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January 2, 2017Greater Privilege Calls for Greater Humility
January 4, 2017Abiding In The Vine vs. Burnout in Ministry
January 6, 2017Gold/God Fever
January 7, 2017How The Enemy Separates Best Friends & Divides Teams
January 11, 2017America Raised From The Dead By Our Prayers
January 12, 2017There is Freedom in Being Authentic, It Reveals My Mercy
January 14, 2017How God Restores Relationships and Us When We Fail
January 16, 2017The Lord's Teacup Antidote for Spiritual Jealousy
January 17, 2017The Hidden Power of Authentic Love in the Family & Interpretation of Dreams
January 19, 2017Locked Up Behind The Bars of Self Pity & Retaliation
January 21, 2017You Have Won a Victory - Now Move Forward with Your Gifts
January 23, 2017The Little Cricket's Song
January 26, 2017The Painting: Joy Comes in the Morning
January 26, 2017The High Winds of Distractions
January 28, 2017You Are My Cinderella
January 29, 2017My Bride Will Not Return to Me Void
January 31, 2017Pray Against Evil Being Spoken Over America