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November 2, 2020Call For Intense Prayer
November 3, 2020Can Men Forgive Sins
November 4, 2020Press Into Prayer With Me
November 7, 2020The Passion of Donald Trump
November 9, 2020Stollen Ballots Recovered by Prayer
November 10, 2020I Look For Comfort Here
November 16, 2020I Long To See My Body as One
November 17, 2020Put up Six Months of Food and Supplies
November 21, 2020Brother Leo's Testimony The Call of The Beloved
November 24, 2020The Choice
November 25, 2020Everything Is In God's Hands..
November 26, 2020Power In The Prayer of Exhaustion
November 28, 2020Persevere When The Battle Rages
November 29, 2020RAPTURE ALERT
November 30, 2020RAPTURE ALERT 2