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December 16, 2017

Lord, please give us a heart for these desperate, abused children that we may pray and minister to their needs in the Spirit. Amen

Well, Family, this is a sad subject, but it's going on all around us. It's just can't believe what's happening to young people these days. Recently one of our Heartdwellers, who is a shut-in, had a most beautiful experience with Jesus, that I believe is worth sharing and also has been confirmed to me as true by the Lord.

I know I have been grieving for the shattered lives of these children who are trafficked and tortured and praying for justice to protect all children, healing for those still living, and safety for those who have been targeted. So, when this was told to me it was no surprise. Here is what happened and what the Lord is calling some people to.

They began, "As I meditate on the meaning of this advent season, I've been holding the "Christmas" Baby Jesus and He in my arms has spiritually transformed into a poor abused and tortured child.

"At first, I saw just one child in the spirit, which my heart immediately went out to. Then as I prayed, another and another and I found myself embracing these children in the spirit, yet I sensed them beside the infant Christ in my arms.

"I gently tucked the blanket around these children in the spirit and a wave of sweetness and deep peace settled over us. Somehow, I 'knew' that I was indeed comforting a child, somewhere in the world, that had been trafficked, tortured, abused and was completely isolated, and crying out for help."

Then the Lord began to speak to me, "I want you to spiritually adopt trafficked children," He began. "You are well aware of the horrible kidnapping, selling, and trafficking of poor innocent children throughout the world in many places. Not only are they taken from their parents and siblings, which in itself is terrorizing enough. But after being sold, they are beaten severely to make them submit, from the very first moment, to the unspeakable sexual abuse and painful violation of their tender little bodies.

"Some of you, yourselves, were subjected to terrible abuse and neglect when you were young, as well--and you know how devastating it was to you, even up into your adult years.

"I appeal to you now. Please work with Me to rescue, comfort, and heal these precious children and young adults who are daily victims of unbelievable terror and extreme pain; crying, begging, and pleading day and night for someone to PLEASE help them.

"They are constantly in a state of tremendous fear, as some are kept in chicken-wire cages, others in basements, cold, malnourished, and dehydrated. The only time they see the light of day is when they are dragged out, roughly washed, put in nice dresses with no under covering, and driven to clandestine motel rooms, where one or more drunken "customers" are just waiting to use and abuse them repeatedly.

"Sometimes as many as six different men, or even more, keep them for hours on end, burning, beating, and raping them. Some of them do not survive these long periods of torture and abuse. To keep down the screaming, these men will stuff socks and handkerchiefs into their mouths. Because many of the the children are already very weak and sick, they have difficulty breathing, and they can end up dying by suffocation.

"If by chance they do survive, many soon succumb within days to complications from punctured spleens and internal bleeding.

"Although all of this has been very hard for you to hear, and very hard for Me to describe to you, by the profound compassion and tenderness of My Father, We have seen their tears, and heard their desperate pleas. Therefore, We have made a provision to distract them away from being tortured, allowing souls who are praying for them to experience the tenderness of being loved and held securely. Contrary to what is happening to them, they find some comfort in this.

"Those with hearts to comfort these children have experienced this and now I am asking you to work with Me, and 'spiritually adopt' as many of these as you possibly can. If you will give me your permission, and your own free will, to take these and intentionally hold them, cover them, and carry them close within your heart--I will expand both your heart and soul to accommodate ALL that I bring to You, along with All the love and attention of an alert and devoted mother.

"Am I not your Faithful God? Do I say, and not carry out? I will be with them as the 'dew-laden breeze' in the fiery furnace. And many shall live, going out to proclaim My wonderful love and deliverance to the ends of the Earth!

"I have decreed all of this," says the Lord, "that the souls of many shall be saved!"

And that was the end of His message to them.

They began, "Every day now, I spiritually welcome the heavenly citizens to come and gather with me to pray with me and I travail over the children of the world--yet without physically leaving my room, that I might bring them comfort. And somehow, through the power of the Holy Spirit I believe there is a connection and these children hidden away and abused are truly receiving comfort from God through my poor human and spiritual vessel." And that's the end of their sharing about this.

I would like to add that I've done a very little research on what is going on and would you be shocked to know that here, in this town in Taos, in towns in Nebraska - middle America, you know? Places you think would be so innocent, in nice neighborhoods. It's taking place right in your neighborhood.

In fact, What Happened to the Girl Next Door? is the title of a documentary about a little five-year-old, six-year-old girl that was sucked into this scheme. It's on Youtube, and I'm going to leave you the link to that.

This is a horrible crime, which is now rampant in the United States. The newscaster in Omaha Nebraska says it is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world! And right here in America.

When you think about it, anyone can do it. A handsome young man can lure children in from abusive families, pretending to love them, have sex with them and giving them a better life than what they have at home. Then after the children are bonded to them, or fall in love with them, they begin to ask them to do something for them.

In this video I was watching, she was six years old when this began. Her mother didn't even know what was going on. She would go to bed early, telling her mom she was sick with a stomach ache. And she'd go up to her room and pretend to be asleep. Then she'd sneak out and this man would take her to a motel room to have sex with one of these clients. She did this, because she thought he loved her and this was the right thing to do. uhhh... it is so perverted.

Anyway, as they lure the children in from abusive families, and the children are bonded to them, they tell them, 'Well, I'm behind on rent and I need your help.' And they give the children alcohol and marijuana and introduce them to a stranger to have sex with them. There is a whole process they use to take these children into emotional bondage until they feel powerless to get out of it.

Then the pimps sell them to another pimp and they give them drugs so they are dependent on the drugs and will do whatever they are told to do or go through withdrawal.

I will leave you a link or two for you to investigate. Truly this is heart breaking, and it's happening around the block from wherever you live. It is happening in small rural communities and in cities. And it's just unbelievable.

Please pray for these adolescents that are lured into this emotional trap that just deprives them totally of their childhood. And the average life expectancy in this business is 7 years. They last for maybe 7 years. Ehhh! It's unbelievable. Before they die or they overdose, or they manage to escape. But their lives are ruined. Every one of these women who were testifying were overweight and it's obvious, that being violated like that, they gain a lot of weight. And I've seen that before in people who have been violated - they gain weight. It just seems to be some kind of a psychological response - a physiological response that happens in their body.

So, this is not just going on with Congress and the Virgin Islands, St. John's Island, or anything. This is going on RIGHT HERE. At truck stops and in town here, where we live. So, they give you some things to look out for, so that you can spot what's going on and report it. You can call a hotline and report it.

But the greatest thing we can do is to pray for them, and to pray that this horrible, horrible industry will be completely squashed by law enforcement.

Well, God bless you, dear ones. And thank you so much for donating to our mission. It helps keep us going and it definitely is taking care of people who need firewood here in Taos. It's getting pretty cold and they've gone through their first load of firewood. And your help, whatever is left over, we take care of the people around us that are calling out for heat or electricity.

Thank you so much. And the Lord bless you. What Happened To The Girl Next Door? (NE Pennsylvania)