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November 6, 2014

We become so busy with conferences and activities at church that we really don't have the time to dedicate to the Lord in absolute purity worship time, listening for His voice, studying the Scriptures. That intimacy, where you can hear His voice, where He speaks to you, where He holds you in His arms, He comforts you. He warns you of trials, He teaches you - that intimacy comes at a cost.

And the cost has to do with not filling your life with busy work. And busy studies and running here and there to be taught.

Because if you have an intimate relationship with the Lord, He will teach you directly from the Scriptures, from life lessons, things that happen during the day. From nature - there's so many different ways that He communicates with us.

But He will teach you, if you take the time to cultivate Him. "Those who seek Me, find Me."

So, going to conferences and getting too busy with conferences and Bible studies and group meetings can be a real detriment. Because if you dedicate 2-3 hours of time just to the Lord everyday, there tends - the intimacy between you grows and grows and you're more sensitive to His voice. And the time that you've taken to go to a conference - where you have learned maybe one or two things that may be important to you - could have been infused to your heart and imparted to you in that intimate time with the Lord, without all these trappings of having to get dressed and to travel and to be in crowds...all the things that involves.

So, this fear of encountering God also has to do with fear of who we are before the Lord, and we have nothing to be afraid of. He loves us so tenderly! When He shows us our faults, you know, it just melts my heart. Yes, it's hard sometimes to deal with your faults - but He's so tender and gentle about it. And He prepares you with the anesthetic of love so thoroughly, when He brings you the things that you were afraid of sitting and being quiet in front of Him about, you begin to lose that fear, and you begin to become eager.

"Lord, show me the things that get in the way of our relationship!"