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January 10, 2018

As a child of Almighty God, Elohim, I call upon the Holy Ministering & Warring Angels to pray with US & enforce every directive. I declare the word "US" to include all our angels, ourselves, staff, Prayer Warriors, true Heartdwellers, ministries born from us and all of our families & pets. As well as equipment, Channels, CD's, books & all resources for our works for the Lord.

Father, please clothe US completely in the Blood of Your Son, Jesus, and Your full Armor. Strengthen US in faith, courage, valor to stand against & overcome the evil within ourselves, as well as the evil without. Father, please send US the angelic forces and Holy Spirit guidance we need.

In the Name of Jesus, I speak to every demon against US: I bind your ability to communicate. Undo your devices, return what you have stolen, repair what you have damaged--and release US, NOW. In Jesus' Name, release US, NOW. In Jesus' Name, release US NOW. I bind all your faculties necessary to act against US, your force, skill, all your connections, back up, retaliation, leaders and associates. I break every assignment and retaliation against US, now, in Jesus' Name. You are finished here. I bind your excrement to you and send you directly to the feet of Jesus Christ and ban you from ever returning to US.

x3 In the Mighty Name of Jesus, every part of Satan's kingdom against US--come down now, never to be replaced! x3

I call upon the Warring Angels to go before US and demolish every slander, lie, deceit & weapon against US and those being led to US. I silence, disable and send to the feet of Jesus all those who created these, their leaders, backup & forces of retaliation, in Jesus' Name & call for the Warring Angels to enforce this.

x3 In the Name above all Names, Jesus the Christ, I cancel all assignments & permissions for oppression against US. I break & forever bind every evil: inter-dimensional, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental force, evil connection & projection. Every act, thought and weapon against US. I permanently break every stronghold, link, cloak, curse, hex, evil wish, spell, incantation, seal, devilish wile against US or ministries we give rise to, in Jesus' Name. x3

Holy Angels, please enforce this. It is written, "No weapon formed against US will prosper." Lord, help US to conquer evil with Your diligence & courage.

Lord Jesus, please send Your Holy Angels to stand guard. Make a complete sweep, and remove every demon & evil practitioner from our borders, block every projection, disarm every cursed object, trap & time bomb; destroy every egg, pod & hatchling and intercept every force aimed at US.

Lord Jesus, please fortify & make impenetrable the globe of angelic protection surrounding US, wherever we go. I seal every evil portal in the air, earth, fire, water & inter-dimension on this property with the Blood of Jesus. Please send Your Holy Angels to stand guard & stop our enemies, cursed objects, forces of evil from entering. Thank you, devout and mighty Holy Angels, for enforcing these prayers. And for coming to our rescue so many times.

In the Name of Jesus, I bind every lying spirit, every spirit of division visiting this Channel. I send you to the feet of Jesus, along with your lies and excrement. Your assignments on this Channel are finished. Every curse, hex, evil wish & spell formed against this Channel and the people who visit here & work here, in Jesus' Name, I break you NOW.

3x In the Name of Jesus Christ, I break every death curse formed against us. We will live and prosper to declare the glorious works of the Lord. 3x

Lord Jesus, please fortify, sustain and bless our angels mightily in battle. Increase their power, endurance, strength and send reinforcements with healing in the heat of the battle. Holy Angels, we bless and thank you profoundly for your defense and protection. I speak divine and supernatural favor with God and man over US, over our angels and our works for You, Lord. Holy Angels, please set up strong defense around every work for the Lord, to protect those who are truly seeking Him.

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit: from the heart we praise, honor and adore You. Thank You for loving US & giving US the power to overcome evil. Jesus, I trust in You. Thank you for writing our names in the Lamb's Book of Life. Jesus, I trust in You. Thank you for sending Your holy angels to defend us. Jesus, I trust in You. Make Us holy, even as You are holy.

Holy Father, please restrain the increasing darkness and grant US more time, more grace, more mercy to sow and gather souls and the wisdom and self-control to live for You alone, in these final days.

These are official military orders, inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, a legal and binding document in the Courts of Heaven. It is written "Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven." Amen.