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December 1, 2021A Last Opportunity
December 1, 2021Satan Takes The Reins of This World
December 1, 2021Purity of Intention
December 3, 2021Jesus' Heart
December 3, 2021I Am Restoring Your Faith
December 7, 2021What is a Minister
December 7, 2021Afghans Fleeing for Their Lives
December 10, 2021Mary K Baxter pt 2 (Watch the video on
December 10, 2021Earthquakes-Scalar Attacks-Nibiru - Jesus speaks
December 11, 2021My Precious Satanists
December 12, 2021Reincarnation-New Perspective from Jesus
December 13, 2021Discernment
December 14, 2021War & Calamity are Approaching
December 15, 2021Comfort For The Refugees-He is sending us out
December 16, 2021America-Sudden-Destruction-Get Ready
December 22, 2021Secrets of Deep Prayer From the Heart
December 22, 2021Rough Times Are Coming
December 24, 2021We Are His Beautiful Brides
December 28, 2021America's Downfall
December 29, 2021The Earth to Come
December 31, 2021Alien Visitations-How to Combat Them