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November 3, 2014

God bless you, Youtube family.

You know, I have noticed a tendency for the Rapture videos we have posted to get more views than the teachings having to do with Virtue. And for those who wonder, "Why in the world is she teaching on virtue when the Lord is coming any day now?" We all can feel a deep, deep sense of expectation that the Lord is coming. Even tonight, it's been a really rough night for us, because we can just feel in our hearts so much anticipation and so much longing for the Lord. It's been a very hard day for that reason. We can't live without Him, and we can't wait for Him to come and get us!

But, I want to explain to you why I've been teaching on Virtue. First of all, this is the Lord's mandate to me. He's asked me to do this. I kind of polished off the last 5 teachings, the long ones, being 45 minutes or and hour because He asked me specifically, "Many people have not gotten this message and it is very important to Me. Please post it again".

And I did. And I'm going to break it down to 10 minute segments to make it a little easier for those of you who don't really have the time to listen to an hour long teaching. So, the answer to this whole thing about, "Why is she teaching on virtue when the Lord's coming any day now." The answer's very simple: I'm hoping we will all recognize the sins that still remain in our lives - the blemishes and repent of those while there's still time.

Guys, there is a reason why the lord has delayed the Rapture. There is a reason why He hasn't raptured us yet. And I believe it still hinges on the Brides' readiness to some degree.

And so, He's trying to get us in a position where we are repentant of the things that could hold us back, could keep us from being taken. And He's asking to share those things with you. So, there's still spiritual work to be done in preparing our wedding garment. There's work to be done, otherwise we would be gone by now. If there weren't things we needed to change, we would not be here right now.

So, in this short message, the sad truth is: many, many, many will be left behind. This message I received from the Lord. What I'm hoping for and what I believe the Lord is hoping for, too, is the last minute repentance from lukewarmness to deep, stinging repentance that will qualify us for the Rapture. As soon as we recognize those sins and repent of them, the Blood of Jesus wipes away every stain on our wedding garment. Every single stain, every spot, every wrinkle - wrinkles being habit - long standing habits. Our contrition moves Gods' heart to clothe us in mercy and grace so we may be taken.

I'm going to be very honest with you and transparent. Every single time I make a video, I learn more things about myself that I need to repent of. I don't believe I will ever be without spot, wrinkle or blemish, but I do believe the Lord's mercy will wipe all away as I do repent, and to that end, I'm sharing these teachings on commonly accepted behavior in God's Church that are sins - sins that can prevent us from being taken. That's the reason for those 5 long videos. It's a very serious issue.

I would ask you - please be patient with me. I know they're not exciting and titillating...I understand that about the approaching Rapture. I know that. But God has a reason for them.

And who knows? Thirty minutes before the sound of the trumpet and person could have heard a video that the Holy Spirit anointed and used to break his heart wide open in repentance and because of that - he WILL be taken.