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August 27, 2017

Lord, please give us the grace to really press in with our prayers, that evil may be checked for a season.

Dear ones, I got this message on Friday and was waiting for more to it, but it never came. So, I'm putting this up, and asking you to please continue to press in deeply with prayers and sacrifices.

This is a very short message, but I felt it was necessary for me to share it with you, just as it is.

I had an impression, after having communion, about the Earth's crust moving. And a plunge taking place, with layers of strata. So when I came to sit down and listen to Him, Jesus began.

"As I began to tell you, with one movement, the Earth's crust--with one plunge of strata--integral underground cities will be destroyed."

Integral - necessary to make a whole complete. Essential.

"These are places that have been initiated, dedicated with ritual to be command centers - and I intend to bring them down. Prayers are needed. More prayers. Don't stop now - keep going, and intensify your offerings.

"Clare, these pains all over your body are fast offerings for this task. All of you who are crippled, disabled, suffering various pains, being falsely accused, being hated and reviled without good cause. All of you are contributing to the effort.

"Make good use of this time, Beloved. I know how painful your body becomes, but try to make good use of it, nonetheless. Your prayers are effective."

Jesus, I wish they were more fiery and emotional, connected to what YOU are feeling...

"The act of your will says it all, Clare. The dedication of your time, your desire to go deeper in prayer - all these leanings are meritorious. Just press in, Beloved. Just press in."

So, forgive the shortness of the message, dear ones. But I thought you should know about this. And that we all need to redouble our efforts in praying.

The Lord bless you all. And thank you so much for being a part of this ministry and for praying for us. We really do need your prayers, and we appreciate them so much.