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September 15, 2017

My Dear Heartdwellers, this piece of music cries out for us to join the Lord in the Garden of our Hearts, where He dwells and waits for us.

Things are very painful for so many these days, and He feels that pain. WE are His solace and comfort in the suffering. The days and weeks have gone by, and alone He has waited for us to join Him in this dwelling place, made only for the two of us.

Dear ones, this is the Lord's heart right now. He is lonely for us. I wish I could say I am an exception - but more and more I realize, I've been very busy for Him...but not WITH Him. Two nights ago, I recorded this, while Ezekiel was in prayer and holding the Lord, who was crying. Because He missed His Bride's consolation. Her company brings Him so much comfort, even as the angels comforted Him in the Garden, before His crucifixion.

We mean so much to Him! If this melancholy music does not stir that in you, consider the timing on this, which worked out to be 11minutes and 13 seconds. 1113. I did NOT manipulate that at all.

As I told you before, just a few weeks ago, when I got our PO box I mused to myself, 'I'm not going to ask for anything special. Let's just see what I'm given by the Lord.' I nearly shouted 'Hallelujah' at the counter when she gave me the keys to our PO box: 1113. That has been our precious number since I can't remember when - for at least 30 years. 1 for the Father, 1 for the Son, 1 for the Holy Spirit - equals 3. The Holy Trinity, One God.

If I wasn't too sure, putting this together with what I was feeling, the Lord nailed it down for me, with the numbers in the length.

Let's give Him our best attentions in the Garden, dear ones. Truly, He needs our comfort.