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May 10, 2019Many Are Called. Few Are Chosen. Even Less Respond.
April 30, 2019Final Exams for the Rapture in Progress
March 23, 2019Have We Reached the Time of Judgment?
March 18, 2019Left Behind Warning to the Church
March 9, 2019Jesus Pleading With Us to Adopt Trafficked Children
January 13, 2019Great Trials and a Tsunami Coming
December 19, 2018ONLY Intense Prayer NOW...Will Keep Him Alive
December 17, 2018Are You Living in Hopelessness?
November 28, 2018Comfort Me, Honor My Birth - Reject Religiosity
October 1, 2018BE PREPARED for Martial Law This Week?
August 30, 2018My Heart Aches For the Loss of This Soul
June 8, 2018Come. Drink From the Nectar of My Heart
May 20, 2018Pulled Off Course--Overcoming Temptation
May 1, 2018It's a New Day: Ezekiel's Recovery
March 29, 2018You Have Left All for Jesus. Now What?
March 25, 2018Obedience is My Protection for You
March 14, 2018"I Draw Best with Broken Pencils"
January 25, 2018Ancestral Memories & Your Calling
January 5, 2018Attaining Union of Heart with Me
September 20, 2017Dishonesty--Satan's Open Door
September 18, 2017Hurricanes' Aftermath... Why? & Prayer Time Compromise
September 3, 2017Discovering Yourself
August 4, 2017Shadow Government Gaining Ground
August 3, 2017I Missed the Lord
August 1, 2017Going Deeper With Jesus in Your Destiny
July 28, 2017Catch Them When They Fall
July 21, 2017How Our Thinking Can Isolate Us From Reality
May 17, 2017Falling Deeper In Love With God
May 8, 2017You Are the Miracle Walking in Faith
May 4, 2017Our Time Together Has Been Under Attack
January 21, 2017You Have Won a Victory - Now Move Forward with Your Gifts
January 4, 2017Abiding In The Vine vs. Burnout in Ministry
November 27, 2016Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep
November 8, 2016Election Day - "The Decisive Hour" Jesus said
October 31, 2016Bondage to Satan, Halloween Night
October 4, 2016An Invitation To Come Up Higher
September 26, 2016I Need MORE prayers! Sanctify Your Sorrows
September 21, 2016How We Miss Our Breakthroughs
September 8, 2016I Am Serving The Fine Wine Last with Empowerment from Heaven
September 6, 2016God's Will for You Involves Your Heart Dreams
September 4, 2016Faith Without Works is Dead
August 22, 2016Are You Called?
August 5, 2016How WE Can Develop Blind Spots, An Obtuse Spirit
July 12, 2016Overcoming The Deceptions of This Age & The Nature of Aliens
July 10, 2016Trust Me With Your Children & Drink From the River of Life in My Heart
July 7, 2016Do It Anyway & Transformed to Persevere
June 18, 2016Choose God & Sanctity or Self & Mediocrity
June 16, 2016The Deaf & Blind Among Us
May 29, 2016How The Enemy Blocks Your Creativity With Demonic Intervention
May 26, 2016On The Brink Of War Again