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December 19, 2017

Lord Jesus, please strike the hearts of the people with compunction, so that we are, by our offerings and prayers, empowering the good government to make vital changes and to protect our president and nation, so all will even increase and persevere in these efforts, in safety. Amen.

Lord do you have anything to say...

"Yes, I have much to say." Jesus began. "Your people are praying, and for that reason they will prosper--and I do not mean in terms of money. I mean a life free of worry. The kind of worry that overtakes a people when an unrighteous man rules.

"Let the unrighteous be done away with. Let them see the spectacle of justice being carried out. Let them hope in Me for a time of faith and good works. I have sent my angels forth and they are overturning the coffers of the wicked, they are bringing to nothing the plots of evil men, and in fact, instituting what is righteous and good in the land.

"But more prayer is needed; this is not a time to back down.

"Many dark people and many dark places have not yet been touched by Justice, and I wish for ALL of them to be brought down and replaced with men and women after My own heart. I want to see justice meted out and propositions to save the weak and the needy, the elderly and the wounded, the young and the mothers implemented. A society filled with justice, where corruption is not the norm, where corruption is not tolerated or explained away.

"This is My Heart, Clare, and this is why you are praying. Each night, I put on your heart the very thing before Me that needs the most prayer. Prayers for the wicked pharmaceutical companies, prayers for the end to pollution and the aluminum in the environment, and climate control. These were for tonight. All of these things are wicked, wicked things--yet not all can be resolved before I come to establish justice on the Earth."

Lord, I am a bit confused about this time of peace You are wanting to bring about upon the Earth, and how the Tribulation will start?

"Clare, evil men will still exist, but it will take quite a bit of time to restructure their wicked network. What is most important is a praying people covering your government and the governments of the world with prayer.

"When prosperity becomes so distracting that prayer takes a back seat, that's when you should begin to sit up and take notice. The distraction of abundance will again bring this nation down, because it is human nature to grow lax in prosperity.

"This is something your president must learn. The turning point is always at the very top of a culture; the zenith comes, then the descent.

"Clare, My heart is for the Muslim people. Everything these wicked rulers have done to set culture against culture, faith against faith has only backfired in their faces, because now they are ready to consider Christianity. They have played chess and lost and now I will call all men to Myself and the millions of souls that would have been lost--as Satan plays for keeps--will be brought home to My loving arms.

"Oh, how wonderful the days when the lost receive Me into their hearts and all of Heaven celebrates!

"So, you see, you are not only praying for peace in your nation, but around the world--that each country would wake up and boot out the unrighteous governing forces and tend to the poor and vulnerable among them.

"And especially for the Muslim people to be given new hope. England is a tragedy and its only hope is revival. This I have set My heart on, yet there is much disorder and opposition there. As I have shown you before, the mosques are hotbeds of evil."

Here He is referring to a vision I had about seven years ago. He took me into a mosque and we stood for some time at the entrance. Soon, I saw cobras--black cobras--pouring out from behind the public speaking area. They flowed like water across the polished marble floors, out the doors, down the steps and into the street.

In the back was a very long, narrow room with men seated on the floor cross-legged against the walls, and across from one another. At the end of this long room was a throne, presumably for the Mahdi. And it was vacant.

Ben Laden was there, waiting with others for the one who was to sit on that throne. In the meantime, cobras came from the mouths of the men and slithered up the walls and out the windows into the city. I also saw it from high above the Earth, where darkness was spewing forth from those buildings in London.

Jesus continued, "Yes, much harm has been done deliberately to the people of this nation. Betrayal after betrayal to destroy the culture and set race against race, allowing the Muslim faith to proliferate both in numbers of people and influence, to the point that their unjust laws are taking over the nation.

"It is an incredible travesty, but many of the people have turned from Me and brought this upon themselves. When they come back to their senses and back to Me, change will be possible. But until then, evil will proliferate and spread out from there.

"My heart is for all men to recognize their need for Me and abandon the ways of violence, that I might bring them into My Kingdom of Love and Justice. Without love, justice is only an illusion. These are evil days, yet filled with hope.

"Continue, My beloved Heartdwellers. Continue to pray. And if you do not sense a burden during your communion preparations, ask for one and I will give it."