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November 2, 2021The Bride is Being Prepared
November 2, 2021Making Community Work
November 3, 2021The Harvest is Ripe
November 4, 2021People are Crying Out for Love & Answers
November 4, 2021Jesus Speaks About Our Channel
November 6, 2021Please Give ME Your ALL
November 9, 2021Make Prayer Personal
November 9, 2021Put Jesus Interests First
November 10, 2021If The Vision Tarries
November 10, 2021Jesus Talks About His Messengers
November 14, 2021Holy Spirit Works With Us
November 17, 2021Darkness Covers the People & Child Trafficking
November 19, 2021Rapture Disappointment
November 19, 2021You Are Turning A Corner
November 21, 2021Wake Up! Times Are Serious
November 21, 2021Pray for the Refugees Around the World But Especially Here
November 22, 2021Lord-I Release Ezekiel to You
November 22, 2021Oh How He Suffers
November 23, 2021The Battle is in the Mind
November 24, 2021A Case of The Uglies & Warning Ignored
November 25, 2021Desert Dwellers Community
November 25, 2021Ask For God's Grace
November 26, 2021Repairing the Breach
November 26, 2021What Good Does Your Tiny Offering Do
November 27, 2021Comfort Me With Your Worship
November 29, 2021The Heart of a Man
November 30, 2021Today, Whom Will You Serve
November 30, 2021Are You Really a Christian or a Brother Fly