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April 3, 2017

May the peace of Jesus keep your hearts and minds, dear ones. He is leading us in the way of awareness of every moment of the day, because there is a constant campaign to steal time from what is most important in our lives.

Well, in addition to how He's leading us with time, which is really the most part of this message, I also was feeling a little discouraged because of my voice. One of the things I've found is I need caffeine to keep me going, but caffeine dries out my vocal chords.'s a push-pull situation and I don't really have an easy answer to it. So, trying to devise something that wouldn't mess my vocal chords up and still keep me going was...let's say, a challenge?

And the Lord caught me at that moment, when I was kind of almost on the edge of self-pity, feeling sorry for myself because of this problem.

Jesus began, "You CAN do this. Your voice is just a little rusty, you know what to do to improve it. Get busy. Oh, My Love, do not become discouraged. You don't realize how vulnerable and easy to relate to you are. The Heartdwellers on this channel listen here because your life is not based on the world, but on the reality of Me in your life. You haven't even begun to scratch the surface of how much you can do with Me empowering you.

"This is not an idle remark, Clare. Don't hurt Me, please. It is the truth."

I was thinking that stupid thought when He said that...

He continued, "Are you going to give up before you even get going? I have anointed you to sing and arrange and play. I have. So even when you put something up as flawed as it sounds to you, there are souls who have gotten encouragement from that song.

"What is more important to you? That's why you put it up before it was finished. That was My idea, too - not just yours. And it hit the mark for certain souls. But they will see how your voice improves and they will be encouraged. That is My plan. Courage, encourage, getting people on their feet in My anointing - that's what is important to Me. And that's where we are headed. Don't give up before you even get up and going. Please. Please, take My words to heart.

"Not everyone is making every minute count. And that is what I wanted to discuss with you. I have been working with My Body, all over the world, to make them aware of how they are wasting precious time. With you it is even more critical. But in all reality, because of the shortness of time, it is critical for everyone.

"Satan never gives up, he is burning with hatred and he never rests; rather, he prowls like a lion looking for the weakest link in order to destroy what is good.

"The weakest link right now is how people are spending their time without realizing how precious it is. Some of you, My Brides, have wasted much of your lives on yourself and frivolous things that will not stand the test of fire with which I will test all works. Most things that are done, not of necessity, are vain and worthless. And you know what I am talking about. My people, keep a close eye on yourselves. I am with you and My Spirit is speaking to your hearts when you begin to do worthless things.

"Before you undertake something ask, 'Is this pleasing to You, Lord?' Do not let a minute go by unnoticed. It is the little foxes that spoil the vine. Song of Songs 2:15 There is much to do in a day. Reassess what is important and what is not. Enlist help from others. Your time is holy, there are plenty of people who do odd jobs and chores, who need money for their families and giving them work is an act of charity.

"When you spend time in front of the mirror, please - make it brief. If you must shop, make it brief. Don't get side tracked and waste a day going from store to store."

Personally, I use Amazon or a helper to do the necessary shopping, because I hate to waste time that way. And I can get side-tracked SO easily.

"Many of you complain," the Lord continued, "that you do not have time. But I am with you and I'm telling you, you have the time, but you waste without knowing what you are doing. Satan is very clever and skilled in getting you tangled up in time wasting issues and projects.

"You who are launching out in new endeavors, be protective of your time, because the enemy will try to fragment you with phone calls, visits, curiosity...which is one of the BIGGEST cracks in your vessels for losing grace.

"The other is judgment, because you will surely be taken down if you are passing judgment on your brother or sister. So, avoid conversations that become negative, even if they are true; it is better not to get involved. You can begin to react and lose that special peace I give you before a creative endeavor."

Boy, that's for sure. That's happened to me a lot! And I am aware of that and so is Ezekiel. And we try to protect one another's time when we are in a special place with the Lord. We really try to protect that and not do anything to spoil it, or let something come into the environment that will spoil it.

The Lord continued, "I'm not just speaking to musicians. I am speaking to you all, My beautiful people. Creativity you never knew you had is lying just below the surface. Many times, in order to get to it, you have to be in a high state of peace to recognize and utilize it. Whether you have an office job, or you are a creative writer, the enemy will try to upset you before you set to work so you lose valuable energy on negative reactions and judging others. Whether they be guilty or not, is not the issue; the issue is to throw you off and steal your anointing. Guard it with your lives, dear ones. The anointing is precious and not to be wasted."

Yes, Lord, I know that. It is so delicate and the enemy is so clever about arranging distractions and stealing that from me. Oh, please help me to avoid those snares, Lord.

He asked me, "Are you listening to your guardian angel? That's one of his jobs."

Yes, I recognize that now. And Your sweet Holy Spirit.

"Yes, He can and does warn you, Clare. But many times you are not listening VERY CAREFULLY. You are getting better at that, though.

"I am with you all continuously, guiding and speaking to you. I have angels to protect, advise and help you with talents, even. They are very solicitous for your welfare and how you spend your time.

"In Heaven, there is NO WASTE, none whatsoever. What you would refer to as 'time' is not operating in the same way. Without you being here, it is difficult to understand, but all are aware of what they are doing constantly, and how they are applying their freedoms.

"I have given you all tremendous freedom of choice. It can be used or abused. And this is one of the areas of everyone's life that can always be tightened up and revised. That is why I am bringing this up. In Heaven, there is no adversary, so you do not fall into traps. But here on Earth, time traps are everywhere. This is the enemy's favorite way to derail your life. There are times when you must be very firm with others. You will offend them, even if you speak to them gently, because what is important to them is not always what is important to Me."

Yes, I was musing on that today, actually. My former daughter-in-law showed up here one day, in a fury and upset, because my son canceled his plans to watch his daughter, as he had taken on another job. I totally understood her dilemma, but I had to remain faithful to the Lord. When something comes at you out of the blue, be suspicious. Most likely, it is shot from the enemy to knock you down.

I was on the absolute edge of a breakthrough with ministry and her timing couldn't have been worse. I hadn't seen her for two years and here she is, wanting me to watch my granddaughter, full-time, while she works. You know, in this situation I called her several times, but she didn't answer.

She was indignant when I told her I couldn't. Of course the demons were hammering me, "What kind of grandmother are you?? Look what other grandmother's do." (Yes, here in New Mexico, they are sacrificing their retirement years to parent their children's children.) "And you do nothing." They were shooting me full of arrows of condemnation but I knew, even though it was painful, I knew they were from the enemy. Thank the Lord for the Bible Promises. I opened to "Jealousy and disorder," which is what Ezekiel and I were both thinking.

She was very upset with me as I was reasoning to myself, 'You wouldn't dream of asking the other grandmother to quit her job to watch her; what makes me any different?' But I didn't say that. I told her I would arrange childcare for her and help with the cost. She left angry and never answered the phone when I called her back with arrangements to help. Plainly this was a shot from the enemy to sidetrack and intercept the anointing to go forward with ministry.

I understand the panic she was in, but I had to choose God over family. This will happen to you time and time again Heartdwellers. The enemy hates that you dedicate your time to God and will do everything in his power to cause you condemnation and false guilt.

On the other hand, if the Lord confirms that He wants you to do that, your time will be spent in obedience and He will turn that into golden graces.

The Lord continued, "My precious ones, I am here by your side, never abandoning you to the will of your enemies. And I will direct you in the way you should go. Even as it is written in the Scripture, 'The man's heart devises his own way, But the LORD directs his steps.' Proverbs 16

"But for now, I am drawing your attention to the little foxes that ruin the vine when you spend too much time on useless things. Please listen for that still small voice I whisper in your ear when you are wasting time. Please guard your time with your life and be prepared to fight for it when the enemy tries to steal it.

"I am with you and you will be victorious all the way to the mountain top, if you will only listen very carefully and obey.

"I love you, precious ones, and I know this instruction will bring forth sweet fruit in your lives. For you I have many wonderful things planned. Press in!"