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January 2, 2018

Lord, please continue to raise up prayer warriors for our country and give them supernatural wisdom and favor with You and Our Father. Amen

Dear ones, continue with your prayers. Please. There are seven containers on trucks, reportedly having weapons of mass destruction. They have crossed the boarder from Canada into the United States and only God and the military know where they are going. Please pray against this clear and present evil that it will completely fail. God's arm is long; He can do much to foil their ugly schemes.

I want you to know, there is a great deal of fruit of your prayers--yours and the prayers of others around the world.

I'm going to give you a very short update, because this is out of the character for Heartdwellers Ministry, but I feel that I owe you at least to know what your prayers have accomplished.

"One of the sealed indictments was unsealed: Soros, both Bushes, Cheney, David Rockefeller, John Ashcroft, Brent Scowcroft, John Brennan, Condolesa Rice, and about ten more people the Prosecutor wants the death sentences for what they did on 9-11 and Uranium 1.

"Hillary is indicted on charges of helping Soros, that's a ten-year sentence, but in other indictments she is facing the death penalty. John McCain is looking at life in Gitmo for helping Soros, along with Obama and John Kerry.

"Barry Soetoro (Obama's other name). His assets in Thailand were seized by Delta Force on Saturday, with the cooperation of Thailand. $100 million in Gold (stolen from 9/11and the basement of the building) and several encrypted laptops were seized. The $100 M in gold now belongs to the US Treasury."

And from what I understand, aside from the Bush's being involved in the destruction of the Twin Towers, there was a great deal of gold stored downstairs in the basement. And when that gold came out, the buildings came down.

"These all will be prosecuted by military Tribunals, similar to the Nuremburg Tribunals of WWII.

"There are three more planes going to Gitmo right now. 30-50 members of Congress and the Senate will not return to office this week.

"Julian Assange in protective custody with Trump and has been given complete amnesty of all crimes.

"8 nations will have regime change this year, no longer supported by Soro's money. Iran is the first."

So, that's the run-down. Pretty much the most important intel news that I have. And like I said, this is out of character for our Channel, but I'm doing this to let you know your prayers are working marvelously! The Lord is answering prayers.

So, in my time with the Lord, the first thing I said was, "Lord, I don't want the dirt. I want purity and my music--but I don't want to be ignorant as to what's going on. Who will rescue me from this body of death?"

Jesus answered me, "My Clare, I am all compassion for you. You have always been fascinated with military things, because it is in your ancestry. I do so understand and sympathize with you. But you have to choose which way you will go with your attentions. There is not a soon ending to the drama. There will be court cases, convictions and executions. It will go on for months. How long do you want to be absent from the tender things, and the purity I have called you to?

"It is true, you deal with corruption of some sort every single day. I cannot give you any guarantees that you will be free of this without a monumental disinterest. And because you are in the position of leading others in prayer, I will require you to have some understanding of what is taking place and how I want you to pray.

"All I can say is that I want you to distance yourself as much as you can from details. They are little hooks that you get caught on and lead you onto the Internet for more details. If you can please control yourself and come to Me before you look for more. Pray and ask Me, 'Jesus, how should I pray?' If I think there is more for you, you will feel the release to look. If I don't, then satisfy yourself with praying with all your heart and leave it at My feet.

"To do violence to your curiosity is a virtue with much merit. I will count it as a fast offering. I have heard the cry of your heart. I am not deaf or far away. I live within you, I have heard and We are answering your prayers, as well as the thousands of others whose hearts are crying out for an end to this.

"I am holding back the wrath. Nuking 7 cities is NOT on the agenda. You remember when the bomb headed for the apartment building in Jerusalem turned around and went out to sea? I have My ways and My ways are much greater than any man's ways.

"Nonetheless, your prayers are immensely valuable. Yes, I want your people to pray. There are many schemes instituted as retaliation against your country's progress in gaining freedom from the tentacles of the Deep State. It is much more pervasive than was first imagined, much more so. Why? Because there are those with ambition to carry through the agendas that had been begun, and they lay low in the government, knowing that to be exposed would be the end of them. Yet they are there, and acting as if they are on your side.

"That is the great danger: these set in place with their personal agendas and allegiances to the NWO. They will subvert wherever they are, but while the heat is on go along with your president's agendas, pretending to be on board. Then, when the opportunity arises, they will betray what is right.

"Again, this is much deeper than other's thought and has tentacles in every major government, and is well connected. So, I need your prayers that these traitors will be exposed before they can do damage.

"Pray, pray, pray for your president. He can do nothing without your prayers, fasting and sacrifices. This is how the grace to overcome evil is released. It is by those whose hearts are poured out before the throne of My Father that cause Him to rise up and defeat evil. These prayers are your most powerful weapons. I cannot say that enough times. What is impossible for man is possible for God, and you will face many impossible scenarios in the coming months.

"Remember, you are dealing with Satanists. Even if you locked up 75% of the Satanic covens, others would be promoted to take their place. Prayer IS your salvation. That is why there is an Ambitious spirit released in your country, a spirit of Acquisition, a spirit of Avarice, a spirit of Distraction on the Internet. They do not want you to have the time to dedicate to prayer. That is why you are persecuted--you are teaching what they fear.

"My people, pray for your nation at all times. Those who feel they are too holy to get involved and pray and vote, do not know My Word, for it is written:

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered on behalf of all men for kings and all those in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior. I Timothy 2:1-3

Jesus continued, "There is no dignity in human trafficking. There is no dignity in poisonous vaccines in the air you breathe. Rather, it is degrading to see the health and welfare of the people I love falling prey to corrupt regimes and synchronistic events in the weather, skies, public health, genocides--here in your country and in foreign countries where poison is dispensed in foods and water to limit population and encourage diseases."

Yes, in our country--that's for sure.

"This is the agenda of Satan: to reduce the population through suffering, sickness and all manner of wars, weather wars included, starvation.

"Oh, Clare I could go on and on--the travesties never stop.

"And people who seek to be in office to be corrupt and fall in line with this agenda have no idea how very foolish they are. They are only looking at the money. They haven't a clue! They are sawing off the very limb they are on. The truth is, that when the ruling Elite have accomplished what they want, many of their serfs will be terminated; they will not be invited into their brave new world.

"Wake up people!!! You who monitor sites like this, do you think when it hits the fan you will be invited into the private Elite's bunkers to enjoy champagne and caviar? Think again. You will be locked out with all the other "grunts" that did their dirty work. You will come to the same end you served to bring others down with.

"These men are evil liars who will do anything to promote their agendas. They will promise you security in their new government and then execute or lock you out when you've done their bidding. Repent of this evil you are partaking in. REPENT! I say to you.

"If you come to Me contrite, I will forgive and heal you. And even if you should die in the line of service, you will be with Me in Heaven. Because My promises are true, every single one. And I love you dearly and died to make it possible for you to be in Heaven with Me forever.

"Since when did Satan do anything like that for you? That's right--he didn't, he won't and he will continue to teach you deceit, because he is the Father of Lies. And you should have figured it out by now: anything he promised you goes only so far, then he rips your soul from your body and torments you, while laughing at your stupidity in believing anything he said.

"WAKE UP!!! You are a pawn--expendable. When your work is done, you are only good for the pleasure it will bring the demons to torment you forever in Hell. I pray for you, I love you and have no wish whatsoever to see you in Hell.

"And for the rest of you, Heartdwellers, pray for these dupes, that they will wake up before it is too late. Do not be ugly or cruel to them; pray for them and show them My unconditional love. That is their only, ONLY hope.

"In the meantime, do not allow the enemy to cut your prayer time short or make it spotty. Apply yourselves to prayer and fasting. Your life will improve by leaps and bounds, because you will be greatly rewarded for your obedience."