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April 27, 2019My Church Has No Need OF THE WORLD
April 25, 2019Arrogance in Me and Beltane
April 18, 2019Destroying Compromise in My Church
April 17, 2019Signs: The Coat and the Serving Tray
April 8, 2019Mary, Model of Holiness and Heavenly Rewards
April 6, 2019Working With Clare and Meeting the Cloud
April 2, 2019Fear of Intimacy and Isolation
February 5, 2019We Are Turning a Corner
January 29, 2019Gains From Intercession
January 26, 2019Results From Our Prayers for the President
August 7, 2018What Did the First Apostles Believe?
July 31, 2018Crisis in the Vatican! Where Will the Catholics Go?
May 6, 2018Rejected By Her Family: Letter
March 20, 2018Intense Intercession Against Abortion
February 28, 2018Intensified Nefarious Tactics Against Us
December 3, 2017You're So Much More Than Beautiful
November 27, 2017Pride... A.G.A.I.N. UGH!
November 26, 2017The Pride Seesaw & Leaven of the Pharisees
November 11, 2017Conquering Resistance
October 31, 2017Healing Miracles--I Am preparing You
October 2, 2017Marriage is Partnership, Not A Competition
September 6, 2017Satan's Agenda for U.S. About to Receive A Fatal Blow
August 27, 2017In You I Am Well Pleased
August 19, 2017Satan's X-ray Vision Into Our Faults
July 21, 2017How Our Thinking Can Isolate Us From Reality
June 7, 2017Miraculous Signs, Demonic Attack, Surgery by Jesus
June 4, 2017Come to Me, I Long For You
May 6, 2017When It's Time To Let Go
April 23, 2017How Satan Gains Control of a Soul, (one example) Tactics of a Spirit of Division
April 10, 2017Awesome Inspiring Word, We Are Moving Into Our Season of Destiny (a powerful word from Lana Vawser)
March 22, 2017I Am Carrying You Over the Threshold of Your Dreams & Rivalry
February 18, 2017I Did It My Way vs. Trusting God's Way
February 3, 2017Hope for the Poison of Pride - There is Hope for the Proud
January 19, 2017Locked Up Behind The Bars of Self Pity & Retaliation
January 12, 2017There is Freedom in Being Authentic, It Reveals My Mercy
January 6, 2017Gold/God Fever
January 4, 2017Abiding In The Vine vs. Burnout in Ministry
January 2, 2017Greater Privilege Calls for Greater Humility
December 31, 2016Some Things Are More Important Than Being Right
December 17, 2016My Spirit is Gentle & Humble of Heart
December 1, 2016Defensive Power Unleashed in Giving Thanks
November 28, 2016God Uses the Worst to Bring out the Best
November 20, 2016Never Presume & Plot to Kill Donald Trump
November 15, 2016Your Heart is Far From Me & Satan's Plan To Stop Trump 1 of 2
October 10, 2016The Fragrance of Longing For Me Is Upon the World / Pray for Mercy
September 26, 2016I Need MORE prayers! Sanctify Your Sorrows
September 15, 2016Interview with Ezekiel, part 1 of 2
September 11, 2016Bring Me Your Lowliness
August 22, 2016Are You Called?
August 16, 2016Do Not Be Satisfied With Past Accomplishments