The resources section has ideas/links for left behind packages

The Lord is asking us to prepare not only for ourselves, but for others. From the message Your Prayers ARE Holding Back The Father's Wrath He wants at a minimum that we leave behind a bible and the book "The Rapture was real?" available on the Heart Dwellers PDF download page.

If you feel a tug from the Holy Spirit to do so, please refer to the Resource kits for the Left-Behind page to help you prepare your kit.


The world is getting pretty crazy. Massive bird and fish die-offs, crazy weather patterns and unsettled weather (including hurricanes and tornados), elections that seem to be based on who is least likely to ruin the country and the least dishonest, violent crimes everywhere and on and on. All around the world, believers, agnostics and atheists alike are getting the sense that things are not going to pleasant. Danger and heartache are coming for this generation and those left unprepared will be in for a very, very rough ride.

Smart people will see danger coming and prepare for themselves. Truly wise people will also prepare for others.

The goal of this page is to assist people prepare for the trials about to come upon this world. This page will be updated often in the coming days and weeks.

Consider what it might be like during the tribulation. Between the rider on the red horse taking peace away from the earth and the rider on the black horse collapsing the economy, if the power grid stays fully operational and internet stays up, the antichrist will certainly frown most vehemently upon anything that honors Jesus. Said another way, if the internet does not go down, anything that leads souls to Jesus will be blocked or wiped by decree of the antichrist, the world order and probably by the false prophet.

It is therefore quite prudent that as many people make backups and print local copies of these teachings and teachings from other prophets and visionaries. Consider the teaching from March 13, 2015 titled Prepare Packages, Jesus Speaks On What Is To Come, Part 9.

Archiving the internet

Consider downloading the various teachings you feel led to do so, and placing on USB memory sticks and/or CDs or DVDs. Saving multiple copies on multiple media would also be quite helpful.


If you can, download each of the youtube videos and save the videos or extract the audio. There are tools like clipgrab avilable that will help you do that. At present, all of the teachings on the Still Small Voice youtube channel take approximately 28GB. There is a comparision of youtube downloaders on wikipedia.


A recent exercise of extracting the audio from the youtube videos and compressing them suitable for voice (22050 samples/second, mono, maximum compresssion variable bit rate resulting in about 36Kbps) resulted in storage requirement of 1.8GB. If converted to 22050 samples/second, mono and compressed variable bit rate, all teachings should fit on half of ONE DVD.


There are two streams of PDFs. Carol creates the PDFs manually and puts them on while the other stream is found here on the search site, taken from her Microsoft Word copy, translated to the web and generated automatically. There is a plan to have compilations and all messages for the month also generated automatically.


The search site can now generate e-books of the teachings. To reduce the number of downloads and books available, each e-book contains all messages contained within that month.


What else?

It would also help, since electricity may not be reliable or people may need to flee populated places at a moment's notice, to print out as many teachings as possible. All the teachings are sized to fit on Letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches)