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December 1, 2015Uphold My Honor in This Season, My Bride
December 2, 2015My Feast Day vs. The Feast of Trumpets & Give to the Poor
December 3, 2015Rapture - We Are Approaching The Point of No Return
December 4, 2015WW3 & Pride/Condemnation Teeter-totter
December 6, 2015When you see the Dome of the Rock Destroyed, Drop To Your Knees
December 6, 2015Prophetic Rapture Dream & NWO
December 8, 2015Guilt Dams Your Living Waters
December 10, 2015Binding Demons Teaching
December 12, 2015Restoring Hope To Souls in Crisis
December 13, 2015Revised New Binding Prayer 12 12 15
December 13, 2015The Lord Savors His Time With Us
December 14, 2015Avoiding Holiday Quarrels
December 15, 2015The Coming Revival, Authentic Worshippers, Arc of the Covenant
December 18, 2015Why The Need for The Blood Sacrifice
December 20, 2015Preparations for War Hidden From Us, Jesus Reveals.
December 20, 2015Ark Of The Covenant Found Sprinkled with Jesus Blood
December 22, 2015Desire, Selfwill & Consequences
December 23, 2015Leave Sweet Memories Behind, You May Never See Them Again On Earth
December 24, 2015You Will Have Peace Amidst Chaos
December 25, 2015Christmas Eve 2015
December 27, 2015I Am Clothing You In My Lowliness
December 28, 2015Division in the Body is Grieving the Lord
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
December 30, 2015Prepare for Your Wedding Day 2
December 31, 2015Prowling Lions and Your Three Enemies