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July 3, 2017Rapture Soon!!! What Will You Be Doing When I Come?
July 7, 2017Preparations for War??
July 10, 2017Stand Firm In Me & Defend My Honor
July 11, 2017Promotion is Coming - A Light On A Hill
July 13, 2017Jesus Teaches on Where Anger Comes From
July 15, 2017Correspondence With A Struggling Young Woman
July 18, 2017Epidemic of Distractions and Discouragement
July 19, 2017Love Song To My Savior (very rough draft)
July 21, 2017How Our Thinking Can Isolate Us From Reality
July 23, 2017How To Foster Trust in a Soul
July 24, 2017Is The Bride of Christ Ready For Glory? Single-Mindedness
July 26, 2017Handling Children Who Are Not Living For Me
July 28, 2017Catch Them When They Fall
July 30, 2017Our Faith, The Enemy's Most Coveted Target & Pray Against War!
July 31, 2017Laughing Bluebells
July 31, 2017Dancing Bluebells