

So, I checked it out. It was an internet person claiming to be a prophet and their message was greatly conflicting with the ones He has been giving me. So, I began to question my I really hearing from God or not?

You know, it's always a nice confirmation, especially when what you're being given in prayer is different from what other people are being given. I went through this around the time of the Rapture, when I lost a bunch of people, because the Rapture would be delayed if our prayers and offerings were sufficient to hold back the wrath.

So, I came kind of tucking my tail and I said, "Lord, I don't understand. A voice claiming to be a prophet speaks about rioting, etc. And this American Spring demonstration planned on a Satanic Sabbath, May 1 this year, seems to be a likely source of trouble and instability in our nation. Was that word from You or the enemy?

Jesus answered, "Many say many things. Not all are to be believed. And this will be disarmed like all the rest of Satan's plots if My people continue to pray and fast."

That definitely seems like a threatening thing, but you know? The Lord disarmed, I guess it was the Republican convention, there were supposed to be riots. And He handled all of that. And we're continuing to pray and fast, so I know that He can handle this. It's not set in concrete.

Jesus answered me, "Many say many things. Not all are to be believed. And this will be disarmed like all the rest of Satan's plots if My people continue to pray and fast."

I know I've had a burden every single day, and I've been giving up what I can for our nation.

Jesus continued, "My love, I need to explain to you that each ministry I empower has a different purpose. Your purpose is love, hope, intimacy and empowerment. This is My dearest wish for My Bride. Sadness, doom and gloom, disaster must also be brought forth, but for different vessels I choose different messages. However, on close scrutiny, they can all be resolved as saying the very same things in confirmation.

"For instance, some of My prophets are strictly encouragers, such as Lana Vawser. Others are watchmen that warn, foretell future events based on what I see will happen. However, they appear to be more cast in concrete rather than given with the impetus to pray against them.

"Some people latch onto the bad news and never go any further. Others fall to their knees and plead for Mercy. There are times when disaster is turned away and times when it is mitigated, and times when it hits seemingly full force. But in reality, it never hits full force. Things are never as bad as they could have been, because I hear the pleas and prayers of those who cry out for Mercy.

"In this ministry, I have steadily exhorted all to look to the good but carry the sword in one hand while creating in the other. Taken over all, change is coming to America, but not without a fight. It will be either good or bad depending on who hearkens to My exhortations to pray and fast. If enough souls respond, the worst will be averted. It truly is a balance as you have portrayed it.

"Chaos is from the enemy, even the use of dark matter to incite insurrections and fighting. There is much evil planned for events coming up, but prayer will disarm much of it as it did with the demonstrations set off during the elections.

"The best you can do is pray and educate. Spread the word. The unemployed, criminal element terrorist networks, Islamic extremists and those who are looking to make an easy dollar and have no scruples about how they do it, are being paid to demonstrate and cause trouble.

"My Love, you have the right perspective and the right message. This is Me, Clare. I understand much better than any man or woman can what My Bride needs to her keep going. I have anointed you to lead according to My words to you, that she may be strong against the enemy AND productive. Not just fighting constant battles and getting ready for the worst, which is what is happening to those who focus on the bad new prophecies. Many lives are not productive, because they are living only to protect themselves and their families. It will not go well with them when I come.

"Here on this channel, I have taught you all to put on My sandals and walk the Good News out to everyone through the medium anointed for you. From gently educating the doubtful on forums, all the way to taking part in productions that reach the masses: music, movies, radio and television. No matter what the nation is going through, you can still exercise your gifts and expand your abilities to be more relevant. As you learn to create, speak, write, you become more and more sensitive to My Spirit and as things in the world occur you can address people with what is on My heart.

"You see many live in a punishment mode. 'You sinners are going to be punished and I'm going to be saved.' This was NEVER My message, NEVER. Even in My ministry there was only one group I condemned: the religious hypocrites. The prostitutes did enter Heaven before them. Not because they felt condemned to Hell, but because they felt loved and forgiven. This is My message still, to this date: to heal, bind up the wounded, set free the captive and teach forgiveness as well as forgiving their sins.

"Those who major on punishment narratives very often lose sight of the heart of the Gospel, which is love and forgiveness. They become slanted and twisted, sowing condemnation and fear. Yes, some will convert out of fear, but then I have the task of convincing them of My Love.

"The reason why you have had so many conversions is because you present the Real Me, the Loving Me, and most have only been exposed to the judgmental Me, which I only exercised on the Pharisees, because they failed to love.

"So you see, you are doing your job by presenting not just the calamity but the answer to forestalling the calamity and being productive in the midst of it. If Satan can keep you surfing 24/7 for where and when the asteroid is going to hit... well, he has effectively stolen your gifts. You will not use them because you are riveted on when it's going to hit.

"This has been going on since the 50's, Clare! Look at the lives that were wasted because they only lived to escape the wrath to come written in Revelation.

"Now I have shown you the REALITY of what will or can happen, and asked you to pray against it, while working on the joyous things I've given you to do. So, you are prepared when difficulties arise, but you are also maturing in your gifts and reaching people. How wonderful is that?

"If I were to give you only prophecies about the end, you would never have done that painting of Me. Please, My Beloved, do not compare yourself to other vessels; each has a unique charism unless they are fashioning themselves to look like another minister. They each have their uniqueness and when all are joined together, the message becomes complete. Warning, yes. Nourishing, yes. Building up, yes. And maturing in the things of the Spirit, including spiritual warfare and caring for the poor. Yours is a very well rounded message and I do not want you changing anything about it.

"And when you examine the doom and gloom prophecies, most if not all have not come to pass. Why? Because those in My end times army bent the knee, prayed and fasted for more time, more grace and more mercy.

"There is not even a trace of the poison of self-righteousness, 'Well, the comet's going to hit and kill all those sinners and we are going home in the Rapture.' This is driven by pride, self-righteousness and judgmental attitudes, all attributes of a religious spirit. The sad thing is, if those who judge others and condemn them could see themselves in My mirror, they would see that they, too, are unworthy. In fact, even more unworthy because they failed to love their brothers as they love themselves.

"You need to know this, My Love, you really do."

He said that because I was thinking, 'Well, Lord, You've told me this so many times. I should know it by now. So, He repeated that I need to know.

He continued, "I know it is a long message, but you need to understand that prophets - be they authentic and of Me, or false and of themselves - just parroting to the public what they have heard others say and calling that prophetic... You need to know that what I am doing on this channel is covering all I taught while I was on the Earth, as well as calling out for repentance. Again and again and again I have said, it is My KINDNESS that leads to repentance. It was My kindness to the adulterous, the prostitutes, the tax collectors that led to their conversions. They had heard the judgement and condemnation of the religious community all their lives and it only drove them into hopelessness and further from Me.

"So, there is wisdom to My approach on the Still Small Voice channel and I would not have it any other way. Do not look at the other prophets and condemn yourself. Look at Me and obey. You are My faithful Bride. You have not allowed yourself to be influenced by others. Hold to this grace and Our children will be many and healthy.

"And for you, My children, I exhort you. If you go to many channels out of curiosity, you will have spiritual conflict and confusion. You will be so busy following the threads of who is false and who is real that you will neglect the beauty that is within you - the unique gifts I would love to empower you in.

"Your discernment needs to come from your relationship with Me. That is why I have led Clare to do multitudes of videos on discernment, so you would be equipped to deal with these deceptive times; a different voice on every corner, many inciting fear not love."

And I just wanted to mention something here. And that is that I'm realizing now, that if people who have internet ministries can constantly excite insecurity and fear in their audience, the audience is going to become addicted to them. And want to all the time hear the latest thing, just to make sure that it isn't going to come down tomorrow. They're going to be very insecure and restless. And they're going to want to hear more about what's going to happen next. So, they'll constantly be feeding on what the next person says is going to happen next. And that's a bad place to be. That's a terrible place to be. We need to put our trust in the Lord, finely tune our discernment, so we can hear His voice clearly. That's the most important thing, is to know Him. To love Him. To hear Him clearly and to serve Him. So, I just would exhort all of you, dear Heartdwellers, to pay particular attention to what the Lord is asking us to do. And drown out the voices of fear and insecurity that keep coming back for more fear and insecurity.

Jesus continued, "I have warned you on this channel from the very beginning, you will have spiritual heart burn if you pursue the latest fad in prophecy. Pursue Me and you will have the latest Prophecy. I will see to it that you are the right position in My Kingdom.

"Look around you, dear ones. Many false prophets have come into the world, seemingly sincere. Examine their lives closely: are they for Me or for themselves? Have they brought you into a deeper relationship with Me or more confusion?

"In the end, all that matters is our relationship and your faithfulness. Where you grow in this area is where you should stay and not give your ears to the latest prophetic gossip that comes from sources that would alarm and shock you. Stay faithful to Me and you will become who I created you to be.

"Months or years down the road you will discover that the ones who follow every prophetic voice without discernment are still without fruit. Are still confused and feeling far away from Me. Still struggling with the same sins, and not growing in holiness, charity or brotherly love. That will tell you all you need to know and be a confirming sign to you that I am the only Voice you need to hearken to. I am your Light and your Salvation. I alone can be trusted. The most important thing in your life is to learn to discern My voice and to know Me on an intimate basis."

Jesus, please forgive me for listening to that chatter. I followed that rabbit trail and was not convinced it came from You. The fruits were very questionable, but I didn't want to think anymore about it, 'cause I didn't want to fall into judgement. That's YOUR servant, not mine.

The Lord continued, "By their fruits you will know them, Clare. My precious, come to Me. Let Me wipe away those fears and doubts that have attacked you tonight. You are Mine. There is beautiful fruit on your channel. That's all you need to know. You are Mine and I am yours."

But I do make mistakes sometimes, Lord....

"A diamond is not considered authentic if it doesn't have a flaw. My grace is sufficient for you, and should you err in a message, I will cover for you. Not cover over, but come back and straighten it out and make sure no one did things based on what you said if it was in error. I will be your safeguard for My sheep. I, Myself, shepherd them through you, and should they eat a toxic plant? I, Myself, will medicate and heal them.

"My people, be faithful to Me. Hearken to My voice alone. A stranger do not follow. Sensationalism is the motive behind many who make an outrageous living by keeping the flock restless and fearful. It is a travesty. Those who deliberately mislead My sheep for worldly gain will occupy some of the hottest places in Hell.

"A stranger My sheep will not follow; they will run from them. When you lose your peace and begin to think in anxious ways, beware. There is a wolf nearby. Stay on the path of peace and intimacy with Me. Truly the road ahead is treacherous for those who hearken to strange voices.

"My sheep know My voice. I will lead them in and out of the sheepfold. They will drink from pristine springs of water. They will be spiritually healthy and eat from the finest grass."