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January 3, 2021Avoid Prophets Who Are Condemnatory
January 4, 2021Don't Take The Bait & Rapture Preparation
January 5, 2021Lady Poverty In Our Community
January 6, 2021Repentance and Intercession Needed Now
January 7, 2021Update on Our Nation's Drama
January 12, 2021Do Not Be Afraid-God Is Winning
January 14, 2021The Time We are Entering shall be like no other
January 17, 2021Donald & Melania Will Be Raptured
January 18, 2021Two Minute Warning
January 18, 2021We Are Living In The Time of the Clay and Iron Feet
January 20, 2021JB is Absalom and President DT will take office at the right time. Trust me
January 20, 2021BE Watchful & STAND
January 27, 2021The Making of a Great Soul
January 28, 2021In God We Trust
January 31, 2021Come Unto Me All Who Are Weary