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July 5, 2018Heart Calling Out
July 5, 2018Are You Desperate for God? (Letters) part 1
July 7, 2018Are You Desperate for God? part 2
July 8, 2018Jesus Teaches on Obstacles to Hearing Him
July 12, 2018So Long (Ezekiel's song)
July 12, 2018America! God Has Noted Your Prayers & Repentance
July 14, 2018Hindrances to Hearing & Seeing God
July 15, 2018Young Pregnant Teen Couple in Serious Danger
July 17, 2018I Am Stretched Upon the Cross Over You, America
July 18, 2018A Word for the Suffering
July 21, 2018Hillary & Cabal Caught Red-Handed; Pray For Them
July 24, 2018Battles with Discernment Why Doesn't God Speak to Me (Watch the video on
July 24, 2018NEW!!! A Music Channel for You / Request for help with Uilleann Pipes (Watch the video on
July 29, 2018America--Justice is Coming!
July 31, 2018Crisis in the Vatican! Where Will the Catholics Go?