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December 1, 2016Defensive Power Unleashed in Giving Thanks
December 2, 2016Listen O Daughter, incline your ear, Instrumental by Ezekiel
December 4, 2016True Christmas Joy
December 5, 2016Trump and Putin Kidnapping & Assassination plots Pray!
December 7, 2016When Someone Betrays Your Trust
December 10, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 1: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
December 11, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 2: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
December 12, 2016Prophecy for 2017 from Lana Vawser, Part 3: "REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!!"
December 14, 2016Fiery Trials Intensifying As We Pray Against WW3
December 15, 2016When Curses Land & Overcoming Bitterness
December 16, 2016Those Who Dig A Pit Will Fall Into It & Forgiveness A Shield of Protection
December 17, 2016My Spirit is Gentle & Humble of Heart
December 23, 2016The Battle Is Not Over Yet & Lonely Christmas for Some
December 24, 2016You Are Now My Bride & My Wife
December 25, 2016Please Stop Your Witchcraft Against Us-PLEASE! You Are at Serious Risk
December 27, 2016Come Away With Me My Love
December 28, 2016Begin Your Day In My Joy & Embrace
December 30, 2016MY Beauty for Your Ashes & Our Relationship
December 31, 2016Some Things Are More Important Than Being Right