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June 16, 2017The Restoration of a Soul Called By God
May 27, 2017Joy Comes In The Morning
May 25, 2017We Will Overcome Obstacles to Your Destiny
May 9, 2017Will Your Destiny Run Aground?
May 8, 2017You Are the Miracle Walking in Faith
May 1, 2017How to Lose Your Destiny, One Common Way
April 27, 2017When I Fall I Run To Him
April 19, 2017Be True To Me, Clare, Be True to Me
April 13, 2017But What is My Mission Jesus? How Do I Know? The Sheep & The Goats Part 2 of 2
April 13, 2017But What Is My Mission Jesus? How Do I Know? The Sheep & The Goats Part 1 of 2
February 11, 2016Let Us Live This Life Together, The Little that Remains...
February 9, 2016Why Am I Least of All?
February 1, 2016Support One Another in Your Weaknesses
January 27, 2016Lukewarm...Little Foxes Spoil the Vine
January 5, 2016Warrior or Lover for Christ
January 2, 2016A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break
December 30, 2015Prepare for Your Wedding Day 2
December 28, 2015Division in the Body is Grieving the Lord
December 27, 2015I Am Clothing You In My Lowliness
November 29, 2015"Show Mercy To Yourself As Well As Others." Jesus said.
October 20, 2014Honoring your Husband