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November 21, 2017

(as written by Carol)


Jesus, dress me now in Your Armor of God.


Put on me The Helmet of Salvation: Place tightly the earflaps, guarding my ears from the enemy's lies and whisperings. Set the Guard of Love over my mouth, that I speak with Your words, Your inflections of voice. Lower the Filter of Mercy and Compassion over my eyes, that I may see the world through Your shed Blood. Make impenetrable the helmet's crown--the Dome of Protection--over my mind, sealing out the projections, suggestions and dredged-up memories of the evil ones. Let Your mind be within me. Let me think with, consider with and act on Your thoughts, not my own, until You make them one and the same.

I declare: I am Yours and You are mine: we are One. I pledge to strive with all my heart, mind and will to let no sin or demon ever separate me away from You, stand between us, or cause my heart or mind to wander, even a step, from Your side.


The Breastplate: Gather up all that is Yours, now cleansed--my heart, my spirit, my soul, my mind, my will, my Garden--and protect it within Your Breastplate of Righteousness. May the enemy's weapons bounce off, and may their excrement slide off, nothing staying, nothing sticking. Grant me the Grace NOT to form chinks, through my sin, in this armor that protects where You dwell within me, thereby allowing the demons access.


The Belt: Wrap the Belt of Truth firmly around me, sealing and closing up access to the enemy through finely crafted lies and deceits, into the place where You dwell, as a thief would enter a Home. Reveal to me Truth in all occasions, and help me never to bend, ignore or deny it. Let me always seek the Truth and speak the Truth.


The Sandals: shod my feet with the Gospel of Peace. Let my feet walk upon the Waters of Peace with each step, eyes firmly fixed on You--and may it flow out from each step in ever-widening circles, touching the hearts, minds and attitudes of those that surround me and I interact with throughout the day. Secure within me the Peace that Passes All Understanding.


The Sword and Shield: I take now Holy Spirit's Sword in my hand. I take from Your hand the Shield of Faith. Teach me to use these with Your Wisdom, Your Power, Your Authority--and to never shy away from a battle You have sent me to engage in. It is ONLY through Your Power, Strength and Authority that I am enabled to do this. Let me never, ever allow Pride a foothold here.


The Cloak of Humility: Cover me now, and all of Your armor with the Cloak of Humility. Conceal ME beneath its folds and hood; let others see NOTHING but You shining out from within. 

I had been 'seeing' Jesus dress me in this armor for months, and praying over what I felt He wanted me to understand with each piece. I ask to be clothed in His armor AFTER I have gone through worship, confession, repentance/cleansing and taking Communion with Him, and before we 'engage' in battle in the Binding Prayer.

One morning, Holy Spirit impressed on me to write it all down. Praying it blesses you as much as it does me each day.