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September 1, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 8 - How One Demonic Strategy Can Ruin Your Whole Life
September 2, 2016The Binding Prayer
September 2, 2016Binding Prayer Instructions
September 4, 2016Faith Without Works is Dead
September 6, 2016God's Will for You Involves Your Heart Dreams
September 7, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 9 - My Sin & God's Mercy
September 8, 2016I Am Serving The Fine Wine Last with Empowerment from Heaven
September 9, 2016The Journey of Holiness
September 11, 2016Bring Me Your Lowliness
September 12, 2016In Over My Head
September 13, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 10 - The Armor Of God
September 15, 2016Interview with Ezekiel, part 1 of 2
September 16, 2016Interview with Ezekiel, part 2 of 2
September 17, 2016How To Receive My Anointing For Your Life Everyday
September 18, 2016Sneak Previews, portrait of Jesus and Song - rough
September 19, 2016Supernatural Power - The Communion Service
September 20, 2016Spiritual Attacks, Prayers for Our Enemies
September 21, 2016How We Miss Our Breakthroughs
September 21, 2016Whisperings and Forebodings of Disaster
September 22, 2016They Will All Be Taught By God
September 24, 2016The Power of Communion Well Received
September 26, 2016I Need MORE prayers! Sanctify Your Sorrows
September 27, 2016Spiritual Warfare: 11 - Teaching on the New Binding Prayer, 9 27 16
September 28, 2016Ezekiel Snatched from The Jaws of Death
September 29, 2016The Will Of My Enemies
September 30, 2016The Precipice of Presumption