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August 1, 2019An International Community - New Healing - Refuge Road
August 2, 2019When Ministry Becomes an Idol
August 3, 2019I Long for Your Affection, My Brides
August 3, 2019Reflections- Chris Hill (Watch the video on
August 4, 2019Beloved Spouse - I Long for You
August 5, 2019Is Your Armor ONLY on the Outside?
August 7, 2019Forming Community, Walking in Love
August 10, 2019Advanced Training Prayer Over Enemy Attacks with Cursed Weapons
August 12, 2019Pearl Harbor Warning - PRAY AGAINST IT!!!
August 14, 2019Pride, Poor Judgment & Enemies
August 16, 2019Deeper Discernment: Is Jesus Our Tender Lover or Fierce Taskmaster?
August 18, 2019Uphold What is Right
August 20, 2019The Dividing Line Grows Sharper
August 22, 2019He Left the World with the Clothes on His Back
August 24, 2019Dear Ones...
August 25, 2019Jealousy and Self-Esteem
August 29, 2019Hannah's Heart Chapter One
August 29, 2019Great Suffering is About to Befall the World, Prophetic Word (Watch the video on
August 31, 2019Warfare and Tongues & Thank You