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November 21, 2017

Thank you, Lord, for encouraging us all that falls are part of the process of winning. Help us to judge things by Your true standards and not the vain standards of the world.

There have been a few things I've worked on that I had to change gears with--it was just too much for me to accomplish right now. And that, of course, makes me a little sad. I want to do so much good with the time I've been given. So, the Lord came and gave me a little encouragement for all of us.

Jesus began, "Do not be overly discouraged with your failures, Clare. Do not be too hard on yourself. You are moving along at a steady pace and that is all I want for you. I am not asking for great works, rather steady progress, perseverance, dedication, and denying yourself those things I have warned you about.

"So many become easily discouraged when they don't make the mark they have envisioned for themselves in the time frame they had in mind. The truth is, it takes time to make the mark and it cannot be rushed. Rather, it takes steady plodding and getting up whenever you fall. Not with a condemnatory attitude about yourself, but one of reality: 'I am still learning. It's ok to make mistakes, this is how I learn.' As long as you don't continue to make those same mistakes over and over again, this is progress and I am pleased with it.

"Repentance is at the very core of holiness. How can I give gifts to those who waste them? There must be a deep-seated abhorrence of sin, and with sin I add: wasting time on things that are innocent, but not for Our best interests.

"There is a certain laxness that you can fall into when you are comfortable and feel like you're making progress. A kind of 'reward' mentality. Please avoid this and take Me very seriously when I tell you not to look at things. You should already know this, because you have been seriously bitten by those things in the past--to the point where you lost an entire day's work.

"Your dedicated times are so very important to Me, to My Father, and My Spirit, because this is the time you have dedicated yourself to Our agenda. So much fruit comes from this agenda, you have no way of knowing it, but I tell you the word 'Fruitfulness' is an understatement.

"You do not see how your voice is improving when you do the exercises, but I see. You just don't do it enough. I agree, this is a good way to 'start' your day, while you are still waking up. And then you will not feel remorse when the night is over and you still haven't cultivated your voice."

Yeah... I have a bad habit of getting up and looking at my inbox. And the other day, I think, I spent nine hours in my inbox and I said, 'That's it. I'm not doing this again!' And I felt so guilty, because I didn't work on my vocal skills at all.

And the Lord came back and shared with me, "This instructor you have is way very talented at bringing out the best in you, so if you faithfully, faithfully, faithfully, apply yourself--the results will be truly worth-while. Nevertheless, it is still about the anointing--don't ever forget that. Become a witness to this man, show him I live and move and breathe through you. And I will touch his heart. 'What makes this person really different? What makes them tick?' That's a question I want to answer, but first you must, by your steady progress, cause it to be asked.

"These are things I want you to focus on now, as well as finishing the painting, which is very, very important to Us."

Yeah, it's important to Ezekiel, too. He LOVES God the Father and he desperately has wanted an image of Him that he could really relate to. So, every night he sneaks back there to see how far I've gotten. It's very, very sweet. And he's feeling the anointing in it. He's feeling the presence of the Father in the eyes. And I thought that was wonderful. I do, too, as a matter of fact. And it kind of surprised me, 'cause I haven't done a whole lot to it yet.

Anyway, Jesus continued, "Precious Family, do not expect instantaneous victory and accomplishment. We are in this for the long haul, and every time you apply yourselves, you get closer to your dreams coming true. Some of you are frustrated over obstacles. I am there with you and there is breakthrough coming; persevere.

"Some of you are making progress, but just not fast enough to suit you. Pray for patience and vision to understand more about what you are undertaking and how it will eventually impact the Kingdom.

"Don't lose sight of the journey, which is deliberately dotted with opportunities for personal holiness, denying yourself, picking up your cross and following Me. It's not all about the results, but how you get there, that is most important. Did you learn your spiritual lessons on the way... or did you skirt them to get done in a hurry? Are you avoiding a challenge and trying to work around it? Or are you relying totally on Me to help you work through it?

"You cannot go on to the next level without finishing the one you are on. And when I say 'finish', I am looking at many things, not just the accomplishment itself. Things you learn on this level will prepare you to go deeper on the next. So, linger on these things when you feel challenged by them. Camp out there for a while and see the richness in possibilities when you do accomplish it without compromise or passing over the harder parts."

Yeah, for me that would be my breakpoint from chest register to head register...That's a tough one.

"All that you do in obedience to Me bears fruit. You do not see this fruit, because your mind is more connected with the outcome. You don't realize it, but the journey gives clout to the results. The more you put into it--and by that I don't mean visible things, I mean the things you do behind the scenes, the shadow work--the more you invest, the greater the return.

"My Kingdom is not run on only visible results, but those things invisible: the attitude of heart, the perseverance in trials, getting up from falls. All these things add up to greatness of the work at hand, the heart, the sacrifice and the final result. Those of you in ministry are imparting many things unseen to the souls who follow you or benefit from hearing you. Your demeanor, your patience, your charity with both yourself and others, your integrity and honesty about what you did and what came from another source. These things are just as important as the outcome.

"That is why we stress integrity and obedience on this Channel. These qualities in you give the most weight to your accomplishments. Though they are not seen nor judged from the outside, I tell you, they have a profound influence. You cannot give what you do not have; you cannot impart integrity when it doesn't exist in your own life. No matter what you say to foster it, if your example is not alive with these attributes, you are wasting your time.

"I wish I could convince you all that it is the hidden life that imparts beauty to the outer life. It is the hidden melody that carries the stream of the anointing. I do not anoint the outside only, unless it is a purely secular endeavor--and I need to use it. But I look for those souls who put an incalculable weight on the life they lead that no one sees.

"So, be encouraged, My Brides, when things seem to progress slowly. You are pleasing Me, although others may not see it in your work. Your relationship with Me is vibrant and alive and those things that are hidden make up the true beauty that carries the work to completion."

And that was the end of His message. Very sweet message, very encouraging.

I want to take a moment to let you know that we have been helping people. We are trying to add a few things onto the web site so you can see. We have a poor family in the Islands, we are sponsoring their recovery after the Hurricane. The mother is 6 months pregnant with her two little ones and went through an incredible ordeal that nearly took her and her children's lives. We have sent her many donations, but more recently just helped her pour cement and put in a new floor, since the Hurricane had seriously damaged the one they had. She lives on a very steep hillside and it's a miracle from God that she survived. I will see what I can do to have her testimony posted on our outreach page. You can barely read her handwriting.

We've purchased two wood stoves and are having them installed and about 13 loads of premium pinion firewood had gone out to the poor families on the Mesa. And both the Santo Nino food bank and the Reservation, the Taos Indian Reservation, are getting new winter jackets and boots for their children. We are really thrilled about that. It's becoming a tradition. The photos will be coming up shortly after everything is distributed.

And aside from the donation we sent to Nicaragua for the water system to the village, where the people are very sick from the water, it looks now like we may be donating enough to purchase a boat to get back and forth there and to be used for fishing as well. We are talking about a big fishing boat for a few thousand dollars that we didn't have.

But this is so interesting! Several months ago, the Lord gave us a donation of, a very large donation. And He told us to hold it aside. So, we did. And it turns out to be the exact amount of the boat. It's the exact amount of the donation! And we sought the Lord about it, and He said, "Uh huh. That's what I wanted you to use it for".

So, that's a livelihood for a whole village, because they fish. They charge something like $500.00 to go deep into the Amazon jungle with a crew of people to put the water systems in and supply them, the children there - the poor families, with food and medicine. That gets to be a lot when you've gotta do that more often, you know--like once a month or every two weeks. That's a whole lot of money. So, Erik came up with the idea of getting them a boat, which was WAY out of reach for them. But not for the Lord!

Some of these girls have something called jungle leprosy, which is terrible. It's a hideous skin disease, where the skin peals. And Erik is helping get medicine for them. More recently, we have learned the children are eating bark, so we've stepped up our food donation to them, to get it out to the outer reaches.

It's called the Miskito Coast, which is from the Miskito Indian people--the indigenous people there. It's not mosquito, it's Miskito - it's right on the border with Honduras. Way, way deep into the Amazon forest.

Well, I must tell you, after all these wonderful opportunities to help, we are totally wiped out except for one or two salaries. This is a hard time of the year for all ministries, because so much goes into Christmas. I know many of you are looking forward to Black Friday so you can get things you really, like a computer, or whatever. Things that you do really need and you've been saving for that. And I would say please, don't use your money to help us, please. We have other people who have an abundance, and you've been waiting for this opportunity for the things you really need.

So, I'm basically appealing to some of our other Heartdwellers who God has blessed them with ample resource. So, I am asking you, dear ones, to help us make it through to February when donations come back to normal.

Anyway, this will allow us to continue to reach out to the poor for things like medication and electric bills for families that just can't make it, and keep our two employees afloat, as well.

Good news is we will be tax exempt very soon as a charitable organization. As always, we will cover our needs first and take care of everyone else afterwards. Our paperwork hasn't quite been finalized yet, but we are close.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness to pray for Ezekiel and I. There are some amazing breakthroughs happening, and the fruits from this year are going to be super abundant. So much depends on your prayers, Heartdwellers. We cannot express how deeply grateful we are for all of you, for your caring and your prayers. And equally, we pray for you as well.

God bless you, sweet Family.