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October 31, 2014

"He does want to kiss you, and dance with you, and explore the beauties of Heaven with you. He loves to be kissed. The pure exchange of hearts that He longs for from His Bride. He will kiss you in the Spirit, because you are so dear to Him, His Bride-to-be and there will be nothing carnal about it."

At this point, when I was writing this, I really did feel the Holy Spirit take over and I want to share with you what I journaled and I felt that this was from Him.

"These kisses from the Lord transform you from merely clay vessels to golden vessels of divine love, soaking in transforming love for you. I heal the woundedness, the scars, the empty places that were once filled with joy but betrayed and lost forever. Deep, painful fissures in your souls that I pour the oil of joy into and bring you to fulfillment and overflowing with living waters of life that every thirsty soul you encounter may drink deeply of. But this will never happen if you avoid me and believe the excuses and lies that the enemy has attempted to sabotage our relationship with.

"Do you have friends that are devastated by divorce? Those fissures of pain can be healed once and for all by my love if you are willing to seek me until you find me, to enter into my rest and allow the oil of joy and gladness to penetrate deeply into the wounds.

"Are you sorrowing over the loss of a loved one who died a painful death from cancer? This fissure also can be healed and filled with understanding and love so you may pour out this balm on other hurting souls.

"Are you confused and disappointed over your failures? Your dreams unfulfilled? And facing a bleak future with no purpose? Sit with me. Allow my love to restore your hope. Allow me to penetrate these dark and lonely places with my love and I will bring you up and out of it. I will lead you into life pastures with crystal springs and show you the destination of your dreams where all your gifts and talents and dreams will be manifested by my powerful grace working through you.

"I tell you the truth, there is no wound too deep, no dream too impossible, no life unattainable. I will bring you into the fullness of your life, doing the very things you were created for."

Boy, I can testify to that.

"And fulfilling your life beyond your wildest dreams. And best of all, I will be your constant companion. You will never feel alone again. I will never abandon you and at the end of your life, the fireworks will go off as you ascend in my arms into the most perfect place that I've created just for you."

Again, beyond your wildest dreams.