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  • MUSIC: Ezekiel Pieces

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October 10, 2018Left Behind: The Day After
February 14, 2017I Just Want to be With You
December 2, 2016Listen O Daughter, incline your ear, Instrumental by Ezekiel
April 27, 2015Lay Your Head Upon My Heart
March 20, 2015Seems I Never Knew, Song by Ezekiel,To Jesus
March 14, 2015He's Real, He's Coming, Please Listen
February 8, 2015Here Is My Servant Jesus, Isaiah 42 song by Ezekiel
January 10, 2015Celestial Wedding Waltz, by Ezekiel du Bois
December 10, 2014Lamb of God, a very moving song by Ezekiel
October 22, 2014Search My Heart Lord
September 13, 2014What Kind of Kindness
August 2, 2014Still The Same