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June 22, 2017Where Are You, My Bride? You Have Neglected Me
June 21, 2017Count Your Blessings in the Storm
June 4, 2017Come to Me, I Long For You
May 27, 2017Joy Comes In The Morning
May 9, 2017Will Your Destiny Run Aground?
April 3, 2017Are We Wasting Precious Time? How to Protect Your Time
April 1, 2017Prayer is Breaking the Evil Hold Over our Nation
March 25, 2017America is in Trouble - NYC IN DANGER - Prophetic Word from Jesus
March 13, 2017Extraordinary Sacrifices for America - Light for Nicaragua Orphans
January 6, 2017Gold/God Fever
December 24, 2016You Are Now My Bride & My Wife
December 23, 2016The Battle Is Not Over Yet & Lonely Christmas for Some
October 12, 2016Holy Trials, Holy Fruit, Stand in the Gap for America
October 10, 2016The Fragrance of Longing For Me Is Upon the World / Pray for Mercy
October 7, 2016Ascending the Mountain of Holiness
October 4, 2016An Invitation To Come Up Higher
September 9, 2016The Journey of Holiness
August 8, 2016This Is A New Day, We Have 3 Years Before the Rapture
July 29, 2016My Heavenly Bride, (& Spiritual Warfare)
June 11, 2016These Lite and Momentary Sufferings
June 1, 2016The Weariness of Waiting