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December 2, 2017Avoid A Contaminated Christmas
December 3, 2017You're So Much More Than Beautiful
December 7, 2017CRITICAL TIME!--Coming Financial Changes--Israel
December 8, 2017IN GOD WE TRUST
December 9, 2017Dream: The Millennial REGENERATION! Co-Creating w/God
December 11, 2017Stand Firm--Evil Days Are Ahead, But Short-Lived
December 15, 2017Buy Gold? Lazarus & The Rich Man
December 16, 2017Spiritually Adopt a Trafficked Child
December 18, 2017Obama, Bushes Declared Domestic Terrorists. PRAY!
December 19, 2017Cover Your Nation With Prayer
December 21, 2017Prayer is Critical to Bring Justice
December 22, 2017Praying Americans: THE GREATEST ARMY ON EARTH
December 26, 2017Invitation From a Lonely Jesus
December 28, 2017Come to Me with Your Failures & Compulsions
December 29, 2017These Are Times of Great Peril